1984 Oldsmobile 98 regency 307 from North America


This is the GREATEST car ever made


Cruise Control malfunction.

Transmission rebuilt after 140,000 miles, and again around 200,000 miles.

The Tempmatic temperature control failed.

General Comments:

This car is the best car ever made! It has been driven from Maine to Virginia many times and has been used as a work vehicle every day. I have never owned, or even known of a more reliable, comfortable, or classy car.

This is the smoothest riding car I've driven. I once drove down the Interstate with a coffee cup on the trunk (I forgot it there). The cup never fell off or even spilled a drop of coffee when I got to where I was going!

The ball joints are still original after 236,000 miles.

With a good set of snow tires this car handles snow and ice covered roads better than some 4x4 trucks.

After 236,000 miles this car is a member of the family and I can't say enough good things about it. This car is my best friend and I love it dearly.

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Review Date: 18th November, 2006

22nd Nov 2006, 18:43

"I used the insurance money to buy an Aurora though :) ) "

- Excellent idea on your part!

1984 Oldsmobile 98 Regency 307 cu V8 from North America


My son wants her or I would be buried in her


Transmission at over 100,000.

Engine after an accident.

A new front clip after the same accident.

Driver seat reupholstered.

New skin on the roof and new paint.

General Comments:

Big blue was my daily driver all over Metro New York and New Jersey.

So you can see the abuse that I put it through.

After the accident my wife wanted me to dump her, but I decided to rebuild her instead.

Although my company car is a 2004 Chrysler 300m Big Blue still puts a smile on my face when ever I drive her and my son made me promise to keep her for him.

My wife still wants me to get rid of this old chariot. She claims it doesn't like her and maybe that's so. But I think if it comes down to which old girl I'd give up. Its no competition it is Big Blue I'd keep.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2005

1984 Oldsmobile 98 Brougham 307 from North America


It's a great car


My transmission went out at about 150,000 miles. I also had to replace my vinyl top around this time. I haven't had any major problems other than driving wear and tear.Tires, belts, hoses. I drive this car almost ever day.

General Comments:

This car is truly a classic I love this car, friends ask why don't I get rid of this car. And my answer is why?My 98 has everything a new car has, power windows, seats, door locks, air condition cruise control, everything.And my car doesn't look like every other car that you see.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2005

19th Aug 2005, 02:09

These big-body Oldsmobiles from the 80's offer great performance, comfort, reliability, and the best safety in an accident. And they have something the modern cars lack: CLASS. Screw these newer plastic cars which crumple like a tin can upon 15 mph impact, I'll go with a REAL car with REAL steel. I've owned three 84-85 Delta 88's and 98 Regencys. Wouldn't buy any other type of car. Roman chariot my a**, these older cruisers are FAR superior to the newer models which are all computerized, and much more complicated and expensive to repair. Your Olds is a modern-day classic.

1984 Oldsmobile 98 Regency Brougham 307 from North America


This car has been ultra reliable.


I'd say nothing has ever really gone wrong with the car. The transmission was rebuilt by AAMCO after a 120,000 miles. There is minor rust around frame of one back door. And minor rust around the driver's side lock. But the rust is primarily surface rust.

General Comments:

Another reviewer described the 1984 Olds 98 like a traveling living room, and that is a great description. The seats in this car are velour and feel like you're sitting in a Laz-E-Boy recliner.

I've been told by more than one mechanic that all I have to do is change the oil every 3,000 miles and the this car will run indefinitely. One mechanic told me the body may rust and fall off, but the engine will run forever.

The car starts with a couple of pumps on the accelerator and a turn of the key. Yes, it costs a lot to fill the tank, especially now (1994), but gas mileage is about 17 mph city and 24 highway. It runs smooth, even after 197,000 miles.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2004