1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 4bbl 350 Rocket from North America


A Steel Tank propelled by a Rocket.


Replaced the 4 barrel carburator.

Currently replacing the radiator.

Problems with the air conditioner.

Driver seat needs repaired.

Some rust.

General Comments:

I love this car, it can definitely push those rice burners out of the way if it calls for it.

It always handles surprisingly great in snow.

I have to admit I did get it airborne and after repacking a bearing or two and replacing a brake cylinder it was as good as new.

I've pulled two four wheel drives out of ditches with this car.

The car is very comfortable and very very reliable.

I plan on painting it black, and adding some impressive exhaust on it to give it more of a kick.

I did hit four cows on summer night on an Iowa highway, all it did to the car was rub some paint off and break the grille - I survived, the cows went for a flight...

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2003

29th Aug 2006, 12:36

I agree, nothing comes close then the solid steel frame of the 70's. My mother recently hit two deer and destroyed the front end of her 2000 Chrysler 300m. It cost her 7k to get it replaced... you hit four cows, and the paint scrached off I love these cars. Keep on driving!!

1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Buick 231 V6 from North America


Built so solid and so economical to maintain


At 60,000 miles timing chain became noisy and stretched-then replaced again at 94,000 miles with same problem.

Replaced rear wheel cylinders at 80,000 miles.

Transmission replaced at 98,000 miles due to slipping.

Changed alternator several times.

Replaced water pump twice.

General Comments:

The first car I've owned - a family hand me down. And one of the most reliable I have had.

The odd-firing Buick 231 engine was WAY undersized for that car, but still it just kept going and going without any internal repairs- other than the timing chain and gears.

Those vinyl seats were the worst with no air conditioning. Pure agony!

The factory Delco battery lasted an incredible 8 years. We decided to replace it before it failed.

The Cutlass had a chamois colored top that was kinda tacky against the dark brown paint on the car, but at least that top never tore, bubbled, or cracked.

Very comfortable on long trips.

Would probably still have it if the body didn't go...

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Review Date: 8th September, 2003

1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham 403 V8 from North America


They don't make them like this anymore!!


Nothing. I have know this car since it was new. It was well taken care of. It only required the normal maintenance one would expect from a car this age. Tires, brakes, etc.

General Comments:

It handles like a dream. Lots of power and feels more like a Cadillac than an Oldsmobile. The interior is more like a family room style sofa than a car. Pillow back seats and padded door panels really give it a home like feel.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2003

1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass S from North America


A wonderful classic design


I have replaced the brake and cooling systems due to the fact that it sat for a long period of time.

I have also redone the air conditioning. Other than that, it is all original and in excellent condition.

General Comments:

I fell in love with this car at first sight. It is an absolute joy to drive and is a very beautiful car as well.

There are very few Colonnade 4-door sedans of this era left. I am thankful to have this one to preserve and enjoy.

This Cutlass represents the last of an era of true American style cars. It has the size, handling and feeling of safety, as well as distinctive looks that do not exist in modern cars.

One thing I really like is the full bench seat. Some of us just don't care for buckets, but Detroit doesn't seem to recognize that fact.

I would recommend a vintage Cutlass to anyone looking for an older car.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2002

19th Mar 2007, 20:10

I do agree with you that there are very few of the Collonade 4 door sedans of the era left, I sure wish America can build cars the way they did in the 1960s/1970s I can tell you that much, that was when America knew how to build durable cars, I know I always cherish the moments when I get to see an older car driving down the road.