13th Mar 2003, 19:08

I have owned a 1995 Oldsmobile 88 LSS for the last 7 years. It has strengths and weaknesses. The strengths are it is roomy, luxurious, plenty of power (245Hp), Quiet, great sound system and handling is good. Weaknesses - like those comments before me are maintenance problems. I have had to have the supercharger to manifold gasket changed twice and have also experienced the problem with the traction control. For the last 25K miles the "Traction Off" light has been on. They told me at the dealership that it would cost me $750 to fix. Overall the car has been good. When it is bad, its bad. But I really like the additonal add ons that Oldsmobile gives it's cars and am selling the "88" (now with 150K miles), and have purchased a 2003 Oldsmobile Aurora with all the extras... reminds me of the "88" a lot, but better. Got the 4.0 liter v-8...hopefully a better engine/transmission combination than the "88".

4th Jul 2003, 22:22

I have had very bad experiences with my 95 Oldsmobile 88 royale. At 62,000km the transmission went. At 149,000km I had the motor rebuilt because all the engine seals leaked and the tell tale blue smoke was bothersome. At this point the machine shop wasn't impressed by the poor quality of the motor (made in Mexico). The water pump had been leaking for sometime prior to the rebuild, so it was replaced as well as the oil pump, timing chain, frost plug, all gaskets, heads, pistons bored out and new seals installed. Shortly after this major expense the front wheel bearings needed replaced. These are not cheap as they are a complete unit and affect the ABS system. Still at only 154,000 and my trunk leaks, the window control on the passenger side won't work, the switches for the window controls are falling out, and I just replaced the EGR valve and the Knock sensor needed replaced. As much as the cars body is holding out, I am really disappointed in my Oldsmobile and it's made in Mexico parts. I won't be buying a General Motors car in the near future... Actually I am selling my lemon and buying a Nissan. Thanks for letting me vent all.

25th Sep 2007, 21:29

To those of you to have a trunk leak in your 95 Oldsmobile, you might check around the seal of the tailight unit where it bolts to the body. The bolts are easily broken off when over tightened, and water will leak badly around the tailight, and usually end up standing under the spare tire, which will smell bad. I JB welded my bolts back in place, and tightened gently, stopping the problem.

18th Dec 2007, 08:58

I have had the 1995 oldsmobile 88 since the summer of 2007 and alredy put over 8000 miles on it. I think that this car is awesome for a new driver and very reliable, I've only had one problem with the car such as the water leak, but other than that I've only had to get the oil pan gasket replaced which was the mechanics fault for tightening it up too much.

25th Jan 2013, 19:15

Yep, I had the same issues, however I only had a melted wire from the fuel injection, and it only cost 78 bucks - CJC Fargo ND.

Otherwise I love my 88.