2002 Oldsmobile Alero GL 3.4 from North America


Solid performer, little quirks (keeps things interesting)


Around 37,000 miles the engine started ticking loudly.

I suspect that it is because I parked on a steep side slope and some "gunk" lodged on the ends of the motor got washed loose, some "sea-foam" got it to quite within minutes of starting the car. I do feel that a low mileage car should not have any "gunk" in the motor, but stuff happens.

At around 39,500 miles my steering wheel started to vibrate and has gotten worse, it becomes harsher when the brakes are applied.

I do see a pattern with everyone's complaints about this. I don't know how to fix it. Although, my tires are being balanced right now, after that I will have the rotors checked and turned if needed. The problem could even start further inside the trans axle, or maybe even the axles themselves. I feel people tend to think they know how fix a certian problem by a common rule they have heard in the past. I don't recommend to just start changing parts to make something go away. I have my parts checked until I find what is definitely not right (it usually shows itself although is difficult to find). I do know that I won't buy three sets of rotors, apparently that is not what is wrong here.

General Comments:

On the better side, I really enjoy the car. It is quick to gain speed and corners feel real secure. I think my car has the stiffer suspension then than the cheaper models, so not everyone's car may handle like this.

I had to get use to reaching farther for the steering wheel (I used to drive truck, this is my first car) but is not uncomfortable.

I would more impressed if the car didn't ding, chime, or stop my off the line tire spinning, I know what I want the car to do and don't like the car to tell me otherwise! I don't even like the option of pushing the little button to turn that junk off, It feels like the performance of the car drops down a notch when you push it.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2004

21st Apr 2005, 14:30

My mom has an 99 oldsmobile intrigue and she had a similar problem with the steering wheel shaking violently especially when the brakes were applied. She recently had her left tie rod repaired and it completely fixed the problem. Her car is almost to 130000 and drives like a dream.

2002 Oldsmobile Alero GL 2.2 from North America


Good thing Oldsmobile is being discontinued!


I leased my 2002 Alero at the end March '02. I was so happy that I had a safe and reliable car to get me to work. One of the reasons that I had opted for an Olds is that it had a reinforced frame and traction system (I travel a lot in the winter).

I live an hour in each direction away from the nearest GM dealer. I loved my car and took care of it and maintained it regularly... Aside from only loaning my car to relatives a few times, my husband and I were the only ones driving my car.

Here is a list of my problems:

1. May 2002: the shifter that locks in reverse when you turn the car off was broken, and I couldn't go in reverse. This was covered under warranty.

2. By the end of May 2002, both of my windows had fallen out of their tracks and I was back at the service department again.

3. September 2002 - My mother-in-law borrowed my car for a week or two and she had told me that the CD player would only work when it wanted to.. I thought that to be strange.

4. By the time the snow fell I had noticed that my tires were worn down, didn't think anything of it, because as it turned out, I didn't use it all that much that winter. By this time, my kms were only 40,000.

5. In February 2003, my husband, my niece and I were caught in a flash snow storm and had overturned in an accident, luckily, other than whiplash, we were fine, but my car however suffered over $7000 in damage. The insurance corporation covered the damages (or at least the ones they found).

6. After the accident, the GM Goodwrench mechanics had told me that my brakes were shot before that accident and would not be covered... I had those fixed.

7. The problems with the stereo came back so I brought it in. The mechanics looked at it, and low and behold - it was my fuse box, which was corroded... They also told me it was a fire hazard!!! By this time I was shocked because I often have my nieces and nephew with me!!! This was covered under warranty.

8. Later that spring, I found a new surprise... My front and rear windshields were leaking, isn't that wonderful?!?!?!

9. The summer and autumn when on without incident, but as soon as winter came, I purchased myself some brand new winter tires... the cost of the tires was the least of my problems... by January of 2004 I had noticed an increasingly loud noise coming from the front end. I promptly brought my car to the nearest GM dealership. To my shock, the mechanic told me that he would not let me leave the shop with my car that night. It was my bearings and brakes!!! Again, in shock, the nice gentleman arranged a rental vehicle. This was covered under my extended warranty, and by this time, my car was nearing the the end of my 100,000km 'bumper to bumper'.

10. May 2004: I had loaned my mother-in-law my car for the day. By that evening we were informed that the car was broken down about 15kms outside of town. We had it towed to GM again, and they figured it was the timing belt! It had snapped and bent some of the inner-workings of the engine. This time the cost would be $3200 CAD. We asked the mechanic if it had to do with the accident we were in. It turns out that it could be, but they don't know for sure. We called the GM customer service centre and they do not want to help us. Later today, the GM mechanic called us back and told us that there was a bulletin on their computers that has a concern for this problem. Hopefully we can get some answers from them.

General Comments:

I am getting more and more frustrated with my car. I have owned 4 other GM brand vehicles and 1 Honda since I learned how to drive. Firebird, Lumina, Tracker, and Silverado... none of these vehicles have given us nearly as much trouble. If things don't improve with the customer service with GM, I will be forced to boycott. It's kind of a relief that Oldsmobile will be phased out this year. It will save the rest of the world from the infamous Alero.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2004

3rd Sep 2004, 13:23

Other than the points stated before the accident, I would have to attribute the leaking glass seams, the corroded fuse box, and many other problems to your accident. You can't possibly think that an automobile can be rolled and be the same afterwards can you?

Olds is a good company, and I am very surprised at some of your issues, especially with the windows falling out of their tracks!

Anyway, too bad for your troubles. Just don't expect to roll a car over and have it perform in the same reliable fashion up return from the auto shop.