27th Jul 2007, 13:33

Alright - I have been living without an operation driver side window for 5 years now on my 2000 Alero, mostly because I am too cheap to spend the $400 to have it fixed. I feel justified in my cheapness now that I see the replacement parts continue to have problems. I think I am content to open my door at McDonald's, the bank, toll roads, saying hello to someone at the gas station,...Overall I am just running it into the ground (118K and counting). I bought it new and way overpaid.

Other problems - yep the blinker randomly stops working, head gasket stops working, door mold randomly pops off, and most recently the power steering blew. I have been driving with no power steering for 6 months. Yes, making sharp corners is a work-out, but who couldn't use a little exercise. - Thanks you GM!

TB - Iowa

2nd Aug 2007, 10:29

I purchased my 99 Olds Alero in 2001. I have replaced both front driver and passenger window motors. My driver window died yesterday - at least it was in the up position. I will not be spending the money to replace this again. I have had to replace the box that operates the rear defroster, had work done 2 times to the fan (still sometimes shuts off and only works in highest position - then mysteriously works with a few clicks back and forth in all positions). My sunroof motor died 3 years ago. I refuse to pay the $400 plus to have this repaired. I lost all brake lights last year - another electrical problem. Also, there is a constant rattling of wires behind my dash--very annoying. I have had work done to brakes and rotors on a routing basis. I am nearing 100,000 miles. I have to keep this horrible car for 1 more year. Then I will get rid of it and most likely buy a foreign car. Don't tell my dad - he's retired from GM.

6th Aug 2007, 18:44

I purchased a new Alero in January 2002. Since then, the following has happened:

The timing chain broke

One of the remote entry keys broke

Then the other remote entry key broke

Both front struts had to be replaced

Ignition switch had to be replaced

Radio had to be replaced

Calipers had to be replaced

Ignition cylinder had to be replaced

Fuel pump had to be replaced

Passenger window regulator had to be replaced

Hazard light flasher was replaced

Radio speaker was replaced.

All of the above happened prior to reaching 53,071 miles.

Yesterday, the driver's window regulator crapped out. Of course, the warranty is up now. I will not be purchasing a GM product ever again!

24th Oct 2007, 21:14

2003 Alero here. Mostly cosmetic problems such as windshield molding came off, CD's don't eject half of the time, stereo lettering rubbed off, and a couple of other things on the inside of the car. But I also am driving around with a rear driver side window falling down, and brakes squeaking after they've been replaced. I took the car back to where the brakes were replaced the first time and they said they were still like new! I'm trying to block out the awful noise the AC makes when its on too. Miles are around 66K and I bought it used in 2003. Have yet to see a recall notice on at least the window problem.

25th Oct 2007, 16:00

I have a 2000 alero that I bought used in Jan. 07. When I bought it there were 119,000 miles on it. Since then we have had a few problems with it. I've had a new fuel pump put on it, there are problems with my turn signals and hazard lights. The cruise control only works when pressing down on it. Also we have lights randomly come on. As far as the check engine light, I just went to Advance Auto parts and had it hooked up to their computer. The guy told me that there's probably a hose loose, but he said it's nothing major wrong there. We also have problems with my brakes. We had them replaced back in July and they are squeaking already. Overall I love my car and all cars have their problems, I'm just lucky nothing very expensive has happened to it. Feel free to contact me Cranberrygrl06@aol.com if anyone has any answers for me about my problems.

26th Oct 2007, 20:06

Good god, I must be the lucky one out there, and this will most likely doom me, but my 2000 alero I bought second hand has been the best car ever/...hope to all heck it stays that way...

8th Nov 2007, 08:30

Wow...am I glad now I opted for the crank window when I bought my 2000 Alero! However I have a serious problem that they cannot seem to fix. My 2000 Alero will just shut itself down while driving it. It looses total power. This has happened on the highway... back streets...city streets... it doesn't seem to matter. If I put it into neutral I can restart it immediately and continue on. Has anyone else had this problem??? It is becoming hazardous to drive, but no one can seem to fix it because they can't recreate it. I would greatly appreciate anyone's help!

8th Nov 2007, 13:32

I had a similar problem with my 2000 Alero; it would cut off while I was driving, but mine wouldn't crank right back up. I was on the side of the road a lot for a few days, but came to find out that my problem was I needed a new fuel pump.

12th Nov 2007, 19:25

I too thought that I had purchased a lemon when I purchased a 2000 Alero brand new off of the lot.

Early on in the game I had brake problems; took the car numerous times to a Oldsmobile Chevrolet dealership to repair the problem, and while the car was there, another problem was created by the dealership and then blamed on me.

Took the car to my personal mechanic paid to have new master cylinder put in. Radio was also replaced within the first three months of buying car.

I have had to replaced the radiator and components because the cars was running hot on a constant basis. Car used to stall whenever it wanted to while driving, but, this problem went away on its own.

Passenger window was the first to go, opened up the door panel and found the cable to be totally thrashed. Disconnected the motor and have not had a working passenger window in three years.

Last year I rolled down the driver side window, and when rolling it back up the back of the window came up in the middle of the window. Clip broke in half so now I do not have any windows that open.

Hazard light button has fallen inside of the dashboard.

Cruise control only works when the button is held down.

Radio buttons have worn out.

Back speaker is blown.

Have replaced the rotors on the car both front and back at least three times.

I want to thank GM for making my mind up for me on my next car purchase. I will never again buy another American Car. For this I gave up my Nissan.

6th Dec 2007, 22:12

My wife and I purchased a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero new. Shortly after purchasing the vehicle, the sun roof jumped track. The dealer had no clue how to fix the sun roof. The dealer took the car to several third party businesses, and finally an upholstery shop fixed it. The blinkers have stopped working, and repeatedly pressing the emergency flashers helps. The electric driver's seat has quit working. The air conditioning fan motor runs good, but the vent system is messed up and barely blows. The passenger, right rear window regulator has broken. Actually, only the small plastic piece is broken, but the motor is fine. The dash began peeling only several years after we purchased the car. The 12VDC power adapter under the dash on the passenger side is coming out of the console. Both rear speakers quit, but were replaced under warranty. Mark my word, GM, I will never purchase any of your crap again!

James Smith

Brandon, MS.