23rd Jun 2004, 15:09

My name is Daniel and I own a green 72 Olds 98 LS. What can I say, but it is mean, clean, and green!

The power in the 455 engine is exceptional. On the freeway, when I am driving 70 mph it feels as if I am driving 30 mph.

I have no rust and the paint job is original. The interior is flawless and I am the the 3rd owner.

What I love the most about my 98 is that I never see myself coming or going (unlike cars built today - everything looks the same).

17th May 2006, 17:29

Dear readers, I own a 1972 Oldsmobile Regency Tiffany Edition that I got from my grandmother. What an aw-some car, with that 455 Rocket I've never seen a tank move that fast. I've been reading up on it and what a rare find this is. I love that Oldsmobile. Thanks Keith Dover, TN.

18th Jun 2006, 12:46

I have a '73 Oldsmobile 98 Regency Tiffany near Athens, GA. I heard about a dude in Atlanta with a nice one. I am looking for other owners and info regarding Tiffany authentication.

Email me at coffindodger69 at yahoo dot com.

9th Mar 2007, 15:02

I owned a 1972 Oldsmobile 98 sedan from 1982 to 1986, at that time I lived in London, UK (yes I am a Brit). It was my first American car and still the one of the very best cars I've ever driven. It's elegant looks, sheer power, silken ride and that wonderful interior. Also bearing in mind its size and weight it wasn't at all bad on fuel. Now I live in the USA and future plans include finding another one just like the one I used to have. They are just so rare though, I think I've only seen 3 on the roads in the 5 years I've been here and those were in poor shape. But patience is a virtue and I'm sure one day I'll drive one again.

Tony, Colorado.

17th Nov 2007, 13:24

I'm Mark and I own a '72 Olds 98. Had it for over 10 years. It's one of the best cars I own. I love older cars, because to me they are safer and well built. All old Old drivers, keep driving. Thanks.

1st Dec 2007, 16:16

Landon here, I own a 1972 Olds 98 Cotner Bevington Hearse. I've owned nothing but big cars including 3 other hearses, and I must say I have found a keeper.

I bought it for $1000 with only 7,500 miles on it. Talking about a head turner and can't be beat by anything on the road today. These Olds were built to last, gotta give em' time to warm up in the cold mornings, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Buy one if you can and drive it like it was meant to be.


15th Mar 2008, 21:33

Lots of fondness for the 98! And with good reason-Great Cars. Glad some of you are keeping them alive.

I had a stunning 1973 98 Regency. Paint Color was special ordered through Cadillac: "Saturn Bronze Firemist"-w/Ivory brocade interior. What a gorgeous car! & LOADED w/options. I bought it from a elderly lady in 1976 for $2,000. It had 98,000 miles on it already, But in 100% PRISTINE condition throughout.-Seller could not fly in airplanes & liked to go cross country, hence the hi-miles. That car was so smooth & luxurious & really handled great for such a huge land yacht. I drove it for another 95,000 miles, & sold it, still pristine, to a very happy young guy in 1983. Car needed a tranny rebuild by that time, (Not a big deal by any means). Hands down, that 98 was the VERY best car I've ever owned & there have been many since. Best regards, Chris B., Los angeles, Calif.

17th Jan 2009, 17:27

I have owned three 1972 Oldsmobile ninety eight from 1988 through now. The first one (1988) a family member was involved in an accident with it and I was so discouraged, I let the city take it.

The second one (1993) my wife made me get rid of it, and I currently own my final 98 which I bought approximately 1 year ago. The car runs OK, but I am currently trying to get the vehicle to drive like a dream. I have always loved this particular year of the 98's. After my wife made me get rid of my second 98, I knew I would buy another one in the future. Now that I have it, I can't wait to finish it.

Thank you for having this site, I will be reading it from time to time.

10th Feb 2009, 11:52

Hello to everyone.

First of all, I have to say I'm Italian and I'm writing this comment from Italy, so please excuse me for my imperfect English.

Together with my family, I've been in USA three times: the first in 1973, I was a six year old kid.

At that time we had a 1959 Plymouth Valiant station wagon for 1 year.

The second time in 1976, I was eight, we owned for one year a 1965 Chevrolet Caprice station wagon.

The last time, I was fifteen, in CA Los Angeles, we owned for one year, the best of all: a 1972 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight two door. We drove all around with that pretty elegant and strong car, never had a problem.

2nd May 2009, 16:57

Hello old 98 lovers, my name is Henry. I bought my first 1972 Olds 98 way back in 1975. About 5 months ago I bought another, one owner with 59000. The 1972 Olds 98 is one of the finest automobiles ever built. I live in Ohio.

19th Feb 2010, 19:05

My Senior year of high school I purchased a 1973 Delta 88. I loved that car. Owned it for eight years. At the end of that eight years, I worked at a used car lot. My boss had been working on selling a car to a woman that was going to trade in 2 cars, One of them being the beloved, 98 LS. The deal went through. He promised me the 98. I remember driving into work and seeing the beautiful 98 pointed at a 45% from the front of the Dealership. I was so excited. When I came in, he told me to pull it around back and clean it, He had already sold it. I was very angry, and then he comes back, opens the door, and tells me to vacuum. But wait he "says" what is there to vacuum. "Come in and sign the papers, it's your car". What a fine car. 455 Rocket.

30th Jan 2011, 13:24

I am an extremely proud owner of a 1972 Oldsmobile 98 2 door with the 455 rocket engine. I bought it in May of 2008 for only $2,500 bucks. A great investment, and an absolute steal. The guy I bought it from was the second owner, and had it for 23 years. He rarely ever drove it, because in my almost 24 years on this planet, and all of them in the same town as him, with less than 7k people, me nor my father, who's a big Oldsmobile fan, had never even seen this car.

The car is 100% original. No rust, runs great, original paint, and not a crack in the dash.

My father owned a 1972 Olds Delta 88 when I was about 8, and I just loved it until one tragic day after gassing up at a kwik trip, the engine block cracked and dad sent her off to the junk yard. If anyone would like to see my 72 Olds, just give me an add on Facebook, feel free to ask me anything about it.

Nick Tesarski.

8th Nov 2012, 08:39

"this thing will move!"

- Well, of course! That 455 you've got could move the Earth!!

7th Mar 2014, 13:11

Is the L.S. special for the 1972 Olds 98?

28th Feb 2015, 19:44

Amen, brother.

I owned a 72 LS years ago.

It was a fast and smooth car - beautiful ride.

I left a race car sitting at a stop light - took the guy several tries to catch me, and only then because I let him!! He wasn't angry - in fact he asked me about the motor - he wanted the Olds motor for his race car!! I politely declined his offer!

Mine was a coffee brown metallic - with a black & gold brocade interior, and a black vinyl top (looked like leather) 4 door sedan.

Wish I still had it...

Those were the good old days.