21st May 2005, 23:26

I agree with your comments about the designation of what the 442 stood for, you are correct. However, this car was part of the marketing General Motors was doing at the time. I purchased a 1979 Hurst Olds brand new in 1979. In 1979 it was the only non-police car and mid-size car with a 350 cubic inch engine. All others had a 305 (chevy), 307 (olds), 262 (olds?) or a small block chevy at 267. I also purchase a 1979 Monte Carlo for my wife with the 267 and the standard axle ration for gas mileage of 2.29. Believe it or not the 2.73 gear ration was actually considered a performance axle ratio for that day because of the recent gas crisis. The Hurst/Olds was rated at 170 horsepower. It was a fun car. The build number of 2499 is correct, because of some limitation of not going over 2500, I heard the reason a long time ago, but cannot remember what it was. Best of luck with your Hurst/Olds.

7th Aug 2006, 08:45

I am interested in purchasing a '79 H/O. Looking into it, there was a specific reason they only produced 2499, as previously stated. In order to manufacture a vehicle with a particular engine/transmission combination, it must be certified. Oldsmobile had already certified the 350 engine with the TH350 (I believe that is the right transmission) for the 88 model. This allowed Oldsmobile to use that combination in any vehicle they chose, provided that the production was less than 2500. Otherwise, they would need to certify that engine/transmission combination for that specific model. Oldsmobile didn't have the time or money to do this, so produced the 2499. Does anyone recommend this car?

14th Oct 2006, 16:20

I love my 79 h/o! She is black and gold. I feel the greatest when I start that car knowing that most people don't get that opportunity. It's not a 69' Camaro, but it's the car for me.

I'm only 21. but I have had 4 cars all different in many ways, but THE 79 H/O IS MY FAV. I say this with confidence because my first car was a 90 GMC Sonoma (fast) 4.3. Then I got an Accord that I thought was fast (it's not) Next, I got an 84 Caddy, the deville (perfect) my granddmother bought brand new. She even brought me home from the hospital in that car, and gave it to me on my 18th birthday. Three months later it was stolen out of my driveway. I got stiffed by insurance for only 3000 for a mint car.

I went on a search to find something worth driving. After failed attempts on my computer, I called a friend cause I saw a Firebird sittin out for sale. At this point I'm looking at anything, but it was a drag ready car I did not need. Jokingly I asked "you got anything else?" He laughed and said, "I do as a matter a fact." He walked me to his house and uncovered a black and gold h/o which I had only dreamed about! Thinking it was a less desirable year, but I told the man I'd be back. I went back and fired it up, and was and still am hooked. Plus I think it was a steal for a little more than 3000 (the interior is not perfect, but it runs and drives great!) So if you get if chance to buy one, you won't be disappointed!

16th Nov 2006, 11:20

You are correct about the 442 designation, but this car is not a 442, it's a Hurst Olds. The newer 442's had the 200r4 4 speed auto.

19th Nov 2006, 10:43

I however do own a 1979 olds 442. They are correct for the designation, but were available with any option. Mine has a 260 v8, 2 barrel with single exhaust. The build sheet shows the W29 package, but I believe was just a suspension upgrade from the factory brougham platform it was built on.

8th May 2008, 14:04

Nice site, I just got a 79 H/O black and gold back after 23 years! It's the one car, out of many over the years that I wish I stuck in a shed. The one I was able to get wasn't a T-top car like my first but close, when I drive it's like stepping back in time. I feel when these cars come into their own they will be highly sought after so hang on to yours.

29th Oct 2008, 10:42

My father had bought a brand new black and gold Hurst in Nov. 79. He rolled it in Oct 82 down a freeway off ramp in MI. The car was repaired (new roof and quarter panels). He mildly built the 350- Hooker headers, cam, carb, true dual exhaust, and a set of Vance Brady #7 ported heads. I'd estimate the power a little over 300. The best memory I have is stomping a 70 AAR Cuda! He sold the car weeks before I turned 16, trading it in on a new 83 Hurst. Personally, I liked the 79 better. Just classier.

I found a black and gold 79 in PA, after moving to NC. I literally built my garage around the car, after buying it. It still runs, but needs restoring. A healthy 500 hp 455 and a 200-4R await, along with Hotchkis suspension, 4 wheel disk brakes and a 9 inch rear. I won't cut the car up, but want to make it better in every way. I plan to drive the wheels off it! The cars are beautiful, and should be shown on the road, making noise like a true musclecar!

23rd Nov 2008, 03:28

My dad has a 1979 black and gold H/O, and has been trying to restore it for a few years now. He bought it brand new and still has it. The only thing they consider 442 is the suspension package, the rest is just the Hurst Olds w-30. It was the first model built at Olds not Hurst.

If anyone knows where I can get original interior or some fair priced trim pieces, post it please. I found all this info about 3 yrs ago for my dad, but he lost it. Somewhere out there is an Olds specialty salvage yard with nothing but Olds parts in it. I can't find them on the web, so if anyone does hit me at brass0@yahoo.com please!!!

28th Dec 2008, 10:52

I agree that Oldsmobile built 2499 of these models. Out of the 2499 that Oldsmobile did build, the final 499 of them were the upgraded ones. I have one of the 499, the differences are minor; 499 of them were produced with t-tops or the Hurst packages, so there are some very rare ones produced during that year.

I would love to post a picture of mine. It is a 442, it is white with two gold rally type stripes up and over, it has the camel hide vinyl top, and it is all original, never been touched.

My dad bought it in 79, drove it 28010 miles before he passed away. Since then the car has been under lock and key stored safely, once a year during the Syracuse nationals I drive it @ 10-20 miles then lock it back up,.

This is a very clean car. Anyone wanting to see pictures write TTwotoneauto@yahoo.com and I will send them pictures of everything.

I also have a 1982 Mustang Convertible, 0 were produced, it's a prototype from Biviuoc out of Michigan. I have searched this one to find only 2 more still alive. Comment requested.