9th Aug 2009, 22:01

Hello good people. I'm glad to have found this site. I am the proud owner for two months, of a 1993 Cutlass Convertible, Teal in color with white leather quad bucket seats and a white top. It has the 3.4 DOHC which runs great after I did the lower intake gaskets. I reside in Brookpark, Ohio and I love dropping the top and cruising in my beautiful car. Thanks again for the site.

19th Aug 2009, 04:08

Hi everyone,

I just want to say this is a great site. I also own 2 93 Convertible Cutlass Supremes. They are both black with the grey interior. I have one on the road and the other I picked up for parts. I heard all the horror stories about the 3.4 but bought both of them anyways. So far so good with no issues. I just had to buy one always been my "Dreamcar". If anybody needs parts, I might be able to help you out. I pretty much need the same parts as everyone else for mine, window rubbers etc. I'm located in London, Canada. If I can help you out, shoot me an email at bigshooter1911@hotmail.com

Take Care Cutty Fans,


26th Aug 2009, 06:28

I have a 1994 Red Convertible with HUD. I have completetly renovated the car with the exception of the interior, it still shows all of the 252k miles that I have put on it. Does anyone have a source for a replacement driver seat cover?

What about the passenger side front top seals?

1st Sep 2009, 21:48

Hi, just found this site and thought I was the lone ranger out there with an excellent shape low miles red over charcoal 1993.

Parts are extremely hard to find, as most of these cars seem to have been driven hard and are now with extremely high miles here in central Ohio.

I was lucky as mine had a boot and storage bag, along with a near perfect interior.

I've owned it for 7 years now and can remember when these cars first were introduced. They were really pretty expensive for their time, and still look sporty as they approach being 20 years old.

The 92 to 2002 Camaro/Firebird window weatherstrip is a very good replacement for the rear window lower weatherstripping. It requires some manipulation, but when installed, it is an excellent match to the original part.

The article I read reminded you to protect window while drilling to avoid punching thru and shattering it. A piece of sheet metal or plexiglass will do the trick.

I am curious what you think these cars are worth in excellent condition. I paid about $7000 for this car with 52,000 miles. I am second owner, and before I bought the car most of things folks have talked about with the 3.4 were replaced as preventive maintenance as the person drove the car to Florida during winter months.

I have added a new turn signal/cruise control lever and actuator, along with a new horn pad. Otherwise I just have driven the car. Really enjoy how quiet it is and the quality ride.

I do have a short in horn system to look at. Does anyone have suggestion of what might be causing the short? Every once in a while, when making a turn the horn sounds off. Also I think I need to replace the rear speakers as they are developing cracks in paper cones. Has anyone found a near factory replacement for these speakers?

I look forward to checking this web site out in the future.

Maybe it could be improved to add some photos of our rides.

Rich Winegardner from Central Ohio. @richanddeb.w@gmail.com

13th Sep 2009, 20:06

Really glad to have found this site. I purchased a 93 with the 3.1 engine just over 1 year ago. Beautiful car, but with 140,000 miles (now 148,000), so I have had to do some repairs, but I expected that.

This last week both exterior door handles broke - the passenger side on one of the exterior arms; the driver's side at the actuator arm inside the door. Anyone have a source for those parts?

Also, both of the rear taillights have broken where they meet the trunk lid (design flaw - no support). Anyone know where I can get replacements? Thanks.

16th Sep 2009, 21:15

Wow, what an interesting site. I just rebuilt my 94 with HUD and a graphite interior. I have 255k for mileage, although everything has been refreshed.

This winter I will be putting in new carpet. I do need a driver seat cover. I have not been able to replace mine. I purchased the car back in 93.

If anyone has a lead on a cover, please let me know.

18th Sep 2009, 18:16

Hi, acquired my 1994 convertible just this summer. Turquoise with white interior, all original. Love, love, love my "Gogo girl". Has 85,000 miles on her, purchased in the States several years ago. (Live in Canada, province borders Maine) Unfortunately, Top Boot was not included and having problems finding one. Also, have leaks with rain, but in trunk area. Hubby says the top needs to be replaced.

Most fun car I have ever driven, love the rumbling purr.

Any info insofar as boot and top would be most appreciated.



23rd Sep 2009, 14:43

I got my Cutlass Supreme a couple of months ago. Like everyone else, I need the rear quarter window seals. Does anyone have any idea how to get any without doing the modification? lmlynn@hotmail.com

28th Sep 2009, 05:22

Hey Rich,

You most likely don't have a short in the horn, the problem is actually the little pads on the steering wheel for the horn. They wear out and become compressed, therefore the buttons become crazy delicate, I had the same problem. I just disconnected the side horn buttons and use the centre of the wheel for the horn. Hope this helps you out.

#1 Cutty Fan,


12th Nov 2009, 00:02


Just stumbled on this site so figured I'd talk about my 94. Purchased her with 48,000 miles in 04 and she just hit 60,000. Drive her sparingly and keep her covered when not on the road. I try not to drive her in the rain. She is white with 2 red stripes on the hood and trunk deck. Interior is black leather with red and white inserts. She has grey carpet with original floor mats... carpet goes halfway up the door panels. She seems to have a custom interior as I haven't seen any around my area like her and I am in the used car business. The top is black cloth. I was lucky enough to get the boot for the top and the storage bag with mine. The only thing I miss and wish mine had was the HUD.

In the 5 plus years I have had her I have replaced the door locking module, the alternator, and recovered the two pull down visors. The top actuator motor is starting to slow down so that may be next, but still working fine for now.

I was thinking of selling her in order to buy a used Lexus for my significant other for Xmas. Browsing the internet trying to figure out what she is worth and stumbled on this site. Any comments would be appreciated.

3rd Dec 2009, 22:49

Purchased a 1994 red with white top and maroon interior with only 56000 miles on it. Dealer had installed new tires, a new A/C compressor, and a new battery. Top was not new, but had been replaced recently. Runs great with NO leaks. Only defect is that the CD does not work, but the radio does. I have changed the antifreeze, replaced the rh 1/4 seal with a good used one, added a homelink/voice to the LH visor. It has HUD and the original floor mats. Next spring I'll do the timing belt to be safe.