2001 Oldsmobile Alero GL 2.4 litre from North America


I love this car, and it will break my heart when I eventually have to get rid of it


At around 5,000 kilometres started experiencing a problem with stalling after the car had been sitting overnight. After some serious complaining (this was a problem with my previous Pontiac) they finally did something that fixed the problem.

Around 70,000 the turn indicators would stop working intermittently. This was covered under a voluntary recall.

Absolutely no other problems to report.

General Comments:

Aside from the initial problems with the car, which were admittedly very dangerous, had been fixed, this car has handled like a dream.

I have experienced no problems with the exterior, no problems with it mechanically, the interior is spacious, and the upholstery is holding up extremely well - even with 2 large dogs riding in the back.

I actually put this car in the ditch doing a set of 360 turns in winter of 2002, and when they pulled it out of the ditch, she started right up as though nothing had happened, and there have been no ill effects since.

I will be keeping this car for a long time to come.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2005

19th May 2005, 13:20

If you have a car you really like, hold on to it!!!

19th May 2005, 13:43

Keep doing 360s and that probably won't be very long.

2001 Oldsmobile Alero GLS from North America


Well I've had my car about 3 years now.

The TRAC OFF, SERVICE VEHILE SOON, and ANTI-LOCK, lights are on my dashboard. Don't know whats the madder.

The Blower only works on the 3rd dot!

The dome light feels like its gonna fall out.

My radio nob came off.

...but overall it's an OK car! Help, if you know what the problem with the Trac off, service vehicle soon lights... I need to get that fixed!!

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Review Date: 5th May, 2005

5th May 2005, 20:10

I had the same problem with the heater blower - it's a simple fix - a resistor that the dealer replaced under warranty.

Speaking of warranty - we're soooo lucky we got the extended 5 yr. plan that GM implemented late in 2000. I've never had a car that needed so many trips back to the dealer - and a lot of major problems too! Fun to drive, but - at what a price!!

Can't wait to get rid of it for a German or Japanese luxo sport sedan.

9th May 2005, 16:36

I just got off the phone with my dealer because the ABS-Trac Off-Service Vechicle Soon lights all came on. The diagnosis was a left wheel bearing went. The repair will cost about $500, but my extended warranty will cover it. If I were you I would get your car in soon.

2001 Oldsmobile Alero GLX 4 cylinder from North America


This car is full of problems


A lot of things have gone wrong with my car. On third set of brakes; second set of rotors; dashboard sensors constantly flicking on and off. Low tire pressure light comes on when my tires are fine. But when I got a nail in my tire, I didn't know it, the low tire pressure light never came on. Then after the tire blew out, it still didn't come on. After my warranty was up, my hub went bad; wheel bearing went bad; right front speed sensor went bad along with the hazard light switch. Didn't know the hazard was recalled. Went to an Oldsmobile body shop for them to fix both problems, $890 later, they fixed both problems, but didn't tell me the hazard problem was recalled and they charged me. So, then I had to take it up with GMC for them to reimburse me. Less than a year later, but beyond the mileage of the body charges warranty, the front speed sensor went bad again. The paint on the buttons for my radio is coming off. Second set of tires.

General Comments:

I would not recommend an Alero to anyone. Thank god they are not manufacturing this car anymore. Everyone I talk to that has an Alero has the same problems. I just finished paying off my car in March, and in April the speed sensor went again. It doesn't make me happy to have to dish out money when my car has just been paid off, it's like still having a car payment, but worse. I will get close to nothing for a trade-in.

The only good points I will make, is that it handles well in the snow, and it is somewhat good on gas.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2005

26th Jun 2005, 21:56

The Pontiac Grand AM is a wonderful car that there are way too many of; Oldsmobile's version makes it a more luxurious spin-off of the popular car.

The 2001 Oldsmobile Alero GLS is a wonderful car. I bought mine in October 2004 and have had only one problem with it since. Apparently someone stuck something into the ignition and triggered the security system to kick in. This would have been fine except the light kept blinking on the radio and the engine was allowed to roll over. There was no indication that the system was not letting the car run. That, and the paint scratching a little bit too easily, are my only complaints.

The benefits of this car are plentiful. It has excellent handling, especially in the winter, it looks really sharp, and the engine has plenty of power while using little gas. The interior is extremely comfortable, eye-appealing, and some other adjective that really is good. The audio system is excellent even in stock form. Overall the car is awesome.

I would recommend the Olds Alero to anyone looking for an excellent vehicle. They are nice and that's all you need to know.