13th Apr 2008, 21:08

Bought my XTrail new a little over 1 year ago, its run flawless, great on fuel, handles well and I still can, t get over the great look of this vehicle. I am very surprised that Nissan would replace it with the tacky looking Rogue.

20th Apr 2008, 09:38

I too have the same problem with my diesel X-Trail, and it has been back to the dealers, and they have checked it from cold, and say that it's no noisier than any other one they have serviced. It's only done 4,500 miles and is 7 months old.

I have had many diesels in my life, and many different makes, and if this is modern technology, then it's gone wrong... Yes, a diesel engine will sound noisier when cold, but noisier over the range of the 4 cylinders, and an even noise at that, but this noise is almost like a tappet that is sticking open, and is every 4th beat of the engine if you know what I mean... If it's not a tappet, it may be an injector sticking slightly, or even the ECU giving the wrong info to the pump of electronic injector. I notice it has the modern pressurised fuel rail, so the injectors are not what I would call the old fashioned conventional injector, as found on say a diesel Golf with a Bosch VE pump. Anyone with any comments or a cure for the problem would be much appreciated, as Nissan are not very helpful, and I am disappointed with the after sales service...

I am reluctant to mess with it, as doing so would no doubt invalidate the warranty (3 years 60,000 miles)...If it's not fixed by then, I will sell it or trade it for sonethimg else. Apart from the engine knock from cold, it's a good vehicle.

Replies to bumbledog@fsmail.net please!!

12th May 2008, 15:04

Me and my husband are looking at buying an X-Trail, and I am happy to hear a lot of your positive comments, but I am confused on how so many people are not getting the fuel mileage (and that is one of our main reasons for liking this vehicle, along with the heated seats, moon roof, and sleek look). Right now we own a 2001 Montana and the fuel mileage on it is horrendous. Is anyone able to shed some light?

23rd May 2008, 05:09

I am very much impressed by your comments. Me and my wife are also expecting to buy Nissan X Trail in two months to come. Can anyone comment on how can it be ranked with Toyota Rav 4 and Honda CRV? I mean in terms of comfortability and durability of parts when subjected to same environment and conditions?

18th Jul 2008, 00:01

This is for the 23/May/08 comment:

I am glad to hear that you and your wife are interested in the X-TRAIL. You won't be disappointed. I have put over 30,000km on mine, since September/07. There is not a problem.

As for fuel mileage, the X-TRAIL will get the suggested 26/35 MPG city/highway. Making sure that your spark plugs are good, the air filter is clean/unobstructed, have your throttle body cleaned out as well, properly inflated tires, less "lead footed driving", and the proper octane (87) fuel will lead to excellent fuel mileage.

As for the comparison to Toyota and Honda, although they are very respected automakers, the X-TRAIL outperformed them in many categories. If the X-TRAIL was introduced in Canada at the same time as Toyota and Honda introduced their respected compact SUVs, then the X-TRAIL would still be here. Honestly, 2 years, for the X-TRAIL was too short, and didn't give it a chance.

Hopefully you and your wife can find one. If you live in Canada, try autotrader.ca and maybe you can find one in there. Good luck.

11th Oct 2008, 19:11

We are very close to buying a 2005 x-trail to replace our 2001 Montana. I took one today for a test drive and found that the stick (to change gears) would move around regardless if the clutch was in or not. Is this normal? I am also wondering if there are any big maintenance jobs to do after the odometer goes over 100 000 kms, besides the regular oil changes/spark plugs/brakes etc...

Thanks in advance for your response!

5th Nov 2008, 23:02

I own a 2003 with 200,000 ks on it. I'm glad there are many happy X-Trail owners who have had many good ks of driving trouble free, but here it comes. This manual X-Trail has had many problems starting with wearing out lefthand rear tyres, this problem turned out to be broken diff support mount. Happened approx,70000 ks.

Next story the 6 stacker has had 2 CDs in 1 slot 3 times, and once the small computer like cable fractured, not a cheap fix.

I have replaced the fan housing because the non removable fan did the front bearing.

The car is manual, it had a clutch that at 160000 started to feel soft, replaced slave and master with dealers advice to find no improvement, so replaced the original clutch with advice from the dealer with solid flywheel and new clutch assembly, only to still have clutch intermittently seems to drop to the floor. The dealer then told me it may be the thrust bearing in the motor. I found about 1mm end float at the harmonic balancer; can that affect a clutch that much? I asked around and can't get a consistent answer.

Both front and rear brakes have had rotors replaced.

The car has the heaviest gearbox, it is so clunky to change.

Now I have a problem that my dealer can't solve. The car wants to flood the motor when you start it cold or hot. If it won't start in 2 key turns, you have to leave it for 10 minutes till you can try again. We have tried new battery, changed the coolant sensor, checked leads manifolds etc, but the problem is still illusive.

When it starts it is rough as guts, it will run OK but you have no confidence it will start when try next.

Has anyone had this problem, I would like to know.

Besides the above this X-Trail is a bit rougher than my old Camry, but is fun to drive, and it can go like a rocket if need be. It also stops very well if need be, has good vision, but can't really tow at Nissans specs.


18th Dec 2008, 22:02

Bought our XTrail new in Feb 2007, soon be two years without even a rattle. Great fuel economy, adequate power, and I still think it is one of the nicest looking vehicles on the road. Other vehicle is a Ford Ranger with 2.3 liter 4 cyl, also a gem of a truck.

16th Jan 2009, 15:03

I have been driving an 06 X-Trail, Bonavista Edition, for the last six months. It is an excellent vehicle for my purposes. I installed the roof crossbars and find the front one whistles a bit. I like the sensitive throttle and brakes and the 4 wheel drive options. This is my second Nissan, the X-Trail replaced a '95 Pathfinder, and it is true that the interior scratches easily. I am disappointed with the winter mileage which is about 20 mpg (Can.) but I do get 29-31 mpg in the summer. I have achieved that on one long winter trip but my combination of city and rural driving does not help the winter mileage. This has been the only real disappointment with the vehicle and I am somewhat relieved to hear that this is not uncommon. I will be trying the usual remedies: new plugs, care with tire pressures, air cleaner, fuel injector cleaner and the like.

I have enjoyed everyone's comments.

Posted by Ed in rural Manitoba.