4th Jun 2008, 18:30

I purchased parts for my top, as well as an installation manual, from www.convertibletopguys.com.

21st Jun 2008, 19:15

Well hello to all my Cutlass fans out there.

So I guess I'm in the club with all you 3.4's. I been in love with these cars for a long time.

I love my drop top. I've got a red one with a black top; the limited edition, with the rear bucket seats. And I'm going crazy on fixing on this 3.4 motor. It's hell so I know what you all are going through.

I've been driving these cars for a long time. but never had a 3.4. Man, I wish I knew what I was getting myself into on this 3.4.

When I was in high school I had my 1st Cutlass; it was a 1990 and it had a quad 4 motor in it. Man, I went to hell and back just trying to have some one to even work on it, and I'm going through it all over again.

I had to put a motor in this car, and I've only had it less than a year. I got it last summer, like in June, and in November the motor was gone. So it sat up all winter, and I just got it back on the road, and I'm loving that top down again. It's like you are in another world when that top comes down. So all my drop top Cutlass owners know what I'm talking bout. I love the body look, the block head lights, and the bar when the top is down.

But this 3.4 is no joke. If I get another Cutlass, you better believe it will have a 3.1 in it. I had a 1996 2 door green with peanut butter leather seats, with the 3 stage sun roof, that had a 3.1 in it, but some one had crashed in to me from the back, and they totaled the car out, and that's how I got this 3.4.

I was surfing the web looking for a top because some one broke in my car and stole my radio. I had a TV, radio, touch screen with the navigation system on it; it plays DVD's etc. and the person cut my top to get in the car. I was HEATED when I got up the next morning to go to work, and saw that it was cut. But anyway, do any Cutlass fans out there know where to get a top replaced at?

I'm glad I bumped in to this web site. I will start looking on here everyday from now on. I swear I was reading some of the comments, and couldn't do nothing but laugh because I feel your 3.4 motor pain.

I"m going to tell you pain when I had my 1996 cutlass with the 3.1 motor in it; the alternator sits right on top, but with this 3.4 the alternator is all the way at the bottom, and sits in the back. now is that pain or what. Can I get a A-MAN from somebody.

Thanks for you all taking the time to read my comment. By the way, my name is JAMIE and I can't wait to hear what your all comments to my comments are.

21st Jun 2008, 19:51

Hey this is your Cutlass fan JAMIE again. I just went outside, and was really looking at my car, and thinking about some things you all said about the car. Have you all noticed that at the back of the car, like where the back tire is, that it always rusts in the coiner or bubbles up like its water damage or something. I'm not sure of what you call it, but I think it's the back quarter panel by the trimming of the wheel well. I've had that problem with all 4 of my cutlass's. Is it just me or has anyone had this problem?

And to all my 2 door owners; how many door handles have you had to replace? They are like so delicate. Can I get a A-MAN? And to the comment about the club, I think it is a good move, and when you get it up and running, put me on the list.

One more thing; why is it that I'm not getting all my horse power out my car? It rides OK, but it don't perform like other Cutlass's I see on the streets. What do I have to do?

773 724 7644

23rd Jun 2008, 19:48


Check the yellow pages for upholsters in you area. If they do car upholstery, then they probably do tops as well.

23rd Jun 2008, 19:53


As far as the horsepower, one thing you can check is the alignment of the Dual Over Head Cams. I re-aligned mine when I did some engine work and my mileage went from 14 mpg to 21 mpg and increased the power.

6th Jul 2008, 21:00

I own a 94 Cutlass, yes with the 3.4 engine. Was warned about it, but bought the car anyway.

The timing belt was never replaced, so I had it done at 89,000 miles. Shortly after that, the engine wasn't running right. I only have 30 pounds of compression on the number 6 cylinder. Bent valve or rings?

Here are some other issues: exterior door handle, rubber stripping for rear quarter windows, top goes down, sometimes don't go up. Could it be the power top switch or the motor?

Also, the rear wheels are way off. Almost 4 degrees on drivers side and 1.6 on the other.

I only use the car 3 months a year, so I don't want to put any major money into it. I do like the car and the styling though. Could be a collectible. Only 8,638 convertibles were made in 1994. Any advice would be appreciated.

15th Aug 2008, 22:11

I've been looking for one these cars and finally found it. A mint condition 1994, white body with white top and charcoal interior, 25K miles. What a beautiful car. This car has everything I wanted in convertible, roominess, power and yes, the looks. I'm reading all your comments on the 3.4 and will probably end up agreeing with you on many of your comments, which by the way are very appreciated. Will do a follow up comment in a few weeks to let you know how my experience with this car turns out, but for know, I simply want to enjoy the ride. Safe driving to all. Ottawa(Canada)

18th Aug 2008, 15:14

I've always been an Olds fan. Still can't believe GM dropped Olds and kept Buick. The '91-'95 Cutlass Converts are among my favorites. I finally bought my 1st of 2 about a year ago. A '95 all black "Gold Edition" with the 3.4. Needed some TLC, but the price was reasonable. Replaced the top, brakes, and water pump. Still needs the air fixed, some interior work, and minor rust repair. This May, my wife suggested I find another one that didn't need the additional work. I found another '95, teal with tan top and interior, and the 3.4 with just under 50K, in near mint condition. It's a keeper! The black one is now up for sale, but I really like it too, and would keep it for a later project if I could afford to. And if my wife would let me.

I wish I could put the teal car away for the winter, but for now, it will have to be my daily driver. Since rust is a big factor in the Chicago area, I bought and installed a "Counter Act" corrosion and rust control unit to help keep it in near mint condition. Next to strict regular maintenance, I think this will be the best $300 I will spend on the car.

Finally, as many of you are finding out, new parts, like weatherstripping are getting hard, if not impossible to find. Altho I don't need anything right now for the teal car, I've been "treasure hunting" in the local junk yards for parts I think may come in handy in the future. Just last week, I found like new "A" pillar weatherstrips. I'm also on the look-out for an older Cutlass with the rear bucket seats. Since they were not available on the '95s, it will make mine even more unique.

That's enough for now. If others keep posting, I'll add more later. tdavis49@comcast.net