2002 Oldsmobile Alero from North America


Bought my car in 2002 brand new.

I first had problems when I got my car inspected the second year I owned it, the mechanic said that I needed new brakes, thinking this was totally wrong, I took it to a second mechanic and found out that yes I needed new brakes.

Two weeks ago my car would not shift gears, fearing this was a transmission related problem I took it to a local transmission shop. Come to find out it was an air intake sensor that had gone bad therefore the computer could not calculate when to shift gears!

I went to drive my car today and the anti-lock light was on and for the past few days when I make a hard right turn my low battery light blinks on and off.

A few months ago my blinker sound (not the light, just the sound) would not go off after turning the turn signal off.

Has anyone else experienced these same problems?

I really love the handling of my car and the look of my car I just don't want it to be a showpiece in front of my house that I can't drive!!

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2005

2002 Oldsmobile Alero GLS 3.4 litre from North America


This car is not worth the money I paid for it!!


The rotors warped at 30,000 km.

The brakes needed replacing at 48,000 km.

The window seals were inadequate and caused migraine inducing headaches, which took several attempts to fix.

The CD player began to skip after using burned CDs, even though I had asked the dealer to call GM Canada, and was assured it would NOT do that.

Th heater broke at 60,000 km, and again took several attempts to fix, which is problematic in -40 weather in Saskatchewan.

The tilt steering broke at 61,000 km.

The cruise broke at 64,000 km.

The signal lights broke at 65,000 km.

General Comments:

This car began to break down immediately after the 60, 000 km warranty was up - good thing I had the extended package.

This car is far from reliable.

There is a known fault with premature wear on the brakes, yet there is no compensation for having to replace parts early.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2005

29th Apr 2006, 19:17

My car also started to go south at the 60,000 mile mark. In fact, 60,114 miles my trac off, ABS, and Service Vehicle lights came on and have stayed on ever since. I've had to replace the wheel bearings and brakes, and both started going bad again after six weeks, now my check engine light is on as of this morning, and my suspension is constantly creaking, and the tires make ungodly noise. All in all, I regret the day I forked over the cash to buy this car.

2002 Oldsmobile Alero 4 cylinder from North America


Looks cool, drives nice, but not reliable


30,000 miles ignition modulator was replaced.

50,000 timing chain wore out.

General Comments:

This was me and my wifes first "like new" car. We bought it used with 24,000 miles even though it was a little out of our range so that we would have something reliable. That was a big mistake. The car would randomly loose power and shut down on the highway. After several visits to the GM dealer they found the problem to be the ignition modulator, after that it ran fine until around 50,000 miles when the timing chain wore out and GM denied to stand behind their car and now I am stuck with a $1,500+ repair bill for a defect in the timing chain. I regret paying $10,000 when I could of got a older cheaper more reliable car.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2005

2002 Oldsmobile Alero from North America




1. Excuse my spelling, but the rack and pinion went out at 8000 miles.

2. Loud noise when turning. I had it back to the dealership at least twice for this.

3. The first month or so that I had it, I had to have a new door inside put in because it was coming apart at the handle.

4. My dash has just recently started to bubble up about an inch.

5. Crazy noise in engine when started up.

6. New brakes already.

7. Numbers have rubbed off the CD player.

8. Low tire pressure stays on most of the time.

9. My very first brand new car and I hate it with a passion. I have used cars many times before and have never been so unsatisfied.

General Comments:

Recalls on them would be awesome. Oldsmobile never should have built these cars.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2004

8th Aug 2005, 11:36

I am at my wits end with my Alero. In less than 2 years I have had to replace the ignition module, both front hubs & calipers, the catalytic converter and now my turn signals won't work (but no bulb is burnt out). Water leaks through the driver's side door, it has problems starting and the radio will occasionally blast sound without me touching the volume control. All this has happened while the car had only 50,000 to 70,000 on it. These cars LOOK nice, but that's about all there is to them.

19th Apr 2006, 08:54

Well I purchased a 2002 Alero GL sedan 6 cylinder in April of 2005, and then in Jan of this year, I started having problems, first with a new intake gasket being replaced, and now it is losing water and they cannot find where it is going, saying they have done everything and cannot find where it is. Now come on, what is the deal? I changed my oil last week and have only put 350 miles since then, and already my light is on and no water in the reservior, now just where is it going? Can someone tell me?

29th Apr 2006, 19:20

Now my turn signals won't work (but no bulb is burnt out).

In the 99-01 model years they have recalled it for the hazard light switch, which apparently causes the turn signals to quit working sometimes. They haven't recalled it in the 02 model though, which is what I have. I've heard it's an inexpensive part, but requires a lot of labor.