9th Nov 2009, 14:47

I bought by 79 Hurst Olds in 86 and have had it ever since. I love the car! I was looking at the brand new 442 and Grand National at the time, but decided on the White and Gold T-Top Hurst olds for a lot less (just graduated high school).

I found it in Worcester, Ma and went out to see it. I was impressed with the condition and checked the engine and found good compression, so I bought it and drove it home that day. I don't think the A/C ever blew real cold, but everything else was up to par.

I liked the fact the engine had no computer or air pump from the factory, and it always passed its emissions with flying colors.

The car was quick, and once I installed a shift kit, it would "chirp" second gear under full throttle.

Never had any major problems, just a couple of small fixes along the way. I drove it to Florida Feb. 1991 and the car was creeping up to the 100k mark when a drunk driver pulled out in front of me, and the front end took a heavy hit. After a disappointing check from his insurance, I decided to completely redo the car. I removed the engine and trans. Sent the car to the body shop to be completely stripped. I had a spare 73 Olds 350 that was rebuilt to 325 HP, and the trans was redone by excellent shop. The bodyshop went out of business and now the painted but unassembled Olds sits in my garage under a cover waiting for me. I think now may be the time. Thanks for reading... Tony C.

11th May 2011, 13:25

Thank you for clearing that up! I just bought my car at Syracuse Cars Sale.

16th Jul 2011, 15:13

It was known as the Butlass, because of the slanted trunk. I owned one in the '80's...

I now drive an '80 W-30 442 (one of 346), White and Gold. See it at myspace.com/HotRods442

2nd Oct 2013, 17:43

"Right now it has a limited slip rear end with 2.73 gears. This will be changed to 3.42 gears to better suite the added power and transmission upgrade."

Yup, say goodbye to any type of gas mileage higher than 10 MPG if you ever decide to drive over 50 MPH. Unless you plan on drag racing only, that was a serious waste of time and money. Even in bone stock form on a 1979 Delta 88, that engine setup had plenty of power to burn up the rear tires, even with tall 2.41 gears.

You are better off getting a professionally rebuilt 200R4 beefed up if you want to use 3.42 gears. That way your engine won't be screaming at 3500 RPM going down the interstate. :-)

3rd Oct 2013, 09:24

To 2nd Oct 2013, 17:43:

442s were never intended to get gas mileage. They were (and still are) high performance cars. Especially with a 455!

6th Oct 2013, 01:49

Make mine a 1969 or 1970 model. Today I would buy the Challenger Hurst edition.