10th Oct 2005, 18:49

I have an 1999 Olds Alero (68,500 miles) and have had many similar problems that others have experienced i.e. rotors, ABS lights coming one, etc. However, my latest problem has to do with my headlights and console lights. In the past week my headlights and console lights have gone off when I was driving (at least 3 times in one week). The mechanics cannot figure out what is wrong because it wasn't "acting up" at the time they were checking it out. Anyone else have this problem or anyone have any ideas what is causing it. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Sara from Wisconsin

21st Oct 2005, 13:39

Looks like your alternator is on it's way out... be careful.

30th Dec 2005, 20:12

To Sara of Wisconsin

I have a 1999 Alero V6 that I bought brand new in '99. I have always thought of it as a great car. Nice look, excellent highway handling. I turned to the Internet because I had a similar problem as you and am looking to see if anyone else out there has had the same issue. In the past week, while driving on the highway, twice ALL of the dashboard indicator lights lit up at once, the speedometer and tack, both dropped to 'zero'. Then in the last couple of days, my power door locks don't work and I have to manually lock each door. They won't lock automatically when I start to drive and they won't unlock when I put my car in 'park'. I went to a GM Service Centre today and found out that 'the interior fuse panel on the driver's side has somehow mysteriously corroded itself out, and needs to be replaced! It costs $550 CAD to fix it. I have never had a problem with water entering my car nor have I ever been in a flood, yet the service repair men were looking at me as though I had 3 eyes when I asked them how that could have happened!!! Despite the fact that I have always loved my Alero, I have to say reading all of the complaints on this website today, it's shocking how many of the same, seemingly standard problems I've had as everyone else.

Here's my list:

- hood replacement because of the corrosion under the weather stripping, just after the warranty finished

- rotors & pads

- front wheel bearings, twice

- ball joints

- power steering pump

- first 2 speeds of fan, went after warranty ran out

- rear window defrost hasn't worked in 2 years, cost is $600 CAD to fix

I know there are a few things I've forgotten about, but I'm sure I can dig up the receipts and scare myself.

Donna of Mississauga, Ontario.

9th Jan 2006, 17:33

I have a 2001 Alero which I purchased in April of 2005. It does have a lot of miles on it (107,000ish), which might be cause for some of the problems it is having. The car ran great for the first few weeks I had it; however, the Service Vehicle, Brake, and Traction Off lights all started coming on together. I had the car checked out numerous times and they could find nothing wrong with it. However, after almost half a year of those three lights coming on every time I started up the car, a new problem emerged- my emergency brake light started coming on as well, and for no reason. Although the previous lights were annoying, I found this to be the most troublesome for the reason that I could not set my cruise control when this light was on. On my way home today, yet another light came on-the battery light. I had the car checked out, which showed that there was a problem with the alternator. I know that I should expect some problems with a car so high in mileage; however, that doesn't make the fact that they happen any less bothersome. Overall, I love my car-it runs well, and I love the look and feel of it; however, I just wish it wasn't coupled with the problems listed above.

24th Jul 2006, 19:40

To Donna:

I can't imagine it will cost 600.00 to fix your rear defrost. I had to repair mine, and the part was 40.00 and labor was a half an hour. I don't have my maintenance done at the dealer... My Alero has 300 000 kms and other than the wheel bearings, brakes, defrost and heater blower, the repairs are not that costly if you stay away from the dealers, and find a local guy who works for himself.

4th Aug 2006, 17:09

I purchased my 2003 Alero on June 10th 2006. After about a week the brakes started to squeak every now and then. After another week went by they were squealing. I took it to a local brake shop and they said I needed all new rotors and pads. So I started saving some money back to get it fixed. a couple weeks later the master cylinder quit working and I had intermittent brakes. They would only work about one in ten times. After a bunch of yelling and screaming on the phone with the dealer they agreed to fix the master cylinder. Finally I have the cash to get the rest fixed, but after reading this site and hearing from former Alero owners at my workplace, I'm getting a little worried. I have to say though I love the look and yes the feel too just like the others said. At higher speeds the handling is a little loose, but for the moment I love my car. I'll check back in with a progress report sometime.

John K. - North Central Indiana.

12th Nov 2007, 08:51

I purchased my 99 Oldsmobile Alero in 2001. It has had the following issues before the warranty expired:

1. Wheel bearings had to be replaced.

2. Altenator replaced (all lights on dash came on simultaneously).

3. Battery needed to be replaced. not covered on warranty.

Currently, I'm wondering why my "service engine soon" light is on and I just got a tune up. The same day I got a tune up I had my rotors replaced and now the ABS light kicks on at random.

I'm afraid of over paying a repair shop or dealership to do the diagnostics/repairs so I'm hoping for some suggestions or insight.

7th Dec 2007, 11:48

I too have had many of the same problems with my 99 Alero. Those of you who had their rear defrost fixed, what was the problem or part that needed to be replaced? thanks in advance.

17th Dec 2007, 08:39

I think general problems like pads, rotors, batteries and plugs are to be expected as normal wear and tear on the vehicle.

The problem with the Alero is that everything else that goes bad. And not just once. In the five years I have owned my '99 Alero, I estimate that I have spent about $4,500 just in parts. That's not the labor b/c my dad or boyfriend (who is a mechanic) does the repairs.

This car is built just like the Grand-Am.

They were a good idea until they were assembled!

20th Dec 2007, 15:47

The service engine soon, ABS light is probably connected to the rotors. Both of those lights were on in my alero and the cruise control would not work. The mechanic explained that the speed sensors were connected to the rotors. He replaced my rotors and the cruise control worked, the rotor clicking stopped, the ABS and service engine lights all went out.

I would talk to the mechanic and see if something is not set quite right.