1978 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale 2 Door 350 Oldsmobile V8 5.7 Liter from North America


"There's a special feel in an Oldsmobile"


Normal wear and tear items (shocks, brakes, tires, etc.) several times. wiper motor a/c recharged twice, and replaced compressor the second time tie rod ends master cylinder carburetor rebuilt you joints timing chain just last week.

General Comments:

Here is a true testament to what an American car used to be made of. No computers, no endless sensors or wiring harnesses getting in the way of maintenance. Just reliable, smooth performance and timeless style, packaged in nearly 2 tons of chrome and Detroit iron. I inherited this car from my great grandma before she died, and it was her baby. She was very picky about maintaining it, and who she let drive or borrow it. She would probably be turning over in her grave if she saw the way I used to drive it at the age of 19, but 15 years later I've matured, although I do have to show the occasional poser kid in a grand am or civic what a real car is at the stoplight! After nearly 28 years on the road and nearly 300,000 miles, this car shows no signs of slowing down or dying. The original carmine red paint is starting to fade due to age and sun, and the transmission seals and valve cover and head gaskets are finally going bad. The interior of this car is immaculate, and can seat six adults with ease.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2006

17th Apr 2006, 17:05

Well written review. Glad to hear you've kept it that long! I bought a two door 1987 Chevy Caprice Landau from the second owner when I was 18, I'm 22 now and wonder if I'll still have it when I'm your age. I agree with everything in your review. Hold on to the car- they're great values and classics in their own right in my opinion.

12th May 2006, 12:57

How true! The last of breed. Gone are the days when you could replace a water pump for less than thirty bucks or change a set of eight plugs for less than ten bucks.

I put over 300k on my 77 350 ci. custom cruiser and regret the day I sold it. It was a wonderful car, lots of room and drove like a dream. If GM was still making them today, I'd buy one in a blink of an eye regardless of the environmentalists. For such a big car, it averaged about seventeen miles per gallon and on the highway, it got well over twenty.

Too bad GM pulled the plug on Olds, these cars had character and were built like brick outhouses. Mine was as dependable as ice in winter. It never failed to start even in the coldest of mornings and the heater would blast hot air almost immediately. I used mine to haul building materials to build a cottage in the great white north.

This car contributed to a lot of memories of when my kids were young and I'm truly glad I owned it. I'm driving a Pontiac Montana SV6 now, but I'd trade it for a new Custom Cruiser any time.

1978 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale 350 Rocket V8 from North America


A great example of an American full-size car


The heater core went bad, but that was replaced.

The brakes were locking up caused by faulty calipers, I replaced them.

The engine had small oil leak which I did not detect right away and in turn it brought the end of my driving it.

General Comments:

Extremely comfortable to drive.

This was my first car and I think it's a shame that I will base my opinions of other cars on such an awesome car.

Very easy to handle.

There is only one drawback, my dad wanted to drive it more than I did.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2005

1978 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale 350 V8 from North America


The best car ever.


Nothing has gone wrong with this car other than some minor rust caused by the massive quantities of salt poured on Maine roads in the winter. It has since been corrected.

Everything is original, and still works except for the analog clock in the dash, which has to be set every time you drive the car.

General Comments:

This car is capable of acheiving straight line speeds of over 130 miles an hour.

This car is the most obscenely comfortable vehicle I have ever had the privilige of riding in.

Girls look at my car and smile at me. Or my car. I'm not really sure. Whatever it is, it can be safely said that this vehicle is a chick magnet.

The hood is extremely large and strong, and is excellent to lay on on a hot summer night and look at the stars.

This car is quieter than my mother's 2001 V6 Toyota Highlander, and can toast it on the highway.

This car rides ridiculously comfortably, and can hit a pothole at sixty and remain unfazed.

It is reliable as hell, and sinking into that leather bench seat at 1am after nine hours of washing dishes, cranking the engine and feeling that big V8 catch within two seconds is the best feeling in the world.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2004

28th May 2004, 10:14

Are you sure they are smiling? or laughing?

21st Jan 2005, 18:42

I have a 79 delta88 and it can easily hit 120mph.

10th Mar 2008, 10:26

I had my 1978 Olds Delta 88 with the 350 V8 up to 127 MPH one time, I know it was accurate because the cop who nailed me told me so. I just got my license back last month! :-)

14th Apr 2008, 00:06

1978 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale, 4-door, 350R (Olds) engine, 350 transmission. Clocked at 135 MPH by a 280Z with speedometer that went to 160MPH. Handling is a little scarey after you hit about 110 though.

3rd Apr 2009, 23:26

I have a Delta 88 coupe with a 403 I was going to get rid of. But after reading this, and sad crossover tests that only get 14-16 mpg in the city, I am going to fix that car up. While those 6 speed autos hunt for gears to climb a grade, that 403 rocket will be eating it for lunch. Plus it weighs 1000 lbs less than most of them; a fact I still can't believe. Oh well, at least while they are making payments, and sending it for warranty work, I will be cruising along 'In My Merry Oldsmobile'.

4th Apr 2009, 21:22

I thought the speedometers of the 1977-85 Oldsmobile 88's and the GM full size cars only went up to 85mph.

29th Oct 2009, 13:32

The speedo goes to 100 on my '76 Delta, but I've got it up to 120 ish according to my now very embarrassed Civic driving buddy.

29th Oct 2009, 20:02

To the poster of 14th Apr 2008, 00:06:

135 mph with a 350? NO! With a 455, yes.

20th Oct 2010, 21:25

YEAHHH. I've got a 78 Delta 88 Royale, and my speedometer only goes up to 85, but I've got way past that; probably like 115-120. No joke...

7th Nov 2010, 00:41

I was clocked at 136 MPH in my '79 Olds Delta 88 with 350R Olds engine. His speedometer went up to 160 MPH.

7th Nov 2010, 21:09

- I'd believe that if you had a 455 instead of a 350.