28th Mar 2011, 17:03

Any engines after 1996 have timing belts. 1996 or before are timing chains. Much more durable.

28th Mar 2011, 23:21

I recently purchased a 1994 Cutless S Convertible, all original, low miles at 90000. I'm the second owner, always garaged, and covered. I love mine also. With the construction of the Cutless top, I would say talk to a pro. before you attempt this project.

31st Mar 2011, 15:07

To what do you refer? Any 3.4l DOHC engine from General Motors is going to have a rubber and kevlar timing belt running the cams. Whatever year you may look at.


27th Apr 2011, 22:28

I have 94 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme convertible, also 2000 Olds Intrigue. It has rocket 3.5 engine and it still has the timing chain.

Marlon Canby MN.

28th Apr 2011, 08:42

OK, still loving my car, but REALLY need to find the rear window moldings. Mine have just about disintegrated and water flows in like mad. Cannot keep it out any longer so I need some help locating them.


1st May 2011, 19:55

I have a set that came with the last 95 I bought. He said he got them on eBay & you may have to trim, but they are for the Camaros. I've never installed them & just purchased a sharp 95 red/white/white with 60k. Now I have 3; 2 reds with white & a blue /w/w. Hope this helps you.

1st May 2011, 20:04

Hey guys, just picked a 95 60k mile red/white/white. Been garage kept, husband passed away. They were the 2nd owner & only put a few 1000s of miles on it in 5 years. Now I have 3; 2 reds w/w/w & blue w/w/w. All in all, nice cars.

14th May 2011, 07:20

I have rebuilt my 94 with HUD, and I have 261k. Did you ever have any luck finding the seat cover? I also need carpet. Please post what you have found. It seems all the carpet replacement refers to "all except conv." I honestly do not know what the difference could be, but...

17th May 2011, 09:12

What year Camaro rear window rubber mouldings do I need to look for for my 95 Cutlass?

19th May 2011, 16:38

Marlon Canby MN,

I have been away for a while, so I didn't see your comment until today. First, the 3.5L is a completely different engine, and cannot be compared to either the 3.4L DOHC, or any of the true Rocket engines of old.

Next, I have refered to my service manual and it reads as follows:

Camshaft Drive.

"The camshaft drive is a two phase system. The first phase transfers power from the crankshaft to an intermediate shaft by means of a chain drive. The second uses a belt between the intermediate shaft and the individual camshafts."

That being said, there has never been an issue with the chain between the crankshaft and the intermediate shaft, to my knowledge. Save for extreme engine wear, it's just not a problem. BUT, one had better be wary of the RUBBER belt, lest that person be looking for a new engine. At the very least new heads and pistons.


13th Jun 2011, 15:52

1995 Camaro outer window moldings.

27th Jun 2011, 10:31

Those trim pieces are EXTREMELY expensive if you can find them at all. I replaced mine (totally destroyed and broken) with the rear window trim from a 1995 Camaro. They fit great, you just have to cut them to the correct length and drill holes for the rivets. It's an easy job and the Camaro pieces fit nicely and look stock for the car.

Good luck!

7th Jul 2011, 02:24

Where can I get a repair manual for my 94 Olds Cutlass Supreme Convertible? Been looking for days, no luck!! HELP, thanks.

16th Sep 2011, 14:40

To improve the brakes on your car... only use "severe duty" grade pads and... directional rotors from the GM parts dept... Hope this helps.

28th Oct 2011, 09:59

I too am having trouble finding a similar fuse... the rear defogger... and how ironic they are located in the same box. I have went to Advanced Auto and asked my person there, and she (aircraft mechanic) came out, and we searched the car for the 4th box. It is located under the dash in the passenger floor board. Well at least in mine it is... I have a 1994 Olds Cutlass Sport... 2 door. I would imagine the same in your car... but hey, I am not the person who designed a car with 4 fuse boxes. LOL. Putting them all in one place would have been nice.. Check page 222 thru 225 in the car manual and read the fine print; it gives a hint, but NOT the exact spot.

14th Jan 2012, 08:32

I am just beginning to search for a decent set of seat covers for my 95. I've never been a leather fan, so am not interested in having them recovered in leather. I could have them done in cloth I guess, but would prefer to not spend that much money if I can find a decent slip on that doesn't look crappy. Anyone have a suggestion?

6th Apr 2012, 13:14

This is a great site. I am from Vancouver Island Canada. Last summer my husband and I bought a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass sedan convertible. The car is black, with black leather seats, and black convertible top. I love the way it looks like a sports car, especially with the top down. The roll bar adds a real nice feature that I have not seen on any other convertible.

When we first purchased the car, everything worked perfect, except for the buttons on the steering wheel.

When the remote was used to lock or unlock the doors, an audible arm/disarm alert would sound off. However after a few months of use, this alert stopped working. Then a few weeks after that, the alarm that sounded when the door handle was pulled, while the door was locked, also stopped working.

I have parked the car in storage during the winter months, because the rear window seals need replacing. Rain water leaks into the trunk. I've heard that Camaro window seals will fit this type of car.

My questions is does anyone know why the alarm and the disarm/arm alert stopped working? Could it possibly be fuses?

A few weeks after we purchased the 1993 Olds, my family and I, returning from a camping trip, decided to take the scenic route home. while driving around a corner, my husband spied a car on the side of the road. He said, "Look, there's your car!" I couldn't believe that there was another car exactly the same as the one we had at home. As we drove by, I was amazed again, because there in the window, was a for sale sign. Of course we bought it. This second car is also black, but with red leather seats, and a black convertible top, and it is a 1993. Now we own two. They look so nice side by side when they are in the drive way.

8th May 2012, 17:05

I have a 94 Cutlass Supreme Convertible, but need a roof for a good price. Can anyone help? Thanks.

16th May 2012, 05:55

I purchased a new convertible top on eBay, then my husband and a friend installed it. It's not rocket science, but a bit tricky to install.

I never found a cheap way to replace it! Seems like the top and rear window (sold separately) were about $200. I went with black because it was an additional $100 to go with tan.

Get a couple bids from upholstery shops before you do anything, and ask what it would be to install a new top you purchase somewhere else.

Good luck!