4th Aug 2010, 11:36

Great Cutlass owner site & glad I found the site. I own two, 94 & 95, both 3.4. Love them, as does my wife.

Triple white 95 52k, light cloisonne blue/white top., in.93k.

Hope to share some pictures later.

Have owned 5 verts & several coupes. Only one 3.1, & all I can say about the 3.1 is that it was a dog.

Later, Mike in Indiana.

24th Aug 2010, 16:30

Whew! Do I ever feel a kindred spirit to you all. I bought a 95 Cutlass Olds Supreme convertible a couple of years ago. It had one owner (whom I knew), had been garaged, and only had 65,000 miles on it. It was for my 16 year old daughter.

Three months later she got T-boned with both her and my younger daughter in the car. The insurance company totalled it, and everyone who could discouraged me from fixing it. Well, it saved my kids from serious injury and possibly worse due to the heaviness of those convertible doors.

Anyway, I fixed it up. At first it was terrible. Parts were expensive (those that we could find), and we'd get one thing fixed until another problem would show up. The sheer impact of the collision jarred screws, hoses, etc loose.

I stuck it out - I had it restored. My daughter has driven it since (once she got over her fear of driving again). It is loaded, black leather, etc. The original owner paid $29,000 in 95. It's a 3.4L DOHC. Now my daughter has gone to college and it will be a few years before the next one can drive.

I'm trying to decide about selling it. It needs the convertible top window seals because the ones on it are old and leaking, and it needs a new power antenna - it works fine for reception, but won't go up and down anymore. The antenna motor seems to be working but the antenna doesn't move.

The dome light has switches that are stuck and it doesn't work. I would like to at least get these areas spruced up prior to putting it on the market. Does anyone have any good sources of these kinds of parts? Oh, and the driver's side fog lamp lens has a hole in it. I can't find one of those anywhere. All in all, these are only cosmetic issues. The convertible top is pristine and the engine still only has 75,000 miles on it.

Thanks, fellow sufferers/worshippers.

27th Aug 2010, 11:02

My 95 convertible has a weird wiring issue. I replaced the entire rear wiring harness, so it must be something else, as it does the same thing with the new wiring. When the headlights are on, and I turn on the left blinker, the left taillight goes out. The blinker blinks inside the car and in the front but not at the rear. The 3rd brake light works all the time. Could it be the light switch on the dash or the turn signal indicator handle? Email me at jforst5125@yahoo.com if you have some ideas!

31st Aug 2010, 15:59

Not being smart, but did you check the rear bulb?

Sometimes they look good, but maybe bad. Also check for a wire around the light; it maybe pinched or grounded to metal later.

31st Aug 2010, 23:02

I purchased a 95 convertible with 3.4 engine from the original owner three months ago. It's all original 58,000 actual miles, original teal green with tan top and tan leather interior. Always garage kept in mint original condition (Arizona car absolutely no rust ever). Heads really turn. I don't need any parts. Enjoy driving it to shows. I love it. Plan to keep it indefinitely. I love this website.

3rd Sep 2010, 06:12

Yes, thanks. Rear bulb (and all bulbs) have been replaced and wiring checked for pinches. I am going to replace the turn signal/blinker handle thing next. Found a mechanic who says since that is where it is all controlled from, it could be the problem. I will occasionally have to jiggle it to get the blinkers to work, so I'm thinking it could be have a short.

On another note, I ordered the front windshield black molding from the Clip House (Amanda from a previous post) and will have it installed next week. She said it is not an exact fit, but at least 40 people have ordered it and none have been returned. Going to have a 77 degree sunny day here in NE Kansas - top down all the way! Love my car! (and this site!!)

5th Sep 2010, 14:48

Sept.5, 2010. Just bought my '95 Cutlass convertible, and so far so good. Dark teal with tan roof and leather. It had been sitting for a few months, and was running rough, but every day it gets better. Thumbs up from people when I drive it, if they only knew how bad the top leaks! I see many asking about weather seal kits, but no one responding. Are they not available?

11th Sep 2010, 00:53

I bought a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible. Love the car, and it does have some issues.

It has 94,000 miles on it - red with black interior - the side rear window molding is cracked and chipped - the rear glass window needs to be sealed - found the sealant to do that myself (black Sikaflex 221 One-Component Adhesive Sealant) car needs shocks & struts - got new tires for it - last owner had it stored and tires were ten years old.. also replaced power steering pump.

All in all, when I track down all the leaks (rear window and passenger side (somewhere) - it is a nice car - also never seen a car with bucket rear seats before. I sat back there, and thought I was sitting in front. Very nice.

13th Sep 2010, 20:48

I have a 94 Convertible Limited Edition. It's black with a black top. Really enjoy driving it. Can anyone tell me what made the Limited Edition different? Thanks.

14th Sep 2010, 06:52

I love my 94 convertible.

Typical issues of bad rear curtain and some leaky weatherstripping aside, my only real problems with the car are the rear struts, specifically the rear strut mounts. The rear tires began to tilt inward and the uncontrollable nature of the car when I hit bumps in the road made it unsafe to drive. I have seen others on the road look just like mine did, so I think it is somewhat common. Now, with the replacement of the rear struts and mounts, new tires and a 4 wheel alignment, the car is like new again.

The 3.1 motor is a great one and will last well over 200k miles.

2nd Oct 2010, 23:26

I just bought a 93 Cutlass convertible. Love the car but:

1 - The top leaks.

2 - I don't like the feel of the brakes.

I see others have leaky roof problems. Has anyone come up with a solution?

Does anyone have any suggestions on improving the braking system?


29th Oct 2010, 14:05

I have a 94 Olds Cutlass Supreme Convertible with 72000 miles on it up here in Ontario, Canada. I have been trying to get the timing belt changed, but they either do not have the necessary tool at non-dealerships, or talk about hundreds and hundreds of dollars in labour. Anyone who has replaced this belt, either yourself or at a shop, I would appreciate your guidance as to the time involved and the expected costs. I want to take it to Florida in December, but have been hesitating driving it there without the belt replaced. Any thoughts\/

Ron from ONTARIO, Canada.