2nd Jan 2008, 15:28

My 99 Alero has been pretty good to me. It seems I'm sharing a lot of the same issues as others. I do need to know what the solution is to the rear defrost problem! I am replacing the clip to the drivers side window today. Hopefully it'll stay!! I have had to replace the alternator, but have only owned the car for 1 year so I don't know how many times it has been replaced in the past. I also have the fan problem; my 1st and 2nd position fan speeds are not operating properly. Does anyone know what the solution is to this problem?

In summary, I need solutions for:

1) Rear defrost

2) Fan speeds 1 and 2 not working, but the rest OK.


18th Jan 2008, 08:47

I'm a college student who bought a '99 Alero (21,000 miles) about six months ago. About a two months ago Service Engine Soon light came on and I got it checked out, but it was nothing important, so the light was reset and didn't come on again. Yesterday I was driving into town, about 15 miles, and the battery light came on, then the ABS light, followed by the Security light and Brake light, next came the light depicting an Airbag, then Trac Off.. It snowed yesterday and it was also cold when the first incident happened. It could have been the battery, but I won't know for sure until I get notified from the shop later. I didn't think the battery would cause my car engine to shut off completely as well.

26th Jan 2008, 10:58

I just bought a 99 Olds Alero with 188,000 miles and got it very cheap. The couple I bought it from had all the maintenance records, and yes, these records did show everything was worked on and up to date. All the complaints that people are having are legit. After reading all of this, I am very concerned. When I test drove the car, I loved it. Now this morning when I drove it, the speed odometer, gas gauge, check engine, brake light and security light all came on. I new when I bought this car that the coils and the struts need to be replaced and my brother is a mechanic and this will get done for free. Oh my, I wish I checked this web site before I bought this car. My brother thinks it might be loose ground wires! I hope! I cannot believe Oldsmobile has not recalled this car! I think that is showing disrespect and a who cares attitude to the consumers that get stuck with these cars!

8th Feb 2008, 16:19

I have to say that I am extremely happy with my Alero. I have had to replace the resistor on the blower motor (kind of difficult to get to, but less than 30 minutes, $16 part and your done) Other than that, I have had no issues, car's been great. I did get a flat the other day and the low tire pressure came on. Quick fix if anyone would like to know how, here it is.

1. Turn your key to the on position

2. In the fuse box there is a reset button for oil and tire pressure, push it once, oil light will blink

3. Push it twice oil pressure light will blink

4. Push and hold in until car door chimes.

5. Release button. Turn Key off, and your good.

Just thought someone would like to know???

P.S. Love the Car!

11th Mar 2008, 10:31

I posted back in early January. I must say, after searching on the net, and seeing the answers and comments on this page, I'm in love with my car again. Unfortunately I'm getting rid of it... Time for something bigger for the kids and dog! Anyway, I wanted to pass along this page I found, which has been a HUGE resource, and saved a LOT of money that would have been spent asking the mechanic, "What's this?!" and "Can you fix this?!"... It's:


It's a Wikipedia site! GREAT resource! Take a look, and happy motoring!

3rd Jun 2008, 09:20

Wow, can't believe how many of the same problems my car is having. Here's the list:

1. Power steering pump broke. Had to get that and the pulley replaced.

2. Driver's side front window fell into door.

3. Rear defrost has been in-op since I bought the car in July 2007.

4. Electric mirrors on both sides of car in-op.

5. ABS light has been coming on intermittently the last couple weeks.

6. Airbag light has been coming on and staying on occasionally.

7. Tire pressure light does not come on when tires are low, but comes on directly after tires are refilled. (That one baffles me.)

That's probably not all, I just can't think of the rest.

Oh, and as someone previously asked, what is the part needed to repair the defrost???



23rd Oct 2008, 20:32

I have owned a 99 Alero GLS (V6) since it was almost new, I love the car, I just keep a regular maintenance schedule. Makes a big difference overall.

After 9 years the original battery finally died, alternator lasted almost as long, heater resistor replaced twice (a minor repair, sign is if your fan blower speeds are not all working), wheel bearings replaced way back (warranty). Car has 142,000 km.

The well known issue with the security light and car not starting, I only ever encountered this twice, I have a remote starter and when this occurred I would just start the car with remote start in place of the key and she would fire up no problem. I plan on driving the car until it rots.

6th Dec 2008, 14:14

I bought my 99 Alero in August of 2008. It has 115,000 miles on it. 3 days into driving the car I had to replace the 2 front tires, which the company that replaced them said that these should have been put on before they sold the car, because the tires were really bad. I didn't get mad about it because that was no biggie to me. That cost me about 200.00.

Two weeks later I had to get a whole new engine, which they kept my car for about a month. This really mad me mad because I hadn't had the car not even a month and this happened. The dealership said that they would pay for half and put the other half at the end of my car payment. I still got screwed because the dealership sent it to the mechanic and let them take it apart, and when the mechanic contacted them to let them know that it will be about 3700.00 to fix the car, they decided to send it to another mechanic to see if it could be done for cheaper. Well the other mechanic was able to charge about 3200.00, which I ended up having to pay 2100.00 of that (which is not half like the dealership stated).

After I got my car back, about a week and half later my car wouldn't crank. This really made me mad. So took it to a another mechanic and it was the one of the bolts on the belts was not screwed on tight so it was draining my battery. So that didn't cost anything.

Also to mention my drivers side window doesn't let down or up. Now my car isn't cranking again and I think that its the alternator. If I had read this website before I purchased this car I would have never bought it. I haven't had my car not even 4 months and I would say that I have already spent about 3500.00 worth of repairs and labor.

I wouldn't recommend this car to anyone.

K.D Lubbock, Tx.