2002 Oldsmobile Alero GS V6 from North America


Terrible brakes and hub assemblies


Driver's side Hub assembly went under warranty at 40k. No cost. Just out of warranty at 60k, the pass. side hub assembly went. $250. at 70k, the driver's side hub went. $250. at 100k, the passenger side hub went. $250.

Total $750 on hub assemblies.

I've changed the brakes and rotors on this POS, front and back about every 40k.

Calipers went bad on the front at 80k. $200 for parts, I replaced myself.

It started leaking antifreeze at 85k. both upper and lower head gasket were bad. $500.

Control arm and bushings went bad at 80k. still haven't fixed that problem, but it will be $300 to fix when I get around to it.

Window regulator just went out on driver's door at 106k. I'm going to try to fix it myself.

General Comments:

Car has good power and good gas mileage. it's a nice ride and room for the family. I just wish the brake and hub assembly problems were known before I bought this.

I had a 1997 toyota corolla I traded in to get this with 160k miles and never had a problem with it.

I'm trying to sell it and every person takes it to a mechanic and brings it back saying the mech. advised not to buy...

Does anyone want to buy an alero???

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Review Date: 14th November, 2006

11th May 2008, 11:34

The Alero hub sensor wiring was not flexible enough and broke intermittently. He hub, bearing and sensor were fine. Expensive to replace the wires but no trouble since. tfs.

2002 Oldsmobile Alero GL 3.4 from North America


Good except it's GM


I replaced brake pads as maintenance, but have not had the GM brakes issues I had with my last car.

The back button on the factory CD player didn’t work when I got it, so I bought an aftermarket stereo, then another $100 part to replace the door chime circuitry, which is all tied to the factory radio.

I replaced the hazard switch, which actually causes the turn signal issue, then later GM reimbursed me for that.

I just replaced the blower motor of all things for $80. The tech said it had hunk of carpet in it, which likely caused premature bearing wear. The carpet had to be there from manufacture.

My big complaint was that lower gasket seal took 3 days and a thousand dollars, and why would that ever wear out with normal use?

Other than that, I don’t have any overall complaints with this car. I find it economical 29mpg and comfortable which is what I wanted, but it is my last GM car. They engineer for crap and don’t care how much it hurts to own their products. $1000 for bad design on this car, probably over $3000 for the rear calipers on the last GM car, plus the stress of driving around wondering what every little noise is and how much it will cost.

My next car will be a Honda or Range Rover. Bye GM.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2006

12th Oct 2006, 08:05

"Bye GM."

- Me too!!!

30th Jan 2007, 10:34

I've had the same problems with my 2002 Olds Alero...I've had the tailight assembly replaced because the turn signals would blink uncontrollably and I've also had problems with the head gaskets which cost $1400. Now I am dealing with the hazard switch problem... Once again my Olds Alero will be in the shop for repairs. Next vehicle will NOT be a GM!

2002 Oldsmobile Alero LX 2.2 from North America


I have bought my last GM car


The trim around the windshield fell off. The dash vinyl has wrinkled and 3 of the automatic windows has broken. The regulators seem to have malfunctioned and the windows will not open or close. These things occurred within the first six months of purchase. The repairs for the windows per the Oldsmobile dealership would be about $500.00 per window. I find this to be quite excessive in cost since a window should last for a much longer time.

General Comments:

I am very disappointed the the car and the feel that General Motors has not lived up to my expectations regarding these accessories on this car.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2006

27th Sep 2006, 12:52

Yes, that does sound a bit high. Power window regulators are typically between $200-$300 per motor. I've done this repair on a Mercedes and a Hyundai before and it's not $200-$300 worth of labor I can assure you that. Dealerships are the worst place you could take a car for repairs though. Very high labor rates and parts are marked way up. Go to an independant repair shop if it's out of pocket. Only go to the dealer for warranty and recall work.

10th Aug 2007, 13:35

Ford; not a good idea. My last 2 cars were Fords; hardly never saw them as they were in the shop all the time. Have to own 2 just so you can drive one of them. Got a 02 Alero now, much better. No problems.