28th Oct 2009, 18:51

Replaced thermostat and radiator temp still going high. Fans cut in but only blow cool air. At 2500 rpms or so gauge drops. Anyone solve this problem with their 2000 Intrigue? Used to shut off while driving and eventually only started with remote starter. A new ignition switch solved that problem.

3rd Nov 2009, 20:51

Update from Sept. 2009 post:

Replaced the fuel pressure regulator.. about $60 and 20 minutes of my time. Now it starts up great... I might hit 250,000 with this thing yet.

10th Nov 2009, 21:13

I am a 2000 Intrigue owner. I have a ton of issues and not a ton of money to fix them either. When it's cold, the lights flicker, which seems common with these cars. The gas gauge doesn't work so I have to keep up with my trip and mileage to know when I need gas again. The blower motor doesn't work we replaced it, and the new one didn't work either. I read somewhere that it could be the resistor, but I am not sure. The driver window is currently being held up with a wedge of wood... LOL. I think it's possessed!!! If anyone can help with these issues, please email me at baby46g@yahoo.com. Subject Intrigue or car problems!!! Thank you!

19th Nov 2009, 16:41

I own a 2000 Intrigue and want to sell but want to deal with some things first:

I thought I had it bad but after reading some other comments, WOW, it could be worse. My biggest one right now is one that is not mentioned on any of these comments; my "Service Vehicle Soon" light is on and with it the ABS and Traction Control light. When these lights come on I lose my power steering along with the ABS and Trac Cont. The weird thing is is that once every few months the lights will go off for about two minutes and everything will go back to normal. Any hints???

My other problems are the turning signals and the blower motor (only blows on high) but thanks to everyone's comments I have some options.

21st Jan 2010, 15:25

I have a 2000 Intrigue, and my car just won't start; it stops out of nowhere. Had a new starter put in, wasn't the problem. It clicks whenever I try to turn it over, that's about it. It won't do anything. If anyone has a clue what the problem could be, please email me and let me know at Doublet44.tj@gmail.com Thanks!

16th Feb 2010, 15:52

I have a 2000 Intrigue. I started experienced problems with opening and locking/unlocked the front passenger side door. Now the door does not open at all. I'd like to remove the interior door panel to investigate and hopefully fix. Anyone know how to get the door panel open with the door closed? All the tips I've seen on how the get the panel open assume that the door is open and not closed!

22nd Feb 2010, 22:32

I have a 2000 Olds Intrigue with 156,000 miles on it.

Just replaced the transmission; complete rebuild with a new torque converter.

Also replaced the CV boots, oil pan gasket, oil pressure sending unit and brakes.

The car has had some of the issues mentioned on this site; the door locks stopped working, had to take it to the shop to get it fixed. The window would not roll down. The car goes through oil like crazy! The car also tends to make a sound like boiling water.

I bought the car with 16,000 miles in 2001, and it has been a very good car until recently.

Since I bought the car, I have always had a coolant issue. I had the thermostat replaced, water pump, hoses, coolant crossover, and there's like 4 or 5 gaskets that need to be replaced with that piece.

I just got it out of the transmission shop. Only paid $1400; friends own the transmission shop, but now the car is leaking antifreeze and oil. I have taken off the valve cover and the ignition coil assembly, and there's oil every where. Not a good sign! I'm working to get to the heads, and plan on also taking a look at the manifold gasket. I'm thinking both are leaking?

I just had the car repainted, and new headlights, the car is beautiful, so I hate to get rid of it, especially after a new transmission. I went and bought the book, and I'm thinking that the manifold gasket needs to be replaced. After reading all of your comments, it sounds like it is a very common problem.

I appreciate the fact that so many people have taken the time to provide such helpful information! Best of luck to you all!

12th May 2010, 09:38

...yes... the INTRIGUES use oil...

When your low oil light comes on, it's probably down a litre and a half. You must check often.. at least once a week...

Northstar Cadillac engines & the 3.L are well known for consumption... oil is cheap.. keep a 5 litre jug in the trunk with a funnel & towel.

If your blinkers work intermittently, it's "normal' for this car... although unsafe. The sockets need replacing, or, quick fix... gently push the hazard button.. when it works... then blinkers will most likely return for a moment.. weird eh..?.. LOL.

Also.. as far as the overheating/coolant temp spiking.... the filler neck of the rad filler can become rough.. thereby leaking coolant... have it sanded smooth.. this may help.

If your car quits while turning or in the middle of driving, I've read that the overhead rail system that delivers fuel can leak, thereby misting fuel over the sensor, which then tells the car that it's too "rich', and shuts it down.

16th Jun 2010, 06:21

I have a 2000 Intrigue with 130,000 miles.

I have noticed the oil consumption and headlights flickering. The dash lights seems to go out once in a while, especially the speedometer, not good when driving at night.

The gas gauge really stumps me. Once it reaches 1/2 tank, it starts rising back up. I know I need gas when it gets near full again.

The A/C switch on the dash does not work, push it and light doesn't come on, but the fan works when the heat is on.

The blinkers have just started giving me problems, sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

Th knobs for the fan and heater broke off. I am using needle nose pliers until I find time to go to junkyard for new ones.

20th Jul 2010, 21:33

I have a 2000 Intrigue with the same common problems as most of you, but now I have another problem; there is a clunking sound coming from underneath the car on the driver's side front. If anyone is having the same problem and have had it fixed, please let me know.

30th Sep 2010, 20:48

I have a 2001 Intrigue. I received it at 130000 miles, and have one problem after another with it.

First of all, it will not crank until I have turned it over at least 3 times. Once it cranks, it sounds as if a vacuum cleaner is being turned off, or something to that effect, which is very weird to me. Replaced the front and rear coil packs, but did not help... still not starting on first turn.

Gas gauge always reading Empty. Fuel pump was replaced once less than a year ago... could it possibly need another???

Now have a problem with it over heating. Replaced the coolant reservoir and water pump, and now being told that I may need to replace the cross over pipe. Any advice? Know if this would work? Nothing has worked so far, and running out of money.

Have a strong vibration in the front end; being told that it could possibly be motor mounts. Blinkers not working properly... blinking fast and making a buzzing noise. Was idling at about 3000 RPM's, and had idle control sensor put on, which fixed the problem only after wearing out 2 sets of brakes.

I wanted to give this car to my son for commuting while in college, but I'm deathly afraid to do so. Now wondering if the junk yard is the only option!!!