1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass International 2.8 Multiport from North America


Rather of purchased it new, but love it the same


I have replaced the alternator twice.

Had to replace the clutch.

Needed ball joints when I purchased it.

Changed the water pump, upper radiator hose, and the heater core.

The driver information system crapped out on me, changed that also, the electronic climate control did not function when I purchased the vehicle, changed that too.

Crank sensor went within a month of buying it.

The seal where the distributer hole plug is leaked profusely.

Brakes went at 180,000.

Power Steering pump went at 184,789, the front seal blew out and it pukes fluid on the ground.

General Comments:

Other than the many bugs, which can be expected of a vehicle with high mileage, it has been a very good car to me.

It never had no problem reaching the shutoff speed of 116 in no time at all.

Under normal driving, it got approx 23-28 mpg, be even when you got on it, it still had decent gas mileage.

The seats rock, wish I could take them out and put them in my Concorde.

Will miss the climate controls on the steering wheel.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2004

1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL 3.1 from North America


Not worth the trouble


Replaced coil pack, spark plugs, wires at 90,000k.

Replaced driver's side rear caliper twice due to heavy rusting.

Replaced starter motor at 110,000k.

Replaced fuel pump at 125,000k.

Passenger door handle inoperative.

Massive oil leak.

Stalls frequently.

Will not start on cold or rainy days.

Replaced cam-shaft sensor.

General Comments:

I really like this car for it's handling and comfort, and if it wasn't for all the mechanical trouble I would highly recommend it.

However it has left me and my family stranded on more than a few occasions.

I bought it used and paid only $1400, but have easily put in double that on repairs. Luckily I'm a do-it yourself kind of guy, otherwise I may have spent up-wards of $5000 for labor...

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Review Date: 24th February, 2004

10th Oct 2018, 16:24

Most of your repairs are to be expected with the amount of miles on your car.

1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass SL 3.1 V6 from North America


A great car, dependable, reliable and lots of fun


Drivers side door handle broke because someone tried to break in before I bought the car.

The catalytic converter has broken inside and rattles, but quits when the car warms up.

The cloth on the roof inside is coming unglued. Used some contact cement and problem solved.

Car has been in three accidents. My dad backed into it in the driveway, as did my mom. And I was rear ended in an intersection. Despite the three hits, there is no scratch, no dents and no damage.

Slow leak in the tire, but fix-a-flat took care of that.

Sudden loss of power one day, thought the transmission had gone because the car shook at cruising speeds, found it was running on 5 cylinders due to a spark plug snapped in 1/2. How the hell did that happen?!

General Comments:

What a car! I bought it from a lady who just felt bad having it sit in her driveway all the time, she never drove it.

The car is ABSOLUTELY mint, not a scratch on the paint, not a drop of rust and the interior is clean, and scratch free. Paid about a 1/4 of what it could have been sold for, I got it for 1000, easily could have gotten 3500 or more, considering the condition.

Only real problem was the driver's side door handle, fixed that by getting the guts of the handle from a junkyard and now works like a charm (no more getting in from passenger's side).

As far as speed and acceleration, I can beat or hold my ground against most of my friend's cars, although it cannot compare to a Mustang or anything, it still does very well for a rather small V6 engine.

The car handles well, can take corners great, but you know when not to push it, maybe a lower center of gravity would help, but..

In the snow the car is unbelievable. It's actually hard to lose control of the car on ice. But pop it into reverse, and have yourself a good time.

I do tend to beat on this car, not always, but once in a while, but I think that that's fine as long as you treat your car with love, with changing all the oils regularly, car washes and waxes. I spend at least one day a week washing and waxing and vacuuming my car. Keep it in good health and it will return the favor. Has worked with me, the Cutlass has never let me down once.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2004