30th Dec 2009, 15:01

I have a white '94 Cutlass Convertible with 3.4l DOHC. This car has a rebuilt trans with 15k miles on it. Rides really nice.

The rear quarter panel weatherstripping is difficult to fine. Look for an f-body Camaro or Firebird; I think the years are 92 and up. Along the front doors are weatherstripping in about a 3 ft long sections. Take one from the driver side door and passenger side door as you will need both.

You will have to drill holes in the bottom of the weatherstripping, and cut it to fit on your 'verts rear window.

Then rivet into place, and this material looks similar and is the same height, but is made of a different material that will last longer than the original weatherstripping on the convertible.

29th Jan 2010, 12:55

Jan, 10 bought my first convertible, 1994 Cutlass Supreme. I was on Craigslist just looking for a beater to get back and forth to work. I found a Red Black top Cutlass that a transmission shop had. They put on new brakes and rebuilt the transmission, and the guy did not have the money to pay for the work; the shop got the title instead. So I got the car for $1800.00. Very nice, no rust, nice top and smooth riding.

I gave it to a mechanic friend to work on, just to replace everything, so I can have history of the car… He just saw the 3.4, and said that just added money for the parts and laughed. He replaced everything from the head gasket up, and said the timing belt was in good shape.

I just love the look of the car; I fell in love when I saw it. My 19 yr old son can’t wait for summer to drive it. I plan on keeping it just the way it is.

Funny thing is, I bought it for a daily driver. Since it might snow and ice today, I left it home and brought the gas guzzler to keep it safe!!!

Everything works but the HUD. I will even keep the old stereo with the cassette player. I love having a cassette player; I still have them from high school.

The only thing is the strip under the back window like all the listings above. I will look into the 90 Camaro to fix that.

Just wanted to add my thoughts on an old but great looking car.

2nd Feb 2010, 05:22

Hello people,

I am thinking to pull the trigger on a 94-95 Olds Cutlass Conv. for a couple of reasons. I use to own the fire red 94 SL Coupe, and it was always a favorite car and a timeless design, but I am a ragtop guy, and I traded it in for 99 Chrysler Sebring in 2000. I would have hoped to drive the Olds Convertible to compare against, but the Sebring won out. It has been a great car too.

It's eleven years later and I want to get that chance at enjoying the Cutlass Convertible (most likely the 95). I have read (on this blog site) that the 3.1L V6 is the prudent choice over the 3.4L V. Please, if you can, sell me on the 3.4L V6 since it is the common engine in the fully loaded convertible package. Only a few convertibles out there with the 3.1L V6.

I will assume most operating used 93, 94, 95 (w/ 3.4L) convertibles with 70K plus miles have had the timing belt replaced and have had the gaskets replaced and in general are properly maintained. Do I get the 3.1L or the 3.4L? I want to have the car as a daily driver and reliability is a must.

Let me know: soulman_art@yahoo.com

I will come back to read often and share the love when I get "the car".

24th Apr 2010, 13:20

I live in Alta and have a 1994 Olds Cutlass convertible, White with Burgundy leather interior. It has the 3.4; it turns this car from nice to WOW! It is not hard to work on if you get a service manual. I changed my timing belt myself and I am in no way a mech. I am however looking for a nice set of after market wheels, anyone got ideas?

Thanks, Mike.

27th Apr 2010, 23:48

Hello everybody. I'm glad I ran into this site to find Cutlass fans!! I recently bought a 1994 convertible 3.4 that was a beater. But as I started fixing the car, I fell in love with it! It's red with a white top, and the interior is white.

Well my problem is that I need parts to make it look nice again. Does anybody around Chicago or in the US know where I can find parts? Please email at noe_garcia47@yahoo.com, thanks!! Noe.

14th May 2010, 00:53

I have a 1994 Olds Cutlass Convertible. Where the convertible comes down at the windshield to mount my circle holes, the pins that go into the windshield frame are gone/cracked to nothing. Can they be replaced?

I'm also having issues where I am taking on water in storms. Today the backseat had several inches of water. The seal of the top to the windshield frame isn't sealing and just letting the water come on in. This really is a shame. When I look at the fit of the top, there is about a 1/4 to 3/8 inch gap in the top to lip for the windshield frame.

Does anyone know where you can get new weatherstripping and also if the top should have a gap when you clamp it down. Lastly is locating source for the pin guides into the windshield frame. Thanks for your help! ricklord@charter.net

16th May 2010, 10:16

I purchased a 92 Cutlass coupe about 7 years ago with the 3.4 engine, and fell in love with it. After buying it, I saw a convertible version and had always wanted a rag top. After a couple of years, I found a 94 red Cutlass convertible with the 3.4 and a black top, and traded the 92 in for it.

It had a few rust spots, but I only drive it in the summer since I live in northeast Ohio and the salt would destroy it. We have replaced both front quarters and the hood, and the next step will be replacing the rear quarters and the trunk lid.

The rockers and doors are solid - the 92 had issues with rust in these areas, so I knew what to check for when I purchased the 94.

The top looks decent, but the seals need replaced since I get some small drips when it rains. I also need new seals on the outside of the rear quarter windows. I have noticed this is an issue with most of these cars, but I have not been able to track down replacements. I found the inside sweeps, but not the outside.

Another problem I noticed on both the 92 and the 94 is the heat vent on top of the dash. Both have popped out and eventually would not stay in, but I am not sure where to get a replacement for it.

The 94 had 90,000 miles on it when I purchased it, and now it has 160,000. I love the car and plan to keep it.

5th Jun 2010, 07:53

FOUND: Source for Windshield Glass Rubber Seals - 90-95 Olds Cutlass Convertibles.

All, I have a 95 Cutlass Convertible... I've just found a source for the Windshield Glass Rubber seal that shrinks and dries up.. this is the rubber molding that goes between the A Pillar black metal frame, and the actual windshield glass. I've been looking for 4 years and stumbled across this website. I emailed them, sent pictures, and they sent me replacement seals that fit. I just installed them this past week and they fit and look good.

Check out: http://www.thecliphouse.com/

You can also email Amanda at autorubber@aol.com. Just tell her I referred you... and that you are looking for the same part I was... she is now familiar with this.

Hopefully we'll start seeing more aftermarket seals and parts for the upper part of these cars. Mine is still a beauty and head turner... and I plan to keep indefinitely!!!

Hope this helps...