1972 Oldsmobile 98 LS 455 rocket from North America




The seats have normal wear and tear.

General Comments:

This is the best car I have ever driven. I don't think I will ever find another one like it!

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Review Date: 27th July, 2010

30th Jul 2010, 03:37

That is a really nice car you've posted. I really like the early 1970s Oldsmobile 98's a lot, I sure wish America would go back making cars like they did in the 1960s and 1970s all over again.

30th Jul 2010, 12:57

Difficult to go back to making the great cars of those better days when the entire social, political, and economic structure which supported them has been destroyed. No, it's just limousines and public transport in the future, boys.

1972 Oldsmobile 98 Tiffany Edition 455 rocket from North America


I love this car!


The seats are starting to rip. The trunk is rusting a little.

General Comments:

For this car to be big as it is, it sure can move.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2009

28th Jun 2009, 18:47

That is a really nice car you have there, what a shame that you rarely come across these cars anymore, I've always thought the early 1970s Olds 98's were classier looking than the early 1970s Cadillac Deville's, I wish America would go back and make cars like this again.

29th Jun 2009, 07:45

OK, two questions.

One, what is a Tiffany Edition??

Two, If you are going to write a review on a car, why don't you actually "review" the car? Don't give us a couple "one-liners" like a bad Schwarzenegger movie, but talk about the car, give us details, tell us its good points, bad points repair history, etc. I mean WHY do you love it? If you are going to post a review, actually review the car please, thanks.

1st Jul 2009, 13:09

To the commentor who kindly explained the "Tiffany Edition".

Thanks, I was curious because I have never heard of an Oldsmobile refered to like that. I guess this guy is like many 70's Lincoln Mark series owners who believe they own a Cartier Edition because of the clock. I collect rare models and typically go for the lesser known "lost" models like a Wiliamsburg Edition town car or Blue Diamond Fire Luxury Group Mark IV, so I get interested when I hear something that I haven't heard of. Thanks again for the explanation.

30th Oct 2012, 15:34

That "Tiffany Edition" is not the 1972 Oldsmobile 98 Regency, an Oldsmobile's 75th anniversary special edition (normal trim form 1973)? 1972 Olds 98 Regency had a Tiffany Clock in as standard.

1972 Oldsmobile 98 L.S. 455 Ci/7.5 ltr from North America


Built to Last


It has been a very good car, considering it's age and mileage. Has had many parts replaced over time owned, but this is expected. Car is currently under restoration.

General Comments:

Perhaps one of the best, if not the best car General Motors ever built. It is a very safe, roomy, powerful and even elegant car, and has served me well over the years. This car weighs about 4,800 lbs, but don't be fooled by it's size... this thing will move! It's only fault is it's increasing rarity, and for many, is too large of a car for many drivers today. Fuel Mileage actually very good, about like many current S.U.V.'s being sold today. If they still built Oldsmobile cars like this one, I'd buy another one in a second.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2003

9th Oct 2003, 16:43

Hello my name is John Wellmeier and I currently drive a 1972 olds 98 L.S. this is a beast of a car a never had a problem with it!

21st Jun 2004, 13:02

Wish I still had my '72 98 Regency 4-door hardtop. Fast, luxurious and very reliable. Got rid of it in early 1978; traded for a more fuel-efficient, downsized 98 that year. The '78 was a better handling car, but the '72 had gobs of class.