14th Sep 2006, 06:16

Here is a link to FIX FOR THE REGULATOR ISSUE that is common on most ALERO's.


After making my comments yesterday about the driver's side window on our 2001 Alero GLS breaking, I ran across this extremely helpful website listed above. Even though it's for the Grand Am, the same principles apply.

Tools needed to replace the regulator and motor:

You will need two screwdrivers (flathead) and (Phillips), ratchet with extension and 10mm socket - this fits all of the bolts. The job is very easy, it took about 40 minutes to complete. Since I had the silver motor and it still worked, I did not replace it (See note below).

Side note:

Due to design changes, GM stated that if I had the black motor I would need to replace it with the silver one. Since I had the silver one, it was not necessary.

I hope this helps someone having the same issues. I'd also like to thank www.a1electric.com for their detailed posting.

Good luck out there...

Tony B.

20th Sep 2006, 19:29

No surprise... 02 Alero problems...

In the 4 months I have owned the car...

-had the ignition replaced (Car would not start in a parking lot on campus, had to tow it to dealer 25 miles away)

-can't read radio buttons.

-low tire pressure light and oil light randomly come on... I have googled how to fix these.

-drove the car to Alaska (4000 miles) no problems.

-car starts stalling out and RPMs jump all over at idle. Had to get the Mass AirFlow sensor replaced $350.

-replaced both front wheel bearing hubs $500.

-they did a "Courtesy check" and said there was oil in the antifreeze... probably a leak in the manifold, they can't tell... drove it back to Michigan (5200) miles with no problem. Could result in manifold, or head gasket and or motor replacement if they are right...

- drivers side window stopped working... from all the posts, sounds like the regulator.

I love the car, it made it to Alaska and back well. Plus it was made 4 blocks from my house... but they are tearing that plant down... and evidently for good reason... I hate to go Foreign, but I had all of these kind of issues with my 97 Malibu too!

25th Sep 2006, 16:31

I purchased a 99 Alero in 2000 and until recently haven't had any issues. I did however start having issues with my battery dying overnight. After 2 Alternators and 3 batteries the car dealership couldn't tell me what was wrong. I had just moved so the dealership I was working with wasn't the one I bought my car from. I called my original dealership and they got me a phone # to contact a "specialist". I am still in the process of working with him, but he did let me know that there is a recall on the dashboard cover. That is good to hear since mine is in terrible shape. I thought it was just due to the sun, but I guess there really is a problem with it.

4th Oct 2006, 16:41

To fix the regulator on a 2001 Alero.

The info on replacing the motor for the front door was great using the example from A1 and the grand am.

Is it the same for the back door? Or is there different steps?

If anyone has advice or steps on how to fix the back door power window on a 2001 Alero that would be great.



9th Oct 2006, 17:07

Our 2000 Alero has had most of the problems, plus the reverse button popped out upon release one day. Button, driver's window button and fan switch were covered. Hazard / turn signal switch was not, and was supposed to be recalled, but only in "cold" climates, and apparently SoCal didn't count. The switch however was mysteriously half price, as if it had been lowered in anticipation of the problem.

Had to make a funny hooked tool from a long screwdriver to change it, but worked out OK, and wasn't about to pay the $150.00 to the dealer to install it.

Driver's side window regulator went out a few nights ago; didn't fall in, but the cheesy plastic fixture mid cable fell apart. WHAT a Rube Goldberg setup this cable and pulley thing is! Not difficult to get at (although the dealer will nick you plenty to get at it, plus around $160.00 parts) But I found the regulator with motor for around $70.00 shipped at http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/. So we'll see when it gets here in a couple of days.

It's been a good car overall, and I have plenty of friends with imports that have as much and much more serious problems. Cars are WAY too complicated today (the stupid hazard switch shouldn't need the turn signals to go through it also, replacing the good old $3.00 switches of old) but that's progress and liability. Lots of engineers trying to outsmart each other.

I'd like to try this car in the manual trans six cylinder version...

16th Oct 2006, 23:40

I have been having issues with my car starting. It will crank, but it is almost like the engine isn't sparking the fuel, or the fuel isn't making it the engine to be sparked. I have replaced the fuel filter and the battery. I am curious if anyone might have an idea what it is.

18th Oct 2006, 23:10

I have a 2004 Oldsmobile Alero and it has been driving fine since I got it. It has 64K miles on it and now it won't start. It goes to the on switch, but the interior lights are dim and the radio works. Although my clock has been reset to 12:00. There is also a clicking/cranking noise that happens every time I try and start the engine. Can anybody give me an idea of what it could be?

19th Oct 2006, 13:20

I have not encountered any of the above-mentioned problems with my 2002 Alero. However, the problem I am experiencing is peeling paint at the bottom of the doors inside. Of course, I was told that the warranty is expired and it would cost about $350 (Canadian). As usual, the dealer tells me that I am the only one who has this problem. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced peeling paint on their Alero???

30th Oct 2006, 14:56

I too have the same issues. 03 Alero 2 door. replaced radio due to skipping and non read errors. buttons are blank, driver window is shot, passenger window close to the same. rotors are warping. idle is all over the place. dash has popped loose. extra cig lighter/ assc plug falls off over a bump horn has never worked even though GM said it does. but they could not show me that it does. and its not important they say. dash lights flicker. I've had this car 1 year 3 months and every thing broke the week after my warranty ran out. I hope GM folds.

3rd Nov 2006, 22:20

Anyone who is having issues with it starting when the engine is warm, I just had the same issue, it was the ignition switch, it was only sending 6 volts to the engine to start it. It would crank and crank after I drove it for awhile, and then went to restart and it would take a long time. The dealer replaced it for me. $403.