3rd Jun 2014, 15:58

I believe the cover you are talking about is called a "Parade Boot".

3rd Jul 2014, 20:10

I came across an ad that says they have a part that will replace that part. They modified a seal from another car to fit the Cutlass Convertible. If I come across it again, I'll post the contact info.

1-719-636-1765 is a number for a company that has rubber products for 94 Cutlass Convertible. They may be able to help. Her name is Amanda.

6th Jul 2014, 07:40

I have a 1994 convertible, light metallic blue, dark grey interior, 3.4L, 60,400 miles.

I bought the car in 1999 from a friend at work, He had just spent almost $3,000 to rebuild the 3.4 after his wife ran it out of oil and dropped a rod at about 37,000 miles. He was sick of it and just wanted rid of it.

I always had loved the car and still do. It had to sit for about 6 years because of a work related accident. In the last month we have replaced the fuel pump, gas tank, filter, cleaned the lines, had the injectors cleaned, and a new battery. It fired right up and ran like new. But the first drive in the neighborhood, we found that the heater core was leaking in the floor. We will tackle this problem, and replace the evap core while everything is apart, next week.

I look forward to getting it on the road again, and will never sell it unless old age requires it. Trim parts can be almost impossible to find, but I only need a rear side window rubber; glad to find information about the Camaro rubber that can be fitted. I tried to buy the left side rubber in 2001 and the dealer said that there were (3) right side parts available for $56.00, and no left parts and there never will be any more. I will soon replace the struts and most if not all bushings in the front and rear suspension, along with the spring pads on the rear leaf spring.

Production # I found: 1993 - 6751, 1994 - 8638, 1995 - 4490 for a total of 19,879.

11th Jul 2014, 16:14

Read your comments. I also have a 1994 Cutlass convertible and need a new roof. Where on eBay did you locate the roof? I live in Ontario, Canada.

19th Jul 2014, 20:56

On my 94 Cutlass Convertible, it was the blinker switch, and also the green wire coming from the switch to the rear. Change that and check the wire going in the door valley, and you should be drinking a cold one happily if you drink.

24th Jul 2014, 01:21

We are now the proud owners of a 1994 Convertible in the most amazing colour of blue. It is in fabulous shape. One thing does not work, that is the lights on the roll bar (for lack of a better terminology) Anyone know how to fix???

16th Aug 2014, 06:30

We just bought our first 95 Cutlass Convertible. I am looking for a convertible boot in tan, fuse box panel, and original radio. Can anybody help with the best place to get parts? I could also use the molding on the bottom of the 2 back side windows. Thank you for any help.