18th May 2009, 20:15

Well, did I find a buncha friends here or what?? Haha!

I've got a '94 Cutlass Convert with a 3100, white with black top and charcoal leather interior. Its rust free, and looks great with a nice set of rims on it. Luckily I'm a mechanic, and I know that a 3100, if taken care of, is a near bulletproof engine other than the intake gaskets.

Any of you looking into buying a 3.4 should really think about it before you buy. And, yes, I know there are lots of you who love the 3.4, and I'm not looking to argue with you. But, just know, if you have any choice in getting either engine, get the 3100.

Advice to some of you with 3.4 alternator problems... There is (or is supposed to be..) an air duct that hooks to the back of the alternator that NEEDS to be there, and hooked up securely when you put the alt back in when replacing it! This is the only fresh air supply that the alt. gets to keep it clean and cool. Another one of GM's frickin genius ideas..

Anyway, I love my car, and if any of you guys have started to establish a club, I'd be more than willing to be a part of it and help where I can! Please let me know if there's been any progress in creating one! You can email me at quazzy350@hotmail.com with info.

And, by the way, I'm in desperate need of a boot for the top when it's down cause mine was gone when I bought the car.. If you have an extra laying around, let me know please! Color doesn't matter. Also looking for a set of rear buckets, too. Preferably charcoal, but whatever.. If you need any other mechanical advice, just let me know and I'll try to help. Talk to ya soon!

Marty in northern Mn.

23rd May 2009, 02:53

I bought a 95 Cutlass Convertible with the 3.4 a couple of months ago. Found it VERY cheap online. Red with black top, charcoal leather, has only 88,000 miles on it.

A near perfect car minus the top, top weatherstripping, and rear side window belt moldings. I've found the top and some of the weatherstripping online, but no luck on the belt moldings.

Now the rest of the story. I got this car cheap because of the intake gaskets being blown and it had a HUGE oil leak. I am an mechanic and work at an auto parts store part time, so I didn't even flinch at the work. Replaced all the gaskets, and seals I could get to, including the one under the intake and what I call the dummy shaft cover. I still have an oil leak though. I've drove the car about 1000 miles and I've had to add nearly 3 quarts. it's definitely leaking it, but from where I don't know. I seems to be running down the topside of the transmission and then dripping between the oil pan and trans pan.

What else was suppose to leak on this engine? I know they were notorious for intakes and oil leaks from the dummy cover, but where else could this oil be coming from?

That's about all the bad I have to say about the car. It runs strong, gets 21 mpg, rides great, and very comfortable. Love to put the top down and just cruise. And I get a lot of looks. It's one of only 2 in town. They were a very rare car, especially since the 95 was the only year for the specific interior and gauge cluster.

I'm glad I came across this site. Any info anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated. redwtn@yahoo.com is my email. Would love to hear anything about the 3.4 I can get, and any info on weatherstripping and the rear window seals.

Thanks guys.

23rd May 2009, 17:05

I have been looking for 1994-95 Cutlass Convertible in the New Jersey area. I will travel 100 miles or so to look at one. I would perfer a red with black interior if that isn't asking to much. Any leads would be great. Cutlass fan still looking.

3rd Jul 2009, 00:29

Ebay is about the best and most reliable place to find parts. I just bought a perfect pair of rear quarter panel weatherstripping, still looking for the 4 way power seat swtich for the driver's side and the door that goes between the rear buckets.

I have a 94 with the super rare HUD, factory installed trailer hitch! Teal, white top, charcoal grey leather and custom fabric seats. I have the 3.4, you can keep the crappy 3.1!

Anyone who thinks the DOHC 3.4 is a bad engine is wrong! The 3.1 had all the problems.

I've driven mine for 3 years, putting 22K miles on it, only thing I have done is 3 years is plugs, wires and 3 coils. Runs like a bat out of hell, looks sharp and is stared out wherever I go. I love my car!

8th Jul 2009, 14:19

WOW!!! First of all I am so glad I stumbled on this site. I am on the fence about buying a 94 Cutlass Conv with 98k on it. This is a one owner car, which seems to be in great shape for its age, it has that DOHC, which seems to run pretty good.

I think I am going to roll the dice on it cause I have a 96 Cutlass S sedan with the 3100 in it, and it has been a very reliable car with very minor problems.

If anyone has any advice on what to look for as far as the Convertible, it would be very appreciated. I will let ya know how it goes.


13th Jul 2009, 12:26

Hi - Great website by the way. I'm thinking about buying a '94 Cutlass Supreme Convertible, red with black leather interior, white top. Was that factory? Anyway it has the 3100, been extremely well taken care of, garage kept. But he is asking $5995, and Kelley Blue Book is $3310 for one in excellent condition. Any advice? thanks, Carrie allaboutmecarrie@aol.com.

25th Jul 2009, 18:30

I own a 95 Cutlass "S" 4 door sedan 3.1 liter. I also own a 94 black convertible gray interior and a 95 teal convertible tan interior, both with 3.4 liter engines. All engines seem solid, no problems, these car are very nice to drive.

These are all Canadian cars. I know the total production numbers, but not how many were imported into Canada. Just wondering if anybody had knowledge of the import/export stats for these cars?

Have replaced both tops and rear window rubbers from a 1993 Firebird door rubbers (make sure you get both left and right door rubbers from car). These are a little long, but you can cut to fit, and you will have to re-drill holes in the weatherstrip pop rivet on to a Cutlass convertible.

6th Aug 2009, 22:16

Well I did go on and buy the 1994 Cutlass Convertible with the 3.4 DOHC; it has been very good so far, I had to have a starter put on today, it was not gone out yet, but it was acting funny so I went on and changed it.

Also had to replace passenger side fog lamp housing and a bunch of blown bulbs.

The car drives great for 96K miles on it, it was also a one owner car very well kept.

I will have the timing chain replaced in a few weeks, just because it has not been done yet and my mechanic recommends it. I'm gonna try to repair/replace things before they become a problem and while it is running good. Any advice on where to get parts for the convertibles? They are not in the local junkyards in Kentucky.