22nd Jan 2009, 05:48

My Nissan X-Trail (2.2D 2002 model) developed a vibration on acceleration and at speeds higher than 60km/h, particularly in gears 1 - 4. In 5th and 6th it is less pronounced but still there. When pressing the clutch pedal, the vibration disappears. This appears to be a common problem as two other owners of the same vehicle have the same problem.

We still haven't fixed the problem, but have eliminated wheel balancing, wheel alignment, engine mounts, 4x4 transfer box, prop shaft, skew mags and worn tires. Does this leave only the clutch or could there possibly also be a problem with the engine?

16th Jun 2009, 18:30

I own a 2005 X Trail that I bought in January 2009. Within the last 4 months, I have replaced the rear differential which they tell me "never goes"...and there are only 65,000 kms on it.

The latest thing is that it won't start sometimes. It is as though it has a certain number of starts before it won't. It makes a weird clicking noise and you have to hold the starter on in order for it to start. I am taking it in tomorrow, and the funny thing is that a friend of mine has the same year and model and hers is doing it too. They can't seem to figure out what the problem is, so she just has to live with it.

Has anyone else had this problem or any thoughts on what it could be?


7th Aug 2009, 03:34

I have an X-trail 2003, petrol manual about 96,000 k.

About 3 weeks ago the car would not start, with some assistance from the NRMA we got it started, it appeared to be flooded.

It has been to the Nissan dealer 4 times to have plugs changed, computer tested/reset, injectors cleaned and $1,500 of other stuff.

When I go to start the car, it fires, and runs a bit for about 2 seconds then stops. I can then get it started by holding my foot flat on the flour (accelerator) and keep turning it over, it will start after about 15-20 seconds with a big heap of grey smoke.

It was only doing this when it was cold, however this appears to be inconsistent.

Yesterday, it started in the morning, all OK. After work it started, but rough. After driving about 20 minutes, it was parked at the shops for about 30 minutes, when I then had the same problem starting.

This morning, it started but was very rough, and after work I had the same starting problem again.

Anyone with an idea?

27th Aug 2009, 05:31

I have a 2006 Nissan X-Trail AWD Automatic with 119,000 Kms. Runs great, however have been experiencing some vibration in the front end. At first I thought it was tires out of balance or alignment problems. Than it goes away. Can drive it for days than it will return. Now I have noticed it has a slight rumbling noise as if there is some sort of load on the front differential. If I slip it into neutral it seems to go away. As mentioned this is intermittent.

Any suggestions as to the what the problem could be?


Tom Hall.

6th Sep 2009, 18:00


I wonder if any one know how to reset the "Service Engine Soon" warning light on 2005 Nissan X trail?

Thank you in advance


7th Sep 2009, 16:01


My wife and I just got an 05 X-Trail. Manual with 89000 km. On our first trip the "service engine soon" indicator came on. We've been using Shell V-Power 91 Octane. Anyone know if that could be related? Altogether we love the truck, and bid good luck and prosperity to all the other Nissan drivers ;)


Ontario, Canada.

25th May 2010, 01:53

Hi! X-Trail Fans! I got my 2005 Nissan X-Tail AWD XE last year May 2009 with 95,700Kms. It runs smooth with quick acceleration, and is excellent in winter conditions. I used it with a 4WD lock dial as it drives in deep snow naturally using winter tires.

I encountered Check Engine Soon around July the same year. I replace the gas cap with the same original equipment. 34 Canadian Bucks from a Nissan dealer, and after few kilometers, the warning indicator on dash was gone.

Has had proper maintenance like fully synthetic oil/filter, oil stabilizer, and K&N filter for life, wheel alignment/balancing and Shell V-Power! Great SUV for me.

2nd Jun 2010, 22:09

I have a Nissan X-Trail 2003 petrol. Keep getting a grinding noise when I hit 30-60mph from the rear.

15th Jun 2010, 21:17

I have a 2006 X-Trail SE. Has anyone else had problems with their doors sticking? Not just in the winter either. My front doors do it, and now the trunk has started sticking for days at a time. Any suggestions?

6th Feb 2011, 11:04

Sticking doors - wd40 for rubber on door's edges.

15th Mar 2011, 01:16

I have a 2005 X-Trail that has run great since the day I bought it.

But now after I start it, it dies. Sometimes it dies after 2 seconds, sometimes after 20 seconds. There was also a time when it wouldn't start unless I gave it some gas. I just had some maintenance done on it too.

Thought I was doing everything right to prevent stuff like this happening. Please help. I'm really hoping this isn't something major that is going to cost hundreds of dollars, considering I just spent $700 on the tune up it just had.

27th Mar 2011, 06:54

Your problems with starting, thinking it's flooded etc may very well be the oxygen sensor. Common problem, mine wouldn't continue running, until the tow truck arrived, then it started fine.

They aren't real cheap, but it's got to be done.

4th Apr 2011, 23:57

Have you checked the fuel filter?

19th Apr 2011, 14:55

Yes, the gas mileage is less than impressive. The speedometer etc located in the middle of the dashboard is quite annoying, especially on bright sunny days. This vehicle sure beats the 2000 Pathfinder I previously owned. Basically what we are looking at here is an Altima with a crossover body attached.

Oh yes, the most important point about this vehicle is that my wife loves it, and that's all that really matters!!

20th Apr 2011, 05:56

WD40 will damage all rubber door seals over time.

Constant use will make the rubber swell and become larger.

Use only rubber lubricant or silicone lube only please.

Window tracks will want ONLY silicone lube.

20th Apr 2011, 10:53

We have had exactly the same problem with our 2006 Nissan X Trail. At first we thought it was the tires, pulled over and checked them... Nothing. Sound didn't come back again until next road trip. Sound eventually went away.

Took the car back to the dealer, they found nothing wrong with it. Checked tires, wheel alignment and bearings. They suggested that I was only hearing the engine gearing down.. pf ft.

Sounds like I'm hitting the rumble strip on the side of the highway. That would be a little loud and disconcerting if that was just the engine gearing down. Especially if we were accelerating to see if the noise went away as well.

If anyone else has had this problem and had it resolved, please let us know.

13th Jun 2011, 08:43

Try a bottle of fuel injector cleaner.

8th Aug 2011, 00:24

Sorry mate, WD40 actually eats rubber. Typical example: caliper's seals...

9th Nov 2011, 18:25

Did you ever get feedback on this?