29th Jul 2009, 23:38

I have a 2000 Alero. I have had so many issues since I got it. I had to get a new engine put in 2006 and had just gotten the car in 2005. I am now experiencing the car shutting off and got the code PO300 at a shop today. I really was not sure what the cause could be, but now I know what to tell him to check out. I really liked the car at first, but now it's costing me more than my 2 year old twins!!

ALL of the problems described I have experienced. Constant brakes, turn signal going bad, rear view mirror fell off, over head light falling off (I've super glued it!), driver's window motor replaced and then had to get the regulator done (it stopped working again), front passenger window, anti-lock, trac, low tire pressure, and service engine soon lights stuck. It seems to always need an oil change. Antifreeze leak, bad oil pan gasket and now this? I've read the systems others found to be the problem. I will run these down to my mechanic tomorrow. So many other things wrong with this car! WE should do a class action suit on GM...

Lee - Maryland.

21st Dec 2009, 20:19

I have a 2000 Alero, and I have loved this car, but here recently I have been out a lot of money on it.

I stopped and got some gas, and it started running badly. I thought it was the gas, so I took it and had it put on a machine at my local repair shop. The car was acting like it was not getting any gas, it drove OK as long as I did not stop at a red light or let it idle. The repair shop said it was the ignition coils that needed to be replaced, that did not change anything.

I took it to another shop and they told me it was the 0-2 sensor, I also replaced that too. That did not change anything either.

I finally took it to a dealership; they put it on their diagnostic machine and got no codes. They did a pressure check on the fuel pump, it only registered at 31 instead of 50 something, I had the fuel pump replaced too, and it is still acting like it is having trouble getting gas, does anyone know what could be wrong with my car, please let me know, my email is glorytohim2@comcast.net or call me at 615-977-6851

31st May 2010, 20:48

I got my 2000 Alero in 2007 from my Uncle. It had 89,000 miles on it, it now has 103,000. It was a great car for about 1 3/4 years.

The 1st (no big deal) problem was almost right after I got the car with the turn signal (blinked SUPER DUPER FAST, I'm talking rolling your Spanish R's fast, luckily my car fell under the recall range.

2nd (didn't bother me at first) and was like this when I got the car, my heat/AC only work on the 2 highest levels, again didn't really bother me till one day I HAD NO HEAT. It was a $50 resistor. Had to have it replaced twice.

3rd (very annoying) only started happening in the last 6 to 7 months. Trac off & service vehicle soon & anti lock are on more than they are off. Wheel hub has been replaced (didn't help). I have read on here about it being related to wheel bearing. (should be a recall for this in my opinion.

4th (really worried) had brakes & calipers replaced about 3 months ago, now sometimes the car acts like it doesn't want to stop, I mean it almost feels like the brake is skipping, it's weird and hard to explain..

5th (very very scary) around 3 months ago driving down the highway the car would DIE with NO WARNINGS, then start right back up, then a couple weeks later again. Then it was happening everyday. It turned out to be the ignition switch. And had been fine since..

Other than that, it's still a good smooth running car for the most part. I really do NOT regret buying it.

23rd Mar 2011, 00:36

It is your wheel bearing.

8th Apr 2011, 18:57

I had to have wheel bearings replaced. Usually it's the cause for the service engine soon, the anti-lock light and the trac off lights, but now they are still on, & will come on every time I start it!!!

19th Aug 2011, 16:11

Problem finally solved for my 2000 Alero - IAC hose, 6 inches, $1.07, caused me to pay a significant amount of repair bills because of a problem with the car dangerously cutting off while driving, none of which fixed the problem.. When we cleaned the throttle area and intake manifold with proper cleaners, we noticed a dilapidated hose, which was in fact the culprit all the while. YIPPY, finally driving safe again.

31st Oct 2011, 10:27

My 2000 Olds Alero has over 150k on it. Other than the blinkers, I never had a problem, but recently the engine is making a horrible clinking noise when I go around right turns. I know it is in the engine, because if I sit on a hill sideways with the driver's side down hill, and rev it, it makes the same sound. It's like if all the fluids are on the left side of the car, it makes this horrible loud clinking. Anyone have any clues?

28th Apr 2013, 01:29

I recently bought a 2000 Alero with 121,000 miles.

Had to replace the brakes and caliper on one side.

Fuel pump and filter went bad.

Had to clean the throttle body.

The car runs great now, except it shakes badly on idle. My mechanic is great and he can't find the problem. Plugs are new and the car runs fine when moving. Just shakes badly when stopped.

Of course the tire pressure light is always on.

It's not getting the kind of gas mileage it should.

Wish I could fix the shaking. Any ideas?