11th Nov 2008, 15:54

You can't buy this car anymore, but you can buy similar cars. The new Malibu, G6 and Aura are very similar and probably even better engineered.

My Alero drives like a brand new car at 123k miles. It's good to know there is plenty of life left in it.

Also, the fan speed problem is an easy fix. You need a new resistor set. They are $17 at Autozone.

22nd Apr 2010, 12:47

It is now April 2010. My Alero has been living the sweet life, being used as a pickup truck to haul my boys motorcycles to Motocross events. The car is still running strong, and the air conditioner still works... imagine that.

Old reliable is nearing 450,000 miles on the original engine. My wife and I have decided to replace the struts and springs one more time, and do a little cosmetic work to the car so that my soon to be 15 year old will have a starter car. Who would imagine an American car lasting this long. I think I might put some new window regulators in too. They haven't worked for years...

31st Oct 2011, 15:08

It is now November 1st 2010. Who'd ever thought my 2001 Alero has just hit 470,000 miles on its original engine.

My oldest boy turns 16 years old this month, and is dying to start driving it. Took it to my local mechanic to get a rundown of what the car might need. The mechanic stated the car was in good shape with the exception of (guess what) the cylinder head gaskets. The original head gaskets were replaced at 293,000. I think I should take it back for a refund on that head job. It only got 177k on them. Just kidding.

Cylinder walls were still smooth as a baby's bottom. No piston ring leakage.

Having the new head gaskets installed next week. Maybe the boy can drive the car until it hits a million. We'll see.