21st Mar 2008, 16:17

March 14th I bought a 2000 Alero from a dealership. I immediately started having problems with the vehicles brakes. In less than 24 hours it was in a wreck because the brakes completely went out!!! Yes, it was totaled. I am very very angry!!!

1st Apr 2008, 15:02

It's sad to know that everyone is having the same issues with this car. I bought a 2001 Alero in 2003 and just spent over $700 on a brake job. I am wondering if I spent too much, but now looking over the comments, I see that this car is just doomed to have a brake problem, amongst other things. I did notice a slight noise on the left hand side when turning, after I bought the car. I also noticed grinding when it rained.

A week ago, my front brakes just started grinding and it became harder to stop. The mechanic explained that I needed new rotors and pads on the front and if I drove any longer like this I will need new calipers. Due to not having any front brakes, my back brakes were stressed from doing all the work and needed to be replaced as well.

I still need to get my driver's side window fixed which is being held up by a piece of wood in the window shaft. It needs a new motor ($600 job).

I have had the low tire light on, the gasket leak fixed, and my speaker is out as well. All things that have been mentioned by other posters... This is truly amazing.

24th Apr 2008, 00:33

I have had my 2000 Olds Alero V6 for just about 5 years. I bought it with about 30,000 miles in 2003 and it now has around 75,000. The car is now paid off. I've never had any major issues with my car, mainly routine maintenance.

The main issues that seem to reoccur are the need to replace the rotors every two or three years because they rust so badly - too exposed to the elements. I also seem to have regular problems (once every three or four years) with the power steering pumps, they are just poorly manufactured I think.

I recently had an issue with both driver and passenger side windows. For both, the window fell off of the clips and they needed to be replaced - GM charges like $30 per clip (two for each window) and they are small plastic pieces, I was not happy with the pricing for such a minuscule piece. I went on eBay and bought two new regulators, which included new motors for them, and they only cost $100 for the pair. Replaced them myself with the help of my dad, but it seemed like something that could have been pretty easily by anyone that has any repair ability.

I also seemed to have some issues with moisture in the car after I had a leak from the passenger side window. Now I am having problems with the dash material peeling off. I also have some minor rust along the bottom of the body panel on the drivers side.

All in all, the car has some minor issues, but it sounds like a lot of the issues that other people are talking about are common routine maintenance regarding the brakes and such. Mechanically, the car is running just fine and from the sounds of it, those folks that have greater than 100,000 miles are just starting to experience what should be expected from a car after 100,000 miles.

20th May 2008, 16:47

I bought my daughter a 2000 Alero with 69,000 K on it a year and a half ago. Now it has 88,000 K and we are dealing with the security light coming on and it not starting. We had been told to leave it sit 10 min with the key just in the on position and retry.

I also have a 2004 ALero that I bought last year with 4611 km - and I love it. It now has 18,000 km and I have had no problems, but it is like brand new. The Aleros are still nice cars - despite some of the issues.

15th Jun 2008, 12:38

PROBLEM: My blinkers/hazard lights do not work.

SOLUTION: The hazard light switch needs to be replaced. It should be covered under a recall, but not all are. Free - $50.

PROBLEM: My A/C will not work unless it is on the third highest level or above.

SOLUTION: There is a resistor block located near the floor board of the passenger side that needs to be changed. $50.

PROBLEM: My low tire pressure light is on.

SOLUTION: I think someone already posted this, but just open the fuse box on the drivers side and press reset button twice - the light should start to blink - then hold it down until you hear three chimes. Also works for the oil light.

These are three really easy to fix problems; don't let them frustrate you.

22nd Jul 2008, 15:15

I also bought a 2002 Alero 2 door 5 sp. I haven't had too many problems with it at all. Sometimes my security light will come on while I am driving, but it does not turn off, it really does not affect my car what so ever, my dealer said it's probably just a loose wire.

I have had brake problems on my car and needed my rotars and calipers replaced, that took place when I got it inspected about a year ago, and then started making noise again this year, turns out they put in defective calipers and stuff, so it was damaging everything else.

As for the loud grinding noise while going around corners, it is just your power steering, it needs more fluid. Not a big deal.

Other than that, I have had my car for almost 2 yrs and have not had any other problems (knock on wood) just the brakes, but because of defective parts. My lights are fine, my power everything is fine, sure my buttons on the radio area are worn off but what car doesn't really get that when you are constantly pushing buttons? That's GM for ya! Not just Alero. My AC is burnt out since last summer, the motor is dead, but a lot of cars will get that when you are constantly using the defrost because they run on the same motor... so just turn off your defrost when you don't need it, and it'll last longer. All these little things you learn over time. I love the car, it looks great, it's my little baby and I don't dare get rid of it, although after reading all these things it does make me think twice, but I am pretty sure I got one of the better ones that were made. Must not have been a Monday or Friday :)

21st Sep 2008, 09:32

I have a 2000 Olds Alero with 85,000 miles. I have been having a problem with it stalling out. It started when I would be driving over 60 on the highway for @ 1/2 hour or more. Now, it's even happening off the highway. It feels like it's starving for fuel then just stalls out. I have to wait a few minutes, then it starts up again. My mechanic can't find any problem because no codes show up. I replaced the battery & fuel filter so far. Don't want to spend too much money on this almost 9yr old car. Any suggestions what it might be?