2002 Oldsmobile Alero GL1 2.2 from North America


Love this car!


At 70000 miles I had to replace the brakes in the front.

Had to replace the wheel bearings a few times.

And at 150000 miles the catalytic converter was replaced.

That's all, and regular maintenance.

General Comments:

This car is a lot better than the Grand Am I previously owned. The Alero has lasted a lot longer than the Grand Am did. When the Grand Am turned 100000 miles, it lost a lot of power. But when the Alero turned 100000 miles nothing happened. It ran the same and it still runs like new at 157000 miles. This car is great if you maintain like you should.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2009

2002 Oldsmobile Alero from North America


There are no words :(


Where do I begin?

Tires leak constantly.

Both driver's and passenger side power windows break constantly.

Rear defrost.

Heat and A/C worked when it wanted to.

CD player sucks.

Brakes had to be replaced a lot and not due to a heavy foot.

And the best for... last Drive chain went at a 122000 kms.


General Comments:


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Review Date: 18th February, 2009

2002 Oldsmobile Alero GLS 3.4 from North America


GM can go straight to Hell!


The car will not crank at certain times. Sometimes when I try to crank the car, nothing happens.

The first time I took it to the dealer and they charged me for a new battery and cables. The second time it happened I was stranded in a K-mart parking lot at 3:00AM. After consulting an independent mechanic, he said to put the key in the on position and wait 15 minutes. I did this and the damn thing cranked up first try. He said that he sees this problem on Aleros all the time. GM has apparently put a code in the computer of these cars that makes them do this. When you take your car to the dealer, all they do is this 15 minute trick and then charge you for a whole list of unnecessary items.

The car has been sold and I now have a Toyota Corolla which I love. GO TO HELL GM.

General Comments:

This car is junk.

You will definitely regret buying this or any car from GM.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2008

12th Nov 2008, 19:59


- Maybe not hell, but definitely bankruptcy.

2002 Oldsmobile Alero GL 3.4L from North America


Stay away from the Alero


Replaced starter after two weeks of buying it! (at 205,000 km)

Replaced AC resistor.

Replaced brakes and rotors (front)

Replaced all filters.

General Comments:

Number: HORRIBLE gas mileage. There is nothing more outrageous than seeing the gas gauge constantly moving while driving it for short distances. Replaced all filters, put in synthetic oil, you name it! Horrible gas mileage.

The engine and/or transmission is not very responsive. When you need acceleration, there is a "lag" of power.

Super ultra poor build quality. Cheap windows motors, cheap knobs, very cheap build overall.

Noisy and uncomfortable suspension. You feel every dent on the road, horrible suspension system!

The car is not sealed right, you hear SO MUCH noise on the highway.

Overall, very disappointing and does *NOT* hold its value no matter how good the parts you put in or how well you maintain it.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2008

2002 Oldsmobile Alero GLS from North America


I love my Alero


Last year the front driver side wheel bearing went out.

General Comments:

I bought this car NEW in 2002, and since then it has been in the shop once because the wheel bearing went out, unless you count minor things like oil changes.

I bought it new and it has 125,184 miles on it today, and I still drive it every day to work and back.

I do not know why people complain so much about the Alero. Oldsmobiles were great cars and it's a shame people don't see that. Maybe if more people would buy their cars new and take good care of them, they would see what I'm talking about.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2008

2002 Oldsmobile Alero GLS 3.4L V6 from North America


There is an obvious reason Oldsmobile discontinued this car!!


Replaced the front wheel hub assemblies three times now and about to do it a fourth time.

Vehicle is always running hot but mechanics have no idea why that is.

Front brakes and rotors have been changed three times within the last 17000 miles on a car driven with care!

Buttons in console falling off and have even had to be replaced.

Low tire pressure light is ALWAYS on even after checking them and knowing they are all the same tire pressure.


General Comments:

The car handles nice and has a decent amount of power for that type of car.

However, the cost to keep this thing moving and working properly is becoming too much to deal with.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2008