16th Nov 2009, 21:14

I have recently purchased a 2002 Alero with 109k miles on it. The only issue I have had is the window thing, but I can handle that, oh and I stupidly parked on the sand and sunk it. 500 tow because a super nice guy pulled me out by my control arm. They are not that durable, but I found that piece for 35 bucks.


The sensors can be adjusted by a mechanic at like Jiffy Lube. I found my change oil light comes on occasionally, well every 5k miles, but the service engine light comes on at like 3k, so I just stay on top of that. Otherwise I like the car a lot; it's fast, responsive and fun to drive.

My 14 year old wants it for his first car. Well we will see won't we LOL.

Eron, Salem, Oregon.

24th Dec 2010, 14:59

I have recently found an inexpensive solution to fixing the window regulators in my 2002 Alero. The plastic guide clips were all that was broken on the regulator. I was told by a dealer that the whole regulator, including the motor, would need to be replaced for close to $400. After doing some research online, I discovered that the guide clips can be replaced by themselves without replacing the entire regulator. I went back to another dealer, who confirmed that the clips were available separately, but wanted to charge me $46 for each clip. I found the clips at Auto Zone for less than $10 for 2 clips (Dorman Part #45348). With a little more than an hour's worth of work, I had replaced the clips myself, and the window was fixed.


29th Dec 2010, 17:28

My 1999 Alero driver's side window fell into the door today. Another ongoing problem is that it over heats when in idle.

19th May 2011, 12:15

I have a 2001 Alero. It cost me $100 for a plastic clip I had to put it in myself. It has power steering problems too.

3rd Sep 2011, 12:31

Regarding the window, I would like to add I also have a 2002 Oldsmobile, & after my warranty went out, it seems everything seemed to go wrong. My window clips broke as well, and I had to go to go thru the dealership to get two clips & another piece needed. Altogether it was 90$ for the 3 pieces needed, then I had to go buy glue that was 25$ from B&D Auto in Denver. They said they didn't have small tubes & I would only use a little bit of it, not even a finger strip! So if you need it, you can use it. They said if it doesn't get air in it, it won't last.

24th Feb 2017, 03:29

I can't keep the reservoir full for nothing... Mechanic said I needed a new water pump. Did that... still leaks, took it back to him today... said I had a broken clamp on one of the hoses. He replaced that. Went to wash my car and to Braums and home. Just out of curiosity I went up to check the fluids - the reservoir was empty.

25th Feb 2017, 10:25

Reservoir cracked? Or leaking at the reservoir at its base hose clamp.