1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham 3.8 liter (carbureted) from North America


A great looking car for the common man


Engine mounts frequently broke.

Transmission is about ready to go.

(Replaced transmission with the 200 metric in 1996 when I bought vehicle)

It is very cranky in cold weather. I think it is either a vacuum line or choke problem.

General Comments:

This was my 3rd car I owned. It was a very nice car, and I loved driving it. It has sat in my garage sine 1999, and has not been driven, since I have a newer, more reliable car. It is very driveable to this day, but awaits a small restoration project. It is a very beautiful car when it is polished up, and turn many heads.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2002

1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calias Hurst/Olds 5.0L H.O. from North America


A fast, limited production sports car


50 miles after I got the car, the transmission started missing shifts. The problem was diagnosed as being the lock-up on the torque converter and a shot transmission mount.

It needs new tires, but I have a new set waiting in the garage.

General Comments:

The ride on this car is great. The air shocks in the back work great, even though the car is 18 years old.

Since it is a Hurst/Olds model, it came with special "Lightning Rod" shifters, which make a fun car to drive. (It is an automatic).

The engine is a powerful 180 horsepower 307 c.i. V8. I hope to take it to the drag strip this summer and see how it really goes.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2002

1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham 2 door 305 Chevy V8 from North America


Fun, comfortable, fast, and cheap!


The alternator makes a loud chugging sound.

Engine sometimes fails to stop when you turn off the ignition. It usually dies after a few seconds, but during cold weather it keeps running. The engine runs so low that the car rocks back and forth with every turn of the engine. I am going to fix this though.

Door locks do not work.

Radio was long dead and has been replaced.

Stock steering wheel was cracked in four different places.

Some other minor problems, like burnt out lights, loose panels, and a busted glove compartment were easily fixed with a few hours of work and a screwdriver.

General Comments:

Despite its few annoying mechanical problems, it is a very cool car to have.

It has very nice chrome mags, no noticeable rust and a very sporty look. Everyone I talked to said it was a very beautiful car.

If you can find an 83-85 Olds Cutlass in good shape mechanically with little or no rust, it is a good car to buy.

Be careful though, many people will give a very beat-up Cutlass a shiny paint job and try to sell it for $5000.

Make sure you test drive them a lot before you buy, because these cars can have a lot of problems that wouldn't be noticeable right away.

Performance is very good, I can leave all the traffic miles behind me. Good for passing on the highway.

It has very good headlights and brake lights.

It is an extremely comfortable car to drive in or ride in. I'm 6' tall and I can easily fit into the rear seats. All the seats are very soft, almost like a big recliner.

I also love the location of the gas filler. It is hidden behind the license plate, so you never have to park on a certain side of the gas pump. Also, if the gas filler is mounted on the side of a vehicle, it is one of the first places that start to rust.

"Burns Rubber" very well.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2001

30th Oct 2001, 20:44

As I found out recently, the Chevy 305 means that it was made in Canada.

My car has the original stickers on the inside of the engine compartment, and it says that it is a 305 Chevy.

It looks exactly like a 307, only everything is on the opposite side of the vehicle. For example, the battery for a 307 cutlass would be on the left side, but on a 305 it is on the right side.