18th May 2012, 20:45

I have a black 3.4 with the 4 buckets I am going to sell. To do the rear mouldings, you go to a junk yard, get the belt or window mouldings off of a 1994-2002 F-body, cut them to fit, and rivet them on to the Olds mouldings. Looks and works great for about $20.

19th May 2012, 10:05

I have a black 3.4 with the 4 buckets I am going to sell. To do the rear mouldings you go to a junk yard, get the belt or window mouldings off of a 1994-2002 F-body, cut them to fit and rivet them on to the Olds mouldings. Looks and works great for about $20.

29th May 2012, 15:22

What is the best site to sell one of these on? My hubby wants to get rid of my 95 Cutlass and my 90 Corvette, and get a newer convertible Vette.

5th Jun 2012, 18:02

We have a 1995 Cutlass Supreme convertible - loaded - a beauty-shiny red, nice paint, white top, white leather interior. We were told it is one of 16 made that year.

No advice, but we need help in finding the snap on cover that protects the top when it is down. Don't know what it is called, but it has a small hole near the edge.

Hope someone can help. Thank you, Bob.

6th Jun 2012, 20:30

I came across this site while looking for replacement weather strip for the windshield of my '95 convert. I bought it new, red with black leather. 36,000 miles on it, can't wait till it's old enough for value insurance, since I've been hit once & had to beg my insurance to fix it.

Only problems are with the CD player, and have replaced the antenna.

Love this car, used to drive it all the time, even in snow. Now stored in winter, enjoyed in summer.

Love this site! Thanks for all the info.

6th Jun 2012, 22:09

You can catch leather top covers on Ebay like I did, but it took me many tries to win one at around $400 back in 2003.

12th Jun 2012, 08:18

If you mean the convertible boot cover, I got one on EBay several years ago for about $180.

30th Sep 2012, 11:39

My son has the same car with the same issues... did you ever find your oil leak, because I don’t want start a project till I have the details.

2nd Oct 2012, 20:26

Hi - I have a 95 black Cutlass convertible. I am thinking about driving it this winter. Have always stored it, but realize it is depreciating all the time & I may as well use it. Have you driven yours in the snow? It is the 3.4 - incidentally I am in Ontario too. Once I get the leaks sealed up, I should be good.

Thanks - shan.mccl@gbtel.ca.

17th Oct 2012, 14:51

I have a 94 Cutlass Convertible, and I got the carpet for mine out of a 95 coupe in a salvage yard. It fit exactly.

22nd Dec 2012, 23:49

Hello Olds Fans

I was surfing around and found the Olds convertible forum. Anyone willing to sell any parts off? First of all, a boot bag to store the boot in the truck in. Would very much like to locate the original bag. Also by chance the emblems off the doors and front fenders (1994).

Hope to hear back, Mike from Oshawa Ontario, tlaszkiewicz@yahoo.ca


12th Feb 2013, 09:04

Would you say they are the same size/shape? All the aftermarket websites say they will not fit the convertible. With your experience, in your opinion, would an aftermarket for a coupe fit the convertible?

Thanks very much.

24th Mar 2013, 21:31

Do you have some parts or an address where I could find rear window strips for my Cutlass Supreme 1995 Convertible?

25th Mar 2013, 09:11

Google should pull up a lot of sources for that.

26th Apr 2013, 00:14

I hope by now you have enjoyed your vert. I do not understand all the talk about the 3.4L engine. I have owned both the 3.1 and the 3.4, and the 3.4 is most definitely the better engine! I have a 94 vert with quad buckets, teal blue with white top, HUD display and factory installed trailer hitch!

I bought it in 2006 with 85K miles, and it how has 126K miles. All I have ever done to this engine is replace the triple coil pack (just last summer). Other than regular maintenance, that's it. I use nothing but Mobil 1 5W20 and Mobil 1 oil filters. Any other filters suck.

I changed my oil every year, once a year in the spring, rotate my tires, completely detail the car inside and out. I changed the plugs and wires last year, and the timing belt was changed at 80K miles, right before I bought it. The tranny was also rebuilt then.

I have driven the car trouble free for 7 years now, and I only paid $3000 for it.

2nd May 2013, 21:27

We had to use weather stripping from a 1978 Cutlass and cut it to size.

26th Jun 2013, 10:36

You need to buy a whole new back window for that leak, which is $300.00... I did it & NO MORE LEAKAGE! :-)

3rd Jan 2014, 18:11

Well poop. My little green baby has a bad head gasket at 173,000 miles. Not sure I want to put the money in it to fix her.

Have just put Goodyear Eagles on it and redid the seats. Took out the cracked and worn out leather, and had a nice velour put on them. I mean, JUST did both of these.

I bought new rear window mouldings off a 95 Camaro to install in the spring. Just replaced a rear caliper and rear brakes, and bought front brakes shoes, but doesn't need them just yet. She needs a lower ball joint and outer tie rod end, and have the parts for both sides, even though the right side is all that is bad.

Any thoughts on the value of the car with the bad head gasket if I throw in the extra parts?

Coolant is burning out the tailpipe according to my mechanic, and there is no mix of fluids. The car runs fine, mechanic said to check the coolant level every couple days, but I'm thinking she's parked til I can figure out a plan of action.

4th Jan 2014, 09:07

Use Bar's Leak Liquid Copper Block Seal in your antifreeze. That should buy you another year or two before you have to deal with the problem. It does work, and I have used it on multiple vehicles with bad coolant leaks. Have a nice day.

14th Jan 2014, 22:18

Just found this site! I ordered a 1993, 3.4 from the factory that year. Only drive it in the summer on a few nice days. It's black with the graphite leather interior and black top. It has only 7,000 original miles on it. YES, SEVEN! I store it on blocks from October until June because I live in the Chicago area. A fantastic handling car and drop dead gorgeous. I never knew about all the problems with this model. Probably because it is always in the garage. Didn't realize these are becoming collector items. What would this sell for if I decided to let it go?

17th Jan 2014, 09:34

Check the hydraulic fluid in the top cylinders.

6th Mar 2014, 20:02

I have 94 white Cutlass Supreme Convertible. Was doing the same thing... ordered a new top from eBay, under 200.00 as it was starting to tear, and had a local car upholsterer put it on, and he told me the top can be adjusted, and he just tightened the top so that it now meets the window when up, so no more water leaking.