2nd Dec 2003, 00:02

1999 Alero 3.4L - Air conditioning suddenly quit, only to spontaneously start working again 2 wks later (dealership couldn't diagnose). Shifter button fell out of handle, electric seat height adjustment broke, hazard light button fell into dash (dealer says $200CDN to fix). At 66480km./41308mi. - rotors / pads (4) cost $1000CDN. Then at 83959km/52169mi. - intake gasket leak ($800CDN, 50% by GM) and at 86146km./53528mi. - water pump ($385CDN). The fuel gauge fluctuates wildly (dealer says approx. $300CDN to fix), occassionally the "low traction" light illuminates (while parked), all AFTER warranty expired. Dealer says sorry, too bad, not covered. E-mail to GM Canada customer service resulted in a brief "sorry" and a blurb that sounded like a commercial boasting how GM strives to build quality vehicles. Don't buy an Alero.

30th Jul 2004, 18:25

I purchased a 2000 Alero less than two years ago. When I bought it, it had 36,000 miles on it. It was fairly problem free for the first year and a half in which I owned it. However, less than a month ago and virtually overnight, I might add, the dash board vinyl began rippling and eventually pulled completely loose of the dash itself. Now the turn signals work only intermittently. I have talked to other Alero owners who've all had the same problems with the dashboard. Apparently, GM doesn't consider this a major issue and therefore, I will not consider GM ever again when purchasing a vehicle.

5th Dec 2010, 21:46

I just popped on here to see what people had to say about the Alero.

I think it is so unfortunate that people make those statements like I will never touch another GM car, when in all honesty GM makes some very good cars; with the exception of the Small GM cars such as the Alero/Grand Am. I was checking out a relative's 2001 Grand Am and was not impressed with build quality. My 1990 Grand Prix is a much better built car; note that the Grand Prix is a MID size GM. Now step up to a full size GM like the Bonneville and Buick LeSabre, those cars have supreme quality and reliability.

The bottom line is that it is 100 percent wrong for someone to base their entire thought on GM from just one kind of car.