10th Feb 2004, 20:39

Suggestions. Do not fault a used car for a simple window malfunction, or claim the exhaust is crappy. The exhaust pipe is the same pipe used for every other car. It's your trip length. (short trips allow more condensation to accumulate, rusting the system) Take your car to a garage and GET THE COOLANT CHECKED. It is probably leaking.

Take the car in for a transmission service. It made a world of difference on my car.

It is possible these things are covered under warranty. I know Chrysler has a 7 year warranty... GM should have a similar one.

19th Jan 2005, 07:41

I am having almost the exact same problems with my 99' Alero. I bought it almost five years ago and it has been a good car to me. Over the last year I have had problems with the power windows. I have three windows that don't work.

My car also seems to get confused sometimes as if it doesn't know which gear it is in. I have also had major problems with the brakes. My bering's and hub assembly had to be replaced last year and now they are having to be repaired again. I found this out when my anti-lock and traction lights kept coming on and my back brakes started making a grinding sound.

Besides those problems, I have nothing bad to say about my car.

22nd Aug 2005, 08:45

I've got a 99 Alero GLS and it has been a fairly interesting car to own, but fun. I am the original owner and have just past 100k on the car and am hoping to have it for another 2 years. It has had its fair share of issues, but you have to remember it is no luxury car.

Issues & Fixes.

* Been through many sets of rotors and brakes in the front - Finally got smart and had quality after market rotors put on and learned that after every trip to Sears for some tire work, loosen and re-torque the lug nuts to the recommended 95-100lbs (noted in your owners manual).

* Broken drivers side window (regulator) - my buddy that works at a car audio shop did a make-shift fix by drilling the plastic and using zip ties. Never had a problem since.

* Low coolant - $700 repair at the dealership for coolant leaking into the manifold and mixing with the oil.

* Anti-lock/brake lights came on - $500 repair at the dealership for a hub sensor.

* Drivers side seat cushion broke off - $200 repair at an upholstery shop. Been perfect since.

* Water Pump - replaced once under warranty.

* Banging from front struts - Strut bushings replaced under warranty.

* Heating and Air Conditioner blower - $30 blower resistor from the dealership. Located under the dash on the passenger side. I have now replaced it twice, every 50k.

* Rear defrost broken - Still broken, but it is a $104 piece from the dealership that connects to both your defogger and antenna that is in the middle of your rear dash. Kind of hard to get to, which is why I never fixed it.

* Battery light just came on, but I am assuming it is time for a new battery. It has been over 3 years since I last replaced it.

* Transmission feels like it is starting to slip going into second gear. That worries me. I did replace the fluid at 75k.

Any info on the Transmission would be appreciated. I need some suggestions here.

Oh yeah, if the car sputters when turning on and shuts off, check your PCV valve, it may not be all the way in. It doesn't sit too tight.

24th Aug 2005, 07:58


* Battery light coming on was due to the alternator dying. Bought a rebuilt alternator for $130 and replaced it myself. It was an easy job that took about an hour.

* Turn signals not functioning properly - I forgot to mention in my last post. This issue is due to a malfunction in the hazard relay. The hazard relay is part of the hazard button in the front dash. This item has been recalled on the condition that you are experiencing problems with it. The dealer will replace it for free or if you have already replaced it yourself, place a claim with Oldsmobile and they will refund you the expense.

21st Mar 2006, 19:30

You can just buy the clips for the windows. It's GM part #22697623. If your local GM thief, I mean dealer, won't sell it to you, go to GMPartsDirect.com. They are about $20 cheaper there anyway.

11th May 2006, 10:44

Update to Crunchy Brakes issue:

* I decided the issue was starting to really bother me, so I did some research on the repair. I ended up repairing the issue myself by replacing the bad caliper. The caliper was $40 at AutoZone and it was an easy job. Problem is all fixed and while I was at it, I replaced the brake pads. So, go for it yourself if you are mechanically inclined. A lot cheaper since the dealer charged me $120 to not fix the problem and only grease the caliper slides.

8th Mar 2007, 14:46

WOW-- I have a 99 Alero as well as you others and all 4 of my windows have failed. Sooo here I am driving around like Larry the Cable guy with duck tape holding up all my windows--- I had them taped on the outside for awhile and I thought -- this is really tacky-- was a nightmare to get off--- sooo now-- I have moved the tape to the inside lol and have ruined my window tint just to keep my windows up!! I was happy to read the post on the clip part number from GM-- I am gonna have to check into that--

Now for another problem-- I heard this little noise come from the engine and shoot down the back of my car-- and then today I noticed this winding down sound when I shut my car off. My blinkers work sometimes --whenever they decide to want to. Today I was stopped and my mph gauge shot up from 0 to 120 while I was sitting there. Car seems sluggish-- just had my battery changed. The Tranny- use to freeze up and not shift into gear sometimes--but lately I haven't been having that problem... Geez- being a woman --can be a pain when it comes to automotive issues. Anyway-- just thought I would share my troubles with the same type car. I wonder if my alternator is going bad since I am having some weird electrical type stuff happening... Well-thanks for reading...

20th Mar 2007, 18:02

I have a 99 Alero that I have owned for 4 years (7 payments to go and it is mine!). It has 82K miles on it. It had 32k miles on it when purchased. It was a lease vehicle prior to myself owning it. No major problems. It leaks (very, very, very slowly) power steering fluid. The dealership I bought it from claims they fixed the rack and pinion and the pump, but won't show me the paperwork or the old parts. We have replaced the factory brake pads with ceramic high performance pads and all the crunching noises and awful squeaks and grinding have stopped. We have also replaced the front wheel bearings twice (first ones were no good - company replaced under warranty). The car does seem to wear tires oddly. We are on the second set in 50k miles. We purchased 100k mile tires. And they will need replacing again soon. Transmission is starting to slam going from 1st to 2nd. But only if you stomp on the gas. Over all, great car. Well worth the 8k I paid. I love bee-bopping around in it. Only electrical problem is that the power outlets don't work and we don't know why. One other thing, there is a weird thump in the front end when stopping or taking off from a stop, like something is sticking and letting go. We plan on driving this car until it just won't go anymore. I love my Alero!