29th Dec 2003, 20:24

I have a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue and have noticed the flickering or dimming of the lights during the winter. I will look into the replacement of the alternator.

My main problem has been the knocking noise when the car is traveling above 80 kilometers/hour with the heat thermostat set above the halfway point. The problem becomes more pronounced when the temperature is set at maximum.

The dealer has replaced the Thermostat in the engine four times, but the problem returns. Does anyone know the solution?



19th Jan 2004, 10:54

I have a 2001 Intrigue and am very happy with it. The car has suffered from the flashing light problem (the dealer thought I was crazy). I find that if I leave the instrument light dimmer on high, the lights don't flicker.

Has anyone found a solution for the oil consumption problem?

4th Nov 2004, 14:27

I have a 1998 Olds Intrigue, I absolutely love it. Although it's had it's share of problems. It is now at 105,000 and I just had the alternator replaced and new front brake pads and rotors. Now, I'm getting a rattling/knocking noise from the front passenger's side, but only when I turn the wheel right. I can't seem to find where you put the power steering fluid to check it. This sounds similar to what some of you have described. Has anyone found anything out yet?

5th Jan 2005, 13:55

I have a 2000 Olds Intrigue with 96,000 miles. I have a similar light flickering problem. My car also seems to over charge the battery. I'll look into the alternator. Now I'm having starting problems. I have to give it a lot of gas to get it started and sometimes it will just die in the middle of an intersection. I've had a diagnostic done and the computer isn't throwing any codes for the problem. My fuel pump tested with low pressure so I replaced that. (a $400 part) But that didn't solve the problem. It must be electrical. Maybe a ground. Maybe a new alternator will solve it. Any suggestions?

4th Feb 2005, 20:03

I have a 2000 Olds. Intrigue, and I am very happy with it. I could not be happier. I have no problems at all. The power steering reservoir is on the top of the motor.

9th Feb 2005, 08:34

I own a 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue with close to 70,000 miles. I have also noticed the flickering headlights. Does an alternator replacement really fix the problem? Also, my power steering seems to be going out (at idle or low speeds) and the first three blower speeds are out. Does the Intrigue have a record of faulty power steering pumps and blower motors?

9th Feb 2005, 19:12

I had a previous posting on November 4th. My problem with the noise on the right front ended up being a starter stuck in the engaged position hitting the fly wheel. Therefore, I had to replace the starter. $450. On Nov 5th it started making the noise non-stop and not just on the right side. Now, I am having the flickering lights and the dash lights go out on me. The motor doesn't shut off, just the lights. It started yesterday and so far has flickered twice and totally shut off and came back on once (just like when you start the car). I just had the alternator and battery replaced last October, so that shouldn't be the problem. Also, my windshield fluid won't come out. That just started today. I filled it thinking it was empty, but it's not. My left front turn signal has a short in it for about two years now. I wonder if all this is related to a short in the electrical system somewhere. I like driving it... but it costs too much!

19th Mar 2005, 17:37

I have a 2000 Olds. Intrigue as well.

There is a big electrical problem with them. Almost every Intrigue I have seen only has one running light working. My left signal light had a short in it and my hazard lights stopped working.

I purchased a new turn signal switch and a new hazard light switch. My mechanic put them in and now my lights work like a charm.

The short in the lights caused another short in my starter. I had that replaced as well. My car wouldn't start right away and sometimes it would just shut off while making a turn.

Now my heating and air conditioning fan went out. It only works on the highest speed, but sometimes it doesn't blow out at all.

My windshield wipers don't move anymore either. The motor still works, but the wipers go no where. My car burns oil like crazy! Sometimes I will get the low oil light to come on and it's not even time for another oil change. I get it changed responsibly.

I've had to replace my brakes and rotors twice already.

Today is my cars 120,805 mile anniversary.

It has been a great car to me. I have taken it on many trips and didn't start having problems with it until it hit 100000 miles.

28th Oct 2005, 13:01

My 2000 Olds Intrigue is experiencing the same common problems I’ve been reading about in your forum. I have the dimming lights, turn signals don’t always work properly and my blower fan doesn’t work either! I would appreciate some helpful advice.

28th Oct 2005, 14:05

Alternator problem is the built-in voltage regulator. Buy an after-market Bosch unit and it should go away. I have read this on many forums about the Bosch alternator fixing the dimming headlights. Oil consumption still baffles me. Replacing the PCV valve regularly seems to help. PCV valve is on the front valve cover underneath the plastic cover on top of the motor. $4 part. Others have mentioned the rear valve cover next to the firewall may have a leak. In regards to the first post knocking sound under the car, try CV joints or front wheel hubs? The car is well rounded and very reliable, but it does love the oil. Any body got any more oil consumption ideas please post. 2000 Intrigue GL 76000.

17th Nov 2005, 06:16

I have read the problems that people have been having with the Intrigue. I have a 1999 Intrigue, 112,000. I have done the rear and front brakes myself (when I had time). The car sat for about 10 months. Over last winter, the battery froze. Had to replace that to even start it. Now like the others, the blower motor had gone south. I had just the high speed for the longest time. It would cut out sometimes when only using the heat or air, never the defrost. Now the high speed has gone out. I need to get this fixed soon, for winter is setting in again here in Michigan. I will post when I find out what the problem is with it.

28th Nov 2005, 20:27

Cadillacforums.com addresses the oil consumption problem. Basically, the ring pack and cylinder honing specified by GM for this and the Northstar engine require an aggressive break-in to seat properly. It has been suggested to get on the interstate, put the car in D2, and "exercise" the rings by repeated full accelerations followed by decelerations. My Intrigue burns no oil. Good luck.

7th Dec 2005, 13:09

I have a 2000 Intrigue that my brother just gave me. It has about 67,000 miles on it. He is in Florida and I'm in New York. I had to replace the battery once it became cold here. I have just started to have a problem with the temperature gauge. Within 15 minutes or so of driving, the temp will show at midpoint and then go to hot (the red light comes on) then go back down. It jumps between overheating and normal. The car doesn't actually overheat. My mechanic cannot find anything wrong. I'm wondering if it has something to do with using the heat (which wasn't needed in Fl). A loud knocking started at about the same time, from under the driver side dash (sounds like it's coming from the steering column). The mechanic can't find anything wrong there either.

Anyone else have similar issues?