1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham Classic 307 Olds from North America


Luxury, Luxury, Luxury


The car was really good for the first 2 months I owned it. Not knowing what abuse the car had previously taken, I didn't take it easy on her and bagged it. This lasted for about 2 months then I turned a bearing in the motor. I bought a used motor for it and that lasted almost a year not too bad considering it was from a wrecker, the oil pump quit in this motor. It was a 350 olds. Other than the motors the car has been good and nothing else has gone wrong with it, the rear end does howl a bit.

General Comments:

Love this car, I would say it very reliable, both motors went, but it always got me home and never left me stranded. The interior is awesome olds is like cadilac's little bro comfortable and luxury at a good price. GM should rethink it's plan to kill off olds and reconsider.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2003

1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass 2.8L. from North America


Lot's of power


The wheel bearing started humming when I bought the car. The ball joint almost let go and I have a hole in the gas tank.

I have to pull down the drivers side window with my hand and the lock broke three times. The latch for the hood broke right off, it's in the dumbest place I've ever seen, and it's plastic of all things. So I have two different keys for the doors and I need pliers to get in under the hood and a screw driver to get in the trunk.

I guess that the dash buckling is a common thing cause mine is to. And the carpet is coming unglued on the side walls in the back.

General Comments:

Once I fixed the wheel bearing and the ball joint this car is the best riding car I have ever owned.

I just love the look of my car. I put in a sunroof, and I am presently doing it right up.

All in all I'd say this is my favorite car, minus a few little things.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2003

28th Jan 2004, 09:59

I also have a broken hood release, but I have not figured out how to apply the pliers to make the hood open. Can you please tell me how you manage? I am also unable to open the trunk. I plan on replacing the entire lock assembly.

I do agree that outside of these issues, I am VERY happy with my car.

1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Classic Brougham 5.0 Olds 307 from North America


Fun to drive car that people love


The water pump went out right before I bought it.

I have to replace the pads a couple of times.

Replace the muffler, and tailpipe.

Rear frame rails will need to be replaced if I keep driving it Iowa winters.

Heater core went out.

Intake manifold gasket rusted through and caused water to leak between the intake and block. that was a factory default, because it was steal gasket between aluminum intake and the iron block.

Heater control valve went out.

I replaced the shocks.

Brake line replaced.

General Comments:

For those who have read previous comments bout 88 Olds cutlasses I will let you know that most of the reviews for them are on the front wheel drive cutlass, but mine isn't. I love my cutlass, it rides nice, handles nicely, but there could be improvements made with it. You look above and see the list and think that I'm crazy. I'm not the things that went out were relatively cheap and easy to repair. I also do have complaints bout it too.

One complaint was the junk Olds 307 that came with the car. The motor was reliable, but also a little more expense, and harder to work on. In order to replace the water pump you basically have to dismantle the front of the block, and while you're at it replace the timing chain also. The intake manifold gasket is wrong for the aluminum intake that came stock on the Olds 307. You get bout 10 to 12 years of driving it, but then you start losing water and can't see were it is exactly coming from. The only way I found that out was when my little brother put an aluminum intake on his Olds 350 rocket block.

The Transmission in the car was a 200 R4, with an aftermarket shift kit that I originally attempted to install myself until I snapped a bolt off. Where we took the car to have the shift kit finished off, the owner, basically called my crazy, claimed that he didn't they made a shift kit for the tranny, and predicted that the tranny would go out in about a year. The transmission is still good, and wouldn't have any doubts to put it into another car to drive.

Otherwise the things that I replaced or went out on me are things expected to go out on a person who drives any car everyday. The car never left me on the side of the road. Looking for someone nice to give me a ride home.

The car had started showing it's age, like any car in Iowa that is driven through a bad winter. It also doesn't help when I wreck the Beast, but I didn't hurt that 300 dollars and 3 days later the car was back on the road, also road worthy. Still was a babe magnet, two different colors even.

I'm not driving the car right now; I pulled the motor and tranny, and dropping a Chevy 5 liter with a 700 R4. I'm going to put headers, a true dual exhaust, and getting rid of the computer. I'm going to put 15 inch wheels and tires. Replace the shocks and springs, paint it black, and call it good to go.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2002