4th Aug 2005, 14:27

Look, I don't mean to offend anyone, but I have an '04 Alero Gl with 18k miles. I find it to be a 'half finished' car. For instance, the dash that surrounds the glove compartment has two separate parts where the vinyl is not attached, whether it was just not glued or the glue came undone, I am not sure, but I consider that a half done job... In addition, I don't like the placement of the 'useless' cup holder, or how where the rear quarter panel meets the trunk, instead of completing the quarter panel, it just ends in a jagged piece...unfinished. I also have brake noise coming from my front brakes while I drive... not just when I stop. I have yet to find out what this is as I have been too busy to go to the dealership. I have the 2.2l Ecotec with the automatic tranny, I think the engine is good, has decent power and still gives me the mileage. I love my Alero very much, but I think that there are a few things they could have done to finish it up and make it even better.

12th Sep 2005, 21:28

Well, maybe yours was a little rough because it was one of the last built, and those guys were getting laid off the next day or something?

I've been extremely happy with mine. The "useless" cup holder is strange if you don't have the ashtray to go in there. The rest of the car seems to be designed very well and the workmanship on mine has been great.

7th Dec 2005, 09:08

I just bought a 2004 Alero 1 month ago with 32,000 miles on it (it was a rental). So far I am VERY IMPRESSED with this car. It rides smoothly & is very sleek looking. I also got a 3 year extended warranty from the dealership so we will see. I believe that EVERY make of car has some kind of problems with them, but if you keep up with regular maintenance they should be fine. I've owned cars that other people have had numerous problems with, but every 3000 miles when it's oil change time I usually have an all point inspection done by my mechanic. My theory is if you catch a problem before it gets out of hand it won't cost you a lot of $$$ to get it fixed. :)

18th Jan 2013, 15:07

I own a 2004 Alero GLS. As of now it has 140,000k, and it runs great. Installed new rotors at 75,000k. Since then, just regular maintenance.

It's a beautiful car; dark navy blue with all the toys, sunroof, leather seats, radio with great sound; everything except heated seats and Sirius radio.

I am impressed with the sports car feel and the performance the Alero has. For the price, the Alero is hard to beat. I wish General Motors wouldn't have stopped making them. They would have been something to drive in 2013.