2002 Oldsmobile Alero GL from North America


Love my Alero, even with the problems!


Driver side window problems (less than a year old).

Replacement tires cost a fortune (but love the tire warning light, & buying a tire warranty helps).

Ignition went out (over 45k; I ignored service light).

General Comments:

I've had two Aleros, a '99 GLS and now an '02 GL.

I've had the same driver-side window problem in both. Luckily, both while under warranty.

In the '99, my dashboard warped, but other than that and the window, no other problems.

In the '02, other than the windows, I've replaced the brakes (normal wear and tear) and two tires (pot holes, nails & normal wear and tear). My oil light use to come on after just 1000 miles of an oil change until I switched to synthetic. Just last week @ 45K miles my ignition went out.

In addition, in both cars, the air conditioning isn't as cold as other cars (but not needed much in IN anyway).

Overall, compared to some of the Pontiac, Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, and even Nissan vehicles I have owned or driven, I love my gas-guzzling Alero (until I can afford a gas-guzzling SUV).

It's "girly": I can sit low (sporty) or high (business). There are lights to warn of everything (except the window thing). Before my ignition went out, my security light came on. Even after being warned of the possibilities of what it may be (including my ignition), I didn't want to pay the $35 dollars to put it on the computer. As a result, I had to wait for a tow truck less than a week later (I still saved $35 dollars, ha-ha). If it wasn't for the tire light, I would have been stranded plenty of times because I'm not the type to check tire pressure and all - they "looked" fine.

I really can't complain as long it's under warranty, and since everything that has gone wrong has been under warranty. Better now than later (2 days after the warranty ends).

My spouse hates my car, but loves his dead Dodge Avenger that has some kind of manufacturing paint defect.

But to each their own - problems with the Alero that are big to others are small to me.

- Buy the extended warranty.

- Buy a tire warranty (mine @ Discount Tires)

- Don't ignore the warning lights.

- More than likely they will try to turn or change rotors with first brake job, but good brake pads is all you... or such was the my case when CarX changed just the pads and I took it back to the dealer when the ignition went out; they then said the rotors were fine.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2004

20th Oct 2004, 20:50

Ever since I've got my first Alero (01), I have had to replace the drivers side window motor, brakes, and rotors.

The ignition sounds like it's about to go up, but there's no warrning light yet.

I have been in one serious accident where the front right side was completaly smashed in. We got that fixed, but the guy that fixed it didn't put any clear coat on, so the paint is chipping.

The turn signals are shorting out. That happened today (10/21/04). The thing about it is I still love my car, and have big plans for it.

29th Nov 2006, 11:35

I agree. the alero is a good car to drive when it is working right. I also replaced the ignition around 56k miles. one of my tire continues to leak from the wheel. I had it looked at and seems to be good. same with the tire. the outer CV joints are going bad. last of all my master window switch went out as well. all within 3k miles. the car does only have 57k. maybe I just got a bad one.

2002 Oldsmobile Alero GLS coupe V6 from North America


Poor craftsmanship!


The brakes and rotors have been replaced twice. The low tire pressure light has literally not turned off since the second year of owning it. The Window-front driver has squeaked since day one and now has scratches imprinted in it and the dealer has no clue why. The check engine light has come on 3 times and each time I bring it in, there is always something different wrong with the car.

General Comments:

I will never buy another Alero, obviously. Nor will I ever buy another Oldsmobile (Thank God they are done making cars). I used to be a positive advocate for GM and their products, but that has changed with this experience.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2004

1st Nov 2004, 08:20

The 2000 Olds Alero GLS is a poorly made car. I purchased my Alero July of 2003. Within the first month the driver side window went off track. Then over the winter, the passenger side window did the same. August 2004, only at about 32,000 miles the brakes had to be replaced. And the lastest, last week while driving to school, my service engine soon light came on. Turns out one of the pison valves burnt out... great more money into this hunk of junk. Can't wait to get rid of it!!!

15th Feb 2005, 12:54

Just purchased a 2002 Alero GL 4 cyl. I've been mostly satisfied so far. Impressed with the acceleration considering it's a 4 cylinder. I did have a problem with the driver'side window making a loud click when the window reached the top. The dealership said it was some sort of speed control in the motor that raises and lowers the window. Luckily it was covered under warranty.

It makes an annoying noise when the air conditioner or defroster is on, but the service department didn't find anything wrong so I guess that's just the way this car is.