22nd Mar 2008, 23:56

I have posted on here before about the problems with my 00 alero. I have looked it up and anyone having problems with the turn signals randomly not working. There is actually a recall on that. The recall came out in 2004 I believe. So for that one problem maybe you can check that out.

24th Mar 2008, 02:24

I guess I'm lucky after reading all those problems Alero owners are dealing with. I have to say thank god I'm not alone.. I own a 2000 Alero and have replaced the intake gasket (500), and now the oil change light is on. Have no idea how to replace that.

The other day the engine stopped working. About an hour later it worked.. I was told by a mechanic guy it's the fuel pump; "start the car slowly, wait for a minute.. or so before moving".

Windows are not falling down yet. Hope they don't...

First GM/last car.. I'm going back to my japanese car. I owned Honda and Toyota before. Never had these problems.

9th Apr 2008, 13:58


I just had my Front Driver Door Window stop working. I replaced the switch - found one on eBay - to no use, it still did not work. I used the following link and followed the steps to remove the door pad. I also remember someone saying that sometimes the motor gears jam up, so I pulled the motor off the regulator (very easy - 3x 10 mm bolts) and then connected it again and it ran off the regulator. This told me that the motor is not defective like everyone seems to think. I put it back on and it works fine. Save a lot of money with a little bit of work. The link below is for the Grand-Am, but is almost identical to an Alero. I doubt that the motors burn out in most cases; the gears are probably just jammed.


11th Apr 2008, 23:18

I own a 2000 Alero GL, 3.4L. I bought the vehicle in 2001 with 12,000 miles. Within a year, my service engine soon light came on and my fuel efficiency fell from 300 miles per 12 gallon tank fill up, to just over 200 miles per 12 gallon tank fill up.

Thankfully it was still under warranty, and the dealer replaced the fuel injectors.

Then a couple years later, my car began to sound like an airliner taking off. The Wheel Hub had to be replaced.

Of course, my driver's side window also fell into the door. I replaced the window regulator myself. The new regulator lasted about 3 months, before the regulator itself malfunctioned. (the first time, it was the cheap plastic clip that was at fault.)

I've also had, on and off, radiator leaks. My vehicle now barely gets 180 miles to a 12 gallon fill up. When I do have my blower on (of course, the first two speeds on it don't work,) the engine seems to make a weird noise.

Then best of all, occasionally there is a short in the main power supply to the vehicle. So I'll turn the key, there's a click, the lights start flickering, then a repeated clicking sound comes from one of the floor council light bulbs. Then, after a period of time, the car will start back up.

17th Apr 2008, 00:32

I am not surprise to hear about all the problems with the 00 Olds Alero. I went to the shop to get my ignition switch change and the next day the ignition switch did not work. My back speakers do not work at all. All four of my windows have fallen down. I have had a fuel pump replace. My signals go out from time to time.

6th Jun 2008, 13:23

I bought my 2000 Alero after getting into a serious accident with a drunk driver who totaled my previous 2000 Alero... I can't say I have been too happy with it either.

My new Alero is adorable - midnight blue, great cosmetic appearence, nice tan leather, and a sun roof that I adore. Underneath that cute exterior lies some seriously huge problems.

Head gaskets were blown within a week of purchasing the car - thankfully that was under warranty from the person I bought the car from. That only took two weeks to get back *shakes head*, which was a week too long according to other mechanics. They did a bang up job on that; throwing it together quickly and haphazardly... as a result of this, they neglected to replace the thermostat, something that should be done if the head gaskets are replaced. Also, a new manifold of some sort had to be replaced. Whatever correlates with the head gasket. Two weeks after they "fixed" that problem, the water pump went causing a slow coolant leak. Took that to my local mechanic; they had it fixed in a few hours for 165 bucks.

Now my car is in the shop AGAIN. It reheated on Tuesday on the highway (thank god my boyfriend was in my car to drive it for me - I was terrified it was going to blow up), and when we took it home we found out that the coolant was BOILING. My initial thought was "****, another head gasket." My boyfriend told me to relax - it's probably the thermostat. Sooooo now it's in the shop, again, getting the thermostat replaced. The bad news is that's another 200 bucks, and my mechanic said it may be my infamous head gaskets again. I almost started crying; if head gaskets are blown again, I'm going to sell that piece of ****, take out a loan and buy a brand new mazda 6 - I've HAD IT.

Not to mention that thing sucks gas and has a huge tank. It's quick, sporty, and chicky, but for the love of God, the novelty is wearing off as my wallet is decreasing rapidly in size.

In addition, I need new brake calipers, and I'm positive something is wrong with the spring that correlates with the brakes. The car makes a wicked weird sound whenever coming to a stop.

Hmm in my Alero previous to this one - the window fell down in the back, I didn't really care. We just left it rolled up. I hit so much stuff with that car, didn't maintain it at all, and the only thing that had to be replaced over a year ago was the rotors. I religiously take care of the current car, and this thing has been nutty every since I bought it - I am TERRIFIED to drive the thing now!


Pewaukee WI.

2nd Jan 2009, 19:34

My Oldsmobile Alero also has SERIOUS problems with the windows, brakes, driver seat lift, and dashboard peeling. I was nearly in hysterics reading the comments on these pages ~ ALL of the problems are the SAME as mine. ARGH! I will try to fix the windows on my own to avoid the expense. I am a young, female professional who could generally afford the fix. But the do-it-yourself work with this car is really the only way to go as the above problems are always RECURRING. GM maybe now is the time to take responsibility as this might be why you are facing such extreme losses!