2nd Jan 2009, 07:44

DEX-Cool is HORRIBLE for your cars - never use it, always use the Green antifreeze. I have a 1999 Olds Alero and I cannot tell you everything that has went wrong with it. Fortunately for me, my husband is a mechanic. Last summer he had my car completely apart, motor and all to try and fix it. He was able to repair some, but now more stuff is happening. These vehicles are definitely a piece of junk - will never buy a GM product again!!

26th Dec 2009, 16:55

I too have a 99 Alero, that I purchased used in 2002.

I have had to replace the alternator, the battery, and had to have the intake manifold gasket replaced.

Two full sets of tires I have gone through since Nov 02.

Passenger side front wheel hub replaced (twice); the first one was a manufacturing defect.

All of the hoses have been replaced, and I went through coolant like crazy. The coolant problem was cured when I looked closely at the reservoir tank and it had 3 big cracks in it, so I had to have that replaced.

Spark plugs were replaced when the motor was dismantled to change out the gasket.

Dome light falls off, and I have given up re-setting the "low tire pressure" light, and now the blower fan is going out.

Air conditioning had to be fixed, and the power window on the driver side works when it feels like it.

The rear power window will go down, but can only be rolled back up through the drivers side.

Door gaskets are warping, surface rust at the rocker panels, and so much more.

I take my car in every 3-4 months and have it serviced. It is definitely a money pit, but I could never bring myself to buy a foreign built automobile.