1987 Oldsmobile Delta 88 3.8 V6 from North America


A sturdy reliable car with an incredible engine


EGR valve replaced in 2000.

Cruise control no longer works.

Radio has to be smacked around to get it to work.

Water pump went in 2001.

Rack and pinion replaced in 2001.

Driver's seat no longer in upright position, a little uncomfortable on long trips.

Left turn signal no longer cancels out automatically.

General Comments:

As many others have said, this car is quite deceptive if you're going on looks alone; it has all the hallmarks of a "granny" car. I desperately needed a car and I bought it from the estate of an elderly man my in-laws knew who kept it garaged and used it to go on local trips to the store, etc. Since it never really went out on the highway in its 1st twelve years, we had to do a lot of work year one (about $2K worth) to get it up to snuff. Gave it a massive tuneup - the mechanic was amazed because it still had all the original parts, including the air filter, put on 4 new tires, replaced the EGR valve which was causing a rich fuel mixture problem and she was good to go.

Mostly regular maintenance except in 2001 when she needed a rack and pinion replaced, and water pump later that year, but after 14 years something's going to quit; finally replaced catalytic converter a few weeks ago, it went for nearly 130K miles (not bad!)

Very good passing power, what a terrific engine under the hood - my neighbor always comments that it purrs like a kitten and I should never get rid of this car. This is an excellent car for all kinds of weather. I find the brakes last a long time on this car, in the 110K miles I've driven I've only replaced the front brakes 2x and the rear brakes 1x. Tires also last pretty long time, at least 60K if you rotate them about every 6-7K miles.

I'm having some problems with the car now, but the mechanic can't quite pinpoint whether it's the tranny, torque converter, timing chain or what. It's not shifting gears properly and it's eating a lot of gas as a result. Fuel econo is usually excellent on this car, have gotten as much as 450 miles on a tank (or about 28 miles to the gallon). Econo is now about 23/gallon.

One thing I've noticed, and maybe it's because of its earlier life, but this car strongly prefers the highway; open her up and she's happy -- when driving locally has a tendency to run rough and stall sometimes. Stalling problem is much more noticeable in summer after doing a highway stretch and coming into town - perhaps it was the cat - guess we'll find out next year.

Overall, I love this car; it's peppy, safe and great all around. I prefer driving it over my husband's newer Lumina because my car just has more guts and can really climb the hills pretty well. I feel very safe in it, even with the problems it's having right now. Treat it right with regular oil changes and tire rotates; do your proper maintenance and this gem will probably last 300K miles.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2003

1987 Oldsmobile Delta 88 3.8L V6 from North America


High performance, low maintenence, great comfort!


Transmission replaced at 120,000. Since then driven like a dream.

Minor -- window roller upper thing (heh) knobs have fallen off constantly, passenger side knob lost forever, bit of a hassle to roll up/down windows.

Minor -- gas gauge a bit off, on a hill going up it's generous, on a hill going down it's meek.

Minor -- passenger side seat doesn't adjust very well, front seats are a little worn.

Minor -- cigarette lighter hasn't worked for the last thousand or so miles (mystery, luckily my trust Zippo hasn't failed ever).

Radiator replaced at 110,000.

AC doesn't have freon and even if it did the AC has been busted for a few years. In Washington our summers usually aren't bad so it's been on the backburner replacing it.

General Comments:

I *LOVE* this car! On the line is FAST. It ZOOMS. I eat Ricers on the freeway, it rides like a TANK.

The seats are hands down the most comfortable I've EVER been in. It's easy to sleep in this car, even though I'm 6'3" 240lbs.

I get very reasonable gas mileage, 25 circa city, 30 circa highway. For a huge car, it's great mileage.

My Grandmother bought this new in 1987. They ALWAYS bought Oldsmobile's dating back to 1954. They took very good care of their cars, and this Delta 88 was no exception. For some reason, they bought this car with nothing power, failing drive train. Then it went to my Mother when my grandparents died, and finally to me since I'm going to college.

This car rides like it's on clouds and is very fun. The ladies like it since the body has been repaired and had a paint job. Looks sharp.

No major complaints about this car, except I prefer manual (cheaper to maintain and fix).

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Review Date: 19th November, 2003