14th Jul 2006, 08:55

I own a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero. We bought this car slightly used in 2001. When we test drove the electric window would not roll up. That right there should have told me something. We had to have a gasket manifold cover replaced shortly after, but it was still under warranty so that was good. Then the brakes had to be changed (We were told this was not part of our warranty) and we had to pay for it ourselves. After the warranty wore off things went from bad to worse. The wheel bearing has been replaced twice. The gasket manifold cover again (this would make the second time) and water pump and on and on. It seems like this car went in for repair every 2 months and the cost was always 300 or more.

30th Aug 2006, 23:25


55 times back to the dealer. Went to the yellow pages for the lemon law. There is a lawyer firm in Flint Michigan. Faxed him all my paper work, waited too long to go back on GM because they fixed so many things under warranty. The lawyer got me back my 1500 dollars for the extended warranty.

Still problems, so I'm taking it back in this week for new intake gaskets, which were fixed once before, and a power steering pump (2nd one), 2 sets of wheel bearings in the front end, new brake pads and rotors again. Bill to fix this is $1'619.69

Getting rid of it after it is fixed this last time. I can't afford to keep putting money in it, and it's the top of the line leather, sun roof, spoiler, V6, this car is loaded.

The dealership was mad - I was in there every other day and broke down on the road all the time.

Went looking for a new car today, not GM, and was only offered $2,000. It was 26,000 when I got it.

The outside is very sharp, but look out when you open the hood!

The windows would not go up or down on driver's side. A little plastic piece, but had to have the whole kit, 279.00, for that.

Trunk was off, so when it rained, the water would go into the trunk. Instead of replacing the whole piece, they welded it and now it's all rusty. Told me it would be fine and it was under warranty at the time. They just did a patch job.

They got so sick of seeing me come in to the repair shop, that they would all run from me because they didn't want to deal with me. I am a woman, but I sure would give them a piece of my mind.

What GM paid on rentals, they could have bought a brand new car for me. I don't understand when GM kept getting all the rental bills, why they didn't call the dealer to ask what was going on with this piece of junk I was sold.

Never a GM car again.

Candace Davy

Saginaw Michigan


I looked on CARFAX and it wasn't even on there that I went back on them for the lemon law. If you have one, I would sell it as fast as I could, and run fast before the new owner opens the door, and that falls off.