1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royal Bourgham 5.0L V8 308 HP from North America


Best car ever!!!


Loose shifter knob.

Lost jewels in hood ornament.

Idle speed increased.

Knob for glove compartment came off.

General Comments:

Incredible car, sure, not the greatest on gas, but will last for ever.

Don't make em like they used too, that's for sure.

Fun and very comfortable to drive.

Lots of bells and whistles for it's time.

A truly brilliant car!!!

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Review Date: 4th April, 2003

1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale 307 5.0L V8 from North America


Floating den that can relocate you with style, speed and grace


When I purchased this car I paid 1450.00 for it. It was at night time and I inspected it with a small flashlight. It had no body damage, but an original paint job which of course could use a new lick. Leather top was spotless as car was garaged most of it's life. When I saw old people coming out of the house I knew it was mine. The woman presented me with every document or proof of work/repair including routine oil changes which never passed 3000 miles. To make my drooling experience shorter I will tell you this. The car has original 1984 floor mats. These people got rid of this car because of gas mileage alone. Their sacrifice, my steal. As far as Repairs and upgrades I know it will be cheaper than my nissan altima 1996.This car needs a shock this part costs 19.99.Need I say more. It is everything my nissan is not.Bigger, faster, stronger, more comfortable and more storage. Not to mention when you get on the open highways it floats unlike these little 4 cylinders that just about blow their engines when trying to accelerate. Did I mention it's almost 20 years old.20's here we come.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2003

22nd Nov 2003, 15:32

That's so right bro.

I got mine like that too, in perfect condition even after 18 years. We gotta make a club to celebrate these cars desptite the low mileage, but strong body. They don't do them of that quality anymore.

24th May 2004, 19:55

Your Right, They are Great cars. My Grandfather gave me his 1984 Delta 88 (a Black two door). The 307's they came with are reliable and powerful. I work in a garage, and it's not uncommon to see these cars with around 200,000+ miles and still running smooth. Maintained well, it should they should last for decades to come!

20th Jul 2005, 08:01

I just bought the same car and so far I love it. it is so smooth to drive. I have a couple of rust spots not very big. other that that it is in superb condition. I would like to chat about the car I don't know too much this is my first car! My e-mail yughvb2000@yahoo.com.

1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale 5.0L 307ci V8 from North America


A high performance luxury car at a bargain


The original paint job started to wear around 30,000 miles because it had been sitting in a driveway for years.

General Comments:

This car is great, other than replacing the muffler a few times, the car is extremely reliable. The car is at a suprising 54,000 miles and the stock 307 cubic inch 4 barrel V8 is still running strong enough to race around town in. The car is so comfortable I have nicknamed it the couch. Leave it to Oldsmobile to make a great long lasting car. The stock stereo is very boring so I replaced it. The ashtray is nice, it has a light and a special spot for holding fat blunts! This car looks like somthing Al Capone would drive, strictly gangster. Aftermarket parts for this car are very cheap and are very easy to find.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2002

1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale from North America


Although it's a gas guzzler, it will last you forever!


Needs rebuilt carburetor.

Gas gage does not work.

Speedometer does not work.

Driver's side window does not work.

General Comments:

The car guzzles down gas, especially if your driving short distances.

The car is very comfortable, it's hard not to fall asleep while your driving it.

Great engine, it will last forever.

Handles great.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2002

3rd Mar 2005, 13:57

So you don't know what engine it has? Well there were three engines avalable on the 1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale so lets see: If it's a V-6 (which it probably isn't) it's a Buick 231 Cubic Inch (3.8 Liter) with 110 Horsepower, If it has a (gasoline powered) V-8 it's an Oldsmobile 307 Cubic Inch (5.0 Liter) with 140 Horsepower, Or if it has a (diesel powered) V-8 it's an Oldsmobile 350 Cubic Inch (5.7 Liter) with 105 Horsepower.

28th Feb 2007, 20:14

I'm sorry to advise that the above comment is wrong. The 1984 Olds Delta 88 had 150 hp. It was only downgraded in 1985 to 140. Check it out experts.

18th Dec 2009, 06:36

Yes that's very true, in 1985 they start using the 7a heads, which had small ports and lost about 8 hp, but otherwise the 307 is a monster of reliability, and I've won some street races against some rice burners haha (without even trying).

If your gas mileage is off, try replacing the oxygen sensor, as when they go bad, the MPG drops to like 10. Only use a true ACDelco oxygen sensor, as Bosch oxygen sensors cause surging, rough idle, and they don't last long. I had a Bosch O2 sensor, and it only lasted 5k miles before throwing codes.