2005 Nissan X-Trail SVE 2.2 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Good car let down by turbo reliability problems


The first turbo on my X-Trail developed the "whistle" in November 2006 when the car had done around 30,000 miles, and was replaced under warranty in December 2006.

Last week, the car started to lose power and pump out black smoke; I limped to my local Nissan dealer and have been told that the replacement turbo has now blown too!

An associate at work has had exactly the same problem with the turbo on his car going, and there is clearly a problem either with the design or quality of manufacture of these units.

I will hopefully have my turbo replaced under warranty (the car is only 3 years old in March 2008), but this is clearly unacceptable and Nissan should be protecting its reputation for quality, reliability and customer service by replacing failing units swiftly and without demur.

General Comments:

Good car otherwise, with good pulling power for horse boxes and the like, and nippy acceleration when called for (and when the turbo is working)!

I was about to purchase another, but the turbo failures are disturbing from a manufacturer that prides itself on reliability, and I am having second thoughts.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2008

6th Mar 2008, 14:46

Not only the X trail, but the Primera 2.2 suffers the same fate.

I'm on my 3rd turbo, the longest having lasted 16000 miles.

15th Jun 2009, 13:54

My Nissan X-Trail turbo failed last year. Had it replaced. Now the intercooler has failed. Have been told it will cost about £300 to have it replaced. It sounds like a common fault. It's about time Nissan did a recall on the turbo system.

2005 Nissan X-Trail SE AWD 2.5L Gas from North America


Great car for the money


Rusted out tailgate - Covered by warranty and fixed with no issues... Manufacturing problem with a worker in Japan.

Rusted Rear Wheel Well - Covered by warranty and fixed with no issues... Manufacturing problem with a worker in Japan.

General Comments:

This car has plenty of power with the manual transmission.

Nice stiff suspension for excellent handling, very little body roll.

Pretty good on fuel with 10-11L/100KM both city and highway.

Massive moon-roof, lots of storage.

Not the prettiest thing on the road, but very practical.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2007

2005 Nissan X-Trail DCI Sport 2.2 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Great looker, spoiled by poor quality


Inter cooler 11,000 miles

Turbo 24,000 miles

Turbo 29,000 miles

Drivers seat was worn when I bought the car at 8 months.

General Comments:

My 2.2 diesel X-Trail is nearly two years old and has 30,000 miles on the clock. I have owned it for the past 15 months and travelled 19,000 miles with it. I do not know its history before I bought it, but since I have had it, it is on its second inter cooler and third turbo unit, all replaced under warranty.

When I contacted Nissan customer centre, they said they would consider fitting a replacement unit as a goodwill gesture after the warranty expired, but would not promise this.

I bought this car for my retirement and was going to run it for several years, but I am afraid that due to the poor quality of the above parts, I will not be able to afford to do this when the warranty runs out, so, it must go, which is a pity, as I like the look of the car and it is the perfect size and layout for my requirements.

One last point, when the second turbo was fitted the MPG went from 38 to 32, and did not recover when the third was fitted, the dealers explanation was that the new turbo was more efficient???? I would have thought a more efficient unit would give better fuel consumption.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2007

8th Nov 2007, 17:39

An update to my report above. My X-Trail is in getting its fourth new turbo at 36,000 miles. Warranty runs out in seven months, I wonder how many more it will go though before I sell it.

One more point, the dealer now tells me that Nissan have been sending refurbished turbos to fit, and this is the reason for the high fallout rate, it would seem you cannot trust anyone.