7th Jul 2009, 21:23

I have owned a Bravada for five years and I just passed 209,000 miles and its still going strong, these are great trucks. I love it... some of the comments listed above are valid gripes, but on the other hand remember that after ten years of being outside & driving over almost every terrain, you would most likely have a few things wrong also.

7th Apr 2010, 23:19

I bought a 98 Bravada in January. I love it, but something is wrong with my transmission, the rear window doesn't get fluid, and the suspension squeaks, but other than that, it has been an awesome truck. As other people have said, you just have to keep the maintenance up on them, as with any car.

21st Sep 2010, 07:22

I own a 98 Bravada, it is at 148,000 and nothing but the drivers side window motor has needed replacement.

The all leather interior is flawless as well.

We replaced (normal wear) brakes too (twice), but that was $38.00 and about an hour in my garage.

The anti-lock braking system really works great!

The ABS managed to stop us coming down a snowy hill when we rounded a corner a diesel truck was jackknifed.

I could not have stopped nearly as quickly. Rather than wait for someone else to come around the corner (that might not have had ABS), we just climbed up the side of the hill and went around, it pulled like a Missouri mule!

NOTE! We did the transmission lubricant upgrade.

If you have a Bravada, you should have your transmission fluid changed to the BLUE FLUID; any other fluid lacks the capability to handle all wheel drive and the wheels can be felt to "crab" with the original spec'd fluid. This crabbing motion is hard on the transmission and ring and pinion gears.

The difference in tight turns, reversing and turning, is unbelievable; no more crabbing and the all wheel drive inspires confidence.

This was presented as a transmission upgrade, the parts were liquid instead of metal or rubber, but it is WELL WORTH having your transmission fluid upgraded.

We will have the timing belt changed this winter (PM), the original serpentine belt will also be changed (PM), it isn't showing wear, but preventative maintenance is my religion.

This vehicle is very stable and inspires confidence when driving on snow and ice, we don't bother with having the spikes screwed into the tires, we carry tire chains, but have never needed them, and we live in the mountains.

Oil changed every 5000 miles, transmission fluid to be changed again at 50,000 or better.

The third member has its grease topped off, never needs more than a squirt, all seals are dry... no leaks.

The u-joints in the drive shaft get lubed whenever we change the engine oil.

In OD the vehicle gets 22.5mpg on the highway, and about 19.5 in town, except we don't really have a town around here big enough to matter.

We have traveled extensively with this vehicle, it pulls trailers beautifully; boat, mud bogger, motorcycles, Dune Buggy, our 20 foot travel trailer, and our 2 horse trailer.

Solid as a rock. Better than my GMC 4x4 Pickup, but to be fair the "Jimmy C" has had years of abuse. If I replaced the tie rod ends and the A frame bushings, it would be tighter steering.

Have your mechanic look it over, but if he gives it the okay, you could do worse than the Oldsmobile Bravada.

20th Oct 2010, 18:21

I bought a used 1998 Bravado, and I have a problem that I am hoping someone here can help me with. I have heat until I go over 40, then it blows cold. It also happens intermittently, but mainly when I go over 40.

I have had it in the shop, they have changed the thermostat, back flushed the radiator, put new fluid in, done I don't know how much else, but I do know it's cost me over 400.

Does anyone have an idea what might be wrong with this? Three mechanics later, I still have no heat over 40, live in Michigan, and have a baby I have to transport in this car. Someone please help!

My email is kborden925@comcast.net. If anyone can help me, I would be so appreciative. I'm more worried about transporting my baby in the car than myself. HELP!!!

22nd Jun 2014, 09:54

Did you check the ATF?

6th Jul 2015, 23:20

I am having air conditioner problems with my Bravada like you mention. What is the switch you talked about? And can I add one or is there a switch under the hood?


7th Jul 2015, 19:03

These things were nothing more than Chevy Trailblazers with an Olds badge and different trim applied. Made back when badge engineering was the name of the game. It was products like these that ultimately helped lead to the eventual demise of Oldsmobile in the first place.

8th Feb 2016, 16:37

All of the comments appear to be from those who can barely turn a wrench. Most of the engine maintenance related issues from the comments are minor repairs. The transmissions do have a tendency to fail. I believe it is a 4L60E, which I also have in my Trans Am and that also failed. The Ford Explorer and Ford line of competing vehicles also have transmission problems, if not more in the 5R55E and 4R44E from Ford. The Ford AOD transmission also has its share of issues.

I can say no more than please do your research before selecting a source of reliable transportation, other than basing your selection on how the vehicle looks, you saw a TV commercial with a hamster, or "that dealer will finance me".

"Regular maintenance" is a fairly loose term. Any vehicle could fail at any time regardless of manufacturer recommended maintenance. Changing oil at regular intervals has nothing to do with whether or not an intake manifold gasket is going to fail or a hose is going to leak. Most likely you'll experience head gasket failure or something unrelated to whether or not you had changed your oil in the specified interval you were concerned about.