13th Dec 2006, 04:57

Check the starter's relay. It is located under the hood inside the fuses box. The relay might be misplaced or missing.

13th Dec 2006, 14:45

I agree. Assuming that this is an automatic transmission, or a manual that is not left in gear, you should be able to turn the crankshaft with a breaker bar. True, the starter gear could be locked. On the other hand, it couldn't hurt to take out the plugs, make sure it's not in gear (if manual), take out the starter, and then give the breaker bar a chance again for all you're worth. If it won't move, you are done. Done-for, that is.

My only other question would be, what kind of loser would be unable to make the payments on a '95 Oldsmobile so that it would have to get repossessed?? To answer my own question: the kind of loser who would seize up the engine for spite. Another of the world's true winners, no doubt.

13th Dec 2006, 16:59

Why buy a car that doesn't even start?

13th Dec 2006, 19:51

Pretty sure no Auroras ever came with manual transmission.

Sounds like the reviewer knew about the engine problem before she bought it, hopefully paid little or nothing for it.

Must have gone to a dealer, though, to pay $200 for a battery!

14th Dec 2006, 15:10

I always heard NOT to buy a car the first year it came out and Auroras came out in 1995. I don't know, but I think that you really took a gamble when you bought it and it didn't even run. I've had my share of bad luck with cars too though and I hope you get it all figured out. Next time I think you should buy from a private owner to assure you a better deal because they tend to sell vehicles because they don't want them anymore. not necessarily because the vehicle was a piece of junk.

Good luck.

14th Dec 2006, 18:09

"14th Dec 2006, 15:10

I always heard NOT to buy a car the first year it came out and Auroras came out in 1995."

- Correct. The 1995 Aurora was a lemon because it was a totally new design for Olds then. All other Auroras are good cars.

19th Dec 2006, 19:10

Hi I was searching for 2001 Aurora issues and stumbled on your posts - My problem is a "no crank no start" after driving for awhile. I can stop at a gas station and turn the key to start after filling up, and nothing. It will always start after a few tries. I have been told to change the battery and yes a dealer charges $200 - that has not helped. I am desperately looking for suggestions before I shell out to much $$$

Any ideas?

10th Sep 2007, 00:36

This is responding to the comment that all other Auroras (besides the 95) are good cars. Not on your life. Go to automotiveforums.com and look at the plethora of problems they're having with these nightmares on wheels. I would then suggest that you check the reviews for the other years here. These cars are certified junk, though marginally better in the years after 1995. For foisting this POS on the consumer, goodbye Oldsmobile and good riddance.

11th Sep 2012, 11:53

You know I think you are the same person on other reviews that keeps bringing up about this forum. Seems to me that you are one of the few people giving bad reviews on Auroras, based only on that website you keep quoting.