23rd May 2006, 12:26

I'd like to add my info too.

I bought my 2000 Alero in 2002 summer, and boy am I unhappy.

I've already gotten ANOTHER ENGINE!!! put in 2005 April.

** The turn signals went out.

** Both windows act like they can decide to listen to the power window button.

** The Trac Off light is always coming on, which is irritating because no one wants to hear the damn ding ding ding all the time.

** If you hit a bump, it often reads that as low tire pressure and the light comes on, stays on, and you have to go into the fuse box in the side panel and poke around and reset the light manually... Until you hit another bump!!!

** Something is wrong with the coolant, and from what I read on here it's probably the reason that I had to replace my engine.

** It wants Oil Changes every 2000 miles.

** It wants Brakes every 2 months or so.

** The Drivers window fell down, then fell all the way into the door, so I got to drive around looking bootleg.

** The clip fell off the glass, so in addition to buying another Window Regulator Machine... I had to buy a another glass too!! People too lazy to glue the clip back on a glass to a car that is no longer under warranty.

** The first three buttons on my fan don't work (stopped working soon after purchase), so I always have to have it turned up hi or put it on the floor.

** The turn signals & Hazard lights don't work. The turn signals work sometimes... Basically whenever they feel like blinking, or stop blinking by themselves or come on later.

** The hazard button used to fall off the hidden clip inside ( (a little clip that they wanna charge $200 for) ) and fall into the dashboard when you pressed it. Causing your hazards to be stuck on until someone could go in your dash and get it out.

** To remedy the above problem (can't drive around blinking) you have to go into the drivers side door, side panel next to steering column... Then remove the cover, and pull out the corresponding fuses from the box...

** This would cause your turn signals to be completely immobilized.

Still want a GM Lemon?

They shoulda warned people or offered a better warranty or free repairs for certain viral problems...

25th May 2006, 09:35

2000 Alero GLS owner. Wow I'm glad to see that I am not alone. Low fan settings for AC just stopped working one day. Have to hit the dash to make the blinker work. Trac light and ABS light turn on for no reason. Driver's side window regulator cracked and window fell into the door. Purchased it cheap online. Not sure if its the Head gasket or the intake manifold gasket, but its leaking. (same with my father's 2002 Malibu) It's a shame because the car performs great. GM should do something about this.

1st Jun 2006, 14:45

I bought a 03 Oldsmobile Alero in February of 06 and the fuel pump went out. Now I have no ride until it gets fixed.

I haven't had the window problems yet, but it has already had two oil changes and the fuel pump went out.

5th Jun 2006, 19:35

The passenger side window in my 2001 Alero fell into the door today. We are looking into how to repair this ourselves or if it will have to be done at a repair shop. I've seen several complaints of windows falling and am wondering if others have had similar experiences to ours. Since the car was brand new, it has occasionally had water to gather under the passenger side seat. Several trips to the dealership resulted in suggestions that we must be leaving the window down or cracked (not true). They did water tests and could never find any problems. Since this window had now fallen, we are wondering if a problem with the window could have been at the root of the water problem. Wondering if anyone else with window problems experienced water problems?

8th Jun 2006, 22:03

I have a 2000 Alero and my blower works when it decides it wants to, and not when I want it to. The driver side window keeps falling down and you have to buy the whole regulator for $150.00 instead of a.50 plastic clip.

12th Jun 2006, 13:19

My wife has a 2001 Alero, the regulator for the passanger window went out. (3 out of 4 windows needed a new regulator)

19th Jun 2006, 16:08

I have a 2000 Aler. I feel better knowing I am not alone having experienced all the same problems. My male friend thinks it is just because I must abuse the car. I have replaced the brakes 4 times. Replaced gaskets, have had air conditioning leak, over heating motor (only when it wants to), drivers window fell in, have had no blower fan for 8 months, clicking sound like emergency flasher while driving, noise stops periodically when wheel turned to the right (dealer supposedly fixed this in recall, but 5 blocks from the dealer it started again and they would do nothing more about it), etc., etc. I am a single mom, on disability and have a son in college. I cannot afford to hire mechanics so we drive it as is and pray. GM should fix all of the problems as they are the same with each car. I believe in buying American, but God help us!

20th Jun 2006, 09:42

Turn signal problems are a recall item. Mine was eventually replaced. Check with your local dealers for free replacement.

14th Jul 2006, 06:53

I have a 2000 GLS and up until now it has been fantastic, however in the last 2 months:

My Fan does not work on lower speeds.

Passenger Window clips broke.

A/C clutch/pulley died.

Wheel hub.

27th Jul 2006, 12:46

I just stumbled onto this page when searching for Alero window problems. I own a 2001 Alero, and my driver’s side window will not work, of course I bought a new master window switch, thinking that was it, but that was a waste of money. I guess now I will look into replacing the window motor. I have already experienced numerous problems with this car; I wish I never purchased it.

3rd Aug 2006, 07:54

I also have a 2001 Alero. We bought this car new and for the most part it runs very well. The biggest problem has been the Brakes and Rotors. We have had them replaced the rotors twice and the brake pads 3 times. As of June 2006 the low speed fan does not work. The passenger side power window sounds like its scraping on the way up and down. We get a nice GM family discount, but will not be using it on future purchases. GM quality is just not there. I have always bought American, but I think its time to put quality and reliability at the top of the list.

4th Aug 2006, 15:59

I originally wrote in on 9th Jan 2004. Just checking back in because my rear driver's side window regulator broke @ 117k miles. So that makes my 4th power window... which reminds me back when my 3 one broke... I called GM and they told me that my power window problem was an "isolated case"...hmm. I think all the comments here really show that it is an "isolated case."

Btw, I have all the other common alero problems by now too. 1) bad dashboard 2) bad turn signals, 3) bad brakes, 4) radio labels rubbed off, 5) bad intake engine manifold, 6) fan speed selector doesn't work at low speed, 7) window coverings warps... but heck, you guys know all that!