30th Mar 2006, 17:21

FYI, the basic reason that the gauges are mounted in the middle on the dash is it's a global car. In other words, it's easier for Nissan to just move the steering wheel to the left side (for North America) ) and the right side for the UK.

19th Aug 2006, 00:25

Hi. I am a 06 X-Trail owner too. Yes I have the same annoying sun roof noise, I think it's a fitting issue.

I've also got rough idling problem too. I had a dealer slightly adjust the idling speed to approx. 900 rpm, and it's still a bit rough, especially when waiting for the lights. I think Nissan should investigate this problem and post a recommended fix. Otherwise, I would consider another make other than Nissan products.

One thing I should mention that I had put synthetic oil in the engine, and it's running very smoothly now, other than the idling problem mentioned above.

Oh, I also had some squeaking happening at the driver's rear wheel. I think Nissan should pay more attention to "Customer Experience". :o)

19th Aug 2007, 19:37

Rough idle may be your spark plugs, timing, or something else. By process of elimination, you can solve the problem. With that being typed, moving onto another auto manufacturer because of "rough idle" is going to extreme measures. You have to remember that an engine is mechanical and it isn't going to be perfect.

I have test driven a 2005 Nissan X-Trail with just over 90,000kms and she idles fine. In fact, the X-Trail idles the same as my 2002 Mazda Protege ES-GT with just over 89,000kms.

As for the gauges, I like the position of them and I got used to them almost instantly. Think about it, if they were behind the steering wheel you wouldn't see them. They would be very obstructed by the steering wheel.

The 50 km that I put on the X-Trail, not once did I hear/feel a rattle/squeak/fault. I had the X-Trail at 120 km/h and not a sound. I had the moon roof fully opened, at that speed, and all was well. The needle, on the fuel gauge, barely moved. It would move in my car, even with the same speed. The 2.5L-4 cylinder X-Trail is more fuel efficient then my 2.0L-4 Protege.

As you can see, I am happy with the X-Trail and I don't even own one. I was sold upon the test drive. It is rare to see one here, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. And good luck finding a used one. They are so few and far between, and those who own one refuse to give them up. I am constantly looking in pre-owned vehicle lots, and I have found 1 at a Nissan dealership. I am currently trying to purchase this one. We shall see...

12th Sep 2007, 06:22

Hi, does anyone have a noisy engine on start up? I own an 06 plate 2.2 dCi X-Trail, which is fine when warm.

12th Dec 2007, 14:28

Hi I have a 2.2dci and have noticed an increasingly noisy engine... it almost sounds like knocking at cold start. I have booked it into my Nissan dealer for a full day, so that they can let the engine cool down and witness the cold start knocking. My car has covered 45000 miles in two years.

13th Dec 2007, 05:53

All diesel engines are significantly noisier when cold than when warm. The injection timing is advanced for cold starting/running which makes the combustion process noisier.

As long as the engine starts okay, and shuts up as it warms up there's probably not much wrong with it.

23rd Dec 2007, 09:28

I recently purchased a used 2005 XTrail, and although I am very happy with it, I am somewhat disappointed with the gas mileage. I am getting about 500 Km per tank using about 56 liters of gas. Although it is winter, and the mileage is combined city/highway, I expected better mileage. I think the mileage will improve in the summer, but it is no where near the 30 mpg that it was rated to. Any thoughts or suggestions?

16th Feb 2008, 14:53

I am back to make more comments, about the X-Trail, now that I own one. My comment was on Aug. 19/07 about the 50 km test drive, etc.

Well, since then, I have traded in my Protege for a 2005 Nissan X-Trail SE. My X-Trail is red in colour and she had 54,000 kms. Now, the odometer is sitting at close to 71,000 kms.

I have switched my oil to Castrol Syntec 5W30 with a K&N oil filter, as per every 5000 kms. I have also installed a K&N air filter. I will be replacing my spark plugs with NGK Iridium.

Now, as for fuel mileage, well, this winter has been really harsh. Temperatures and snow accumulation have been worse this year. With the "feel like" temperatures dipping close to -50 degrees Celsius here, it has made for some hard starts and using more fuel to get places. I am glad that I have my X-Trail, and not some huge SUV. I was burning more fuel at -26 degrees Celsius, then I was at -16 degrees Celsius. And, now that the temperatures are at or close to the freezing mark, my fuel economy will only get better.

I have put over 17,000 kms on my X-trail since my purchase. I can honestly say that rattles are next to none. When I say "next to none", there is a rattle or noise coming from the glove box. It is minor because I have a flashlight, manuals, etc., in there and that may be the cause of the rattle or noise. Other than that, there are no rattles or noises coming from anywhere else.

The AWD drive system is fantastic! With it being selectable, it can be changed as per the driving conditions. Unlike some of the other small SUV makers, Nissan did a great job with allowing the driver to make their selection, instead of it being automatic.

I have replaced my factory CD/radio with a Kenwood CD/MP3 unit, and the sound is great inside the cabin. The speakers are suffice, but I will still replace them with higher end speakers.

Having the 2 setting heated seats is a good idea. Also, where the heaters are placed on the seats makes winter a little easier to deal with.

Ground clearance isn't an issue, and I have had my X-Trail on some harsh trails with deep ruts. My X-Trail didn't bottom out once, which makes this a good vehicle for light trail riding.

Oil changes are quite simple. The oil filter is just off to the side of the oil pan. With the removal of a few plastic clips and screws, the oil filter is easy to get at. The engine compartment has lots of room to work in if you need to do anything in there.

The interior is roomy and comfortable. The moon roof is huge and allows lots of light inside the cabin.

I can't say enough about my X-Trail. It is obvious that I love this vehicle. It is too bad that the X-Trail only made it for 2 years, in Canada, before being replaced by the Rogue. My opinion about the Rogue is considerably less favourable then for the X-Trail.

While the Rogue has replaced the X-Trail, in Canada, the X-trail continues to be popular in other parts of the world. The 2008 model still has the original X-trail "look", but with more features and a different body style. Here is a site for the 2008 X-Trail: http://www.egmcartech.com/2007/03/06/geneva-motor-show-2008-nissan-x-trail-revealed-with-video/

Enjoy and take care of your X-Trails. You won't find another one like it.